Monday, December 19, 2005

Big Bang Nucleosynthesis

You know it sometimes boogles my mind, why such adventures had not given perspective to the age of the universe? We are talking about created events, that we work to help us see the nature, from a inception time.

Something indeed troubles me as I look out towards this universe, that by giving it's age to 13.7 billions years, that we are taking such events as spoken below in regards to superfluid states, as elements spawned out of that early expression.

The high energy nuclear physics experimental group at Columbia University is conducting research to study the collisions of relativistic heavy nuclei to understand the properties of nuclear matter at extremely high densities (similar to the center of neutron stars) and very high temperatures (much hotter than at the center of the sun). In fact, the temperatures and densities reached in these collisions are similar to those found in the early universe a few microseconds after the Big Bang.

So what is that troubles me so much? Well if you have given the age of the universe, then you have alloted a time sequence to each and every event in the cosmos? There is not one event, that can be older then the age of our universe?

Okay now that this basis is understood, why would I be wrong? Is there not a logic that holds to tell us that each and every event will speak to the time and place of it's origination, within context of the whole universe and but never apart from the initial expression?

That if, for one moment you had seen the a galaxy, who elemental structure given to the signs of the measure of this universe, then it would have been, and related itself, to the very age of our universe and never older?

So you see my problem then? That if I saw this universe as a landscape. That given the context, the shape, and value assigned in the Omega values, such geometrical propensities would have enlisted the mind to consider?Tthat the very age of our univese plus the events held in context of the universe, would have lead one to see the values assigned in a much larger global context?

To holes in the very nature of the fabric.

Having seen the nature of Kravtsovs computer simulations, as cosmic strings, then you would have understood that each of the events in the galaxies would have been connected to each other? Never older, then the age of the universe itself?

The Physics Experiment

PHENIX, the Pioneering High Energy Nuclear Interaction eXperiment, is an exploratory experiment for the investigation of high energy collisions of heavy ions and protons. PHENIX is designed specifically to measure direct probes of the collisions such as electrons, muons, and photons. The primary goal of PHENIX is to discover and study a new state of matter called the Quark-Gluon Plasma

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