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Three-body problem and WMAP

"We all are of the citizens of the Sky" Camille Flammarion

In 1858, by the set of its relations, it will allow Camille Flammarion, the 16 years age, to enter as raises astronomer at the Observatory of Paris under the orders of Urbain the Glassmaker, at the office of calculations.

See:The Gravity Landscape and Lagrange Points

Now there is a reason that I am showing "this connection" so that the jokes that go around at the PI institute in regards to Tegmark( not that I am speaking for him and have absolutely no affiliation of any kind) and the "mathematical constructs are recognized" beyond just the jeering section, that while not being a party too, will and can be shown some light.

Three-body problem

For n ≥ 3 very little is known about the n-body problem. The case n = 3 was most studied, for many results can be generalised to larger n. The first attempts to understand the 3-body problem were quantitative, aiming at finding explicit solutions.

* In 1767 Euler found the collinear periodic orbits, in which three bodies of any masses move such that they oscillate along a rotation line.
* In 1772 Lagrange discovered some periodic solutions which lie at the vertices of a rotating equilateral triangle that shrinks and expands periodically. Those solutions led to the study of central configurations , for which \ddot q=kq for some constant k>0 .

The three-body problem is much more complicated; its solution can be chaotic. A major study of the Earth-Moon-Sun system was undertaken by Charles-Eugène Delaunay, who published two volumes on the topic, each of 900 pages in length, in 1860 and 1867. Among many other accomplishments, the work already hints at chaos, and clearly demonstrates the problem of so-called "small denominators" in perturbation theory.
The chaotic movement of 3 interacting particles
The chaotic movement of 3 interacting particles

The restricted three-body problem assumes that the mass of one of the bodies is negligible; the circular restricted three-body problem is the special case in which two of the bodies are in circular orbits (approximated by the Sun-Earth-Moon system and many others). For a discussion of the case where the negligible body is a satellite of the body of lesser mass, see Hill sphere; for binary systems, see Roche lobe; for another stable system, see Lagrangian point.

The restricted problem (both circular and elliptical) was worked on extensively by many famous mathematicians and physicists, notably Lagrange in the 18th century and Poincaré at the end of the 19th century. Poincaré's work on the restricted three-body problem was the foundation of deterministic chaos theory. In the circular problem, there exist five equilibrium points. Three are collinear with the masses (in the rotating frame) and are unstable. The remaining two are located on the third vertex of both equilateral triangles of which the two bodies are the first and second vertices. This may be easier to visualize if one considers the more massive body (e.g., Sun) to be "stationary" in space, and the less massive body (e.g., Jupiter) to orbit around it, with the equilibrium points maintaining the 60 degree-spacing ahead of and behind the less massive body in its orbit (although in reality neither of the bodies is truly stationary; they both orbit the center of mass of the whole system). For sufficiently small mass ratio of the primaries, these triangular equilibrium points are stable, such that (nearly) massless particles will orbit about these points as they orbit around the larger primary (Sun). The five equilibrium points of the circular problem are known as the Lagrange points.

So the thing is, that while one may not of found an anomalousness version of what is written into the pattern of WMAP( some Alien signal perhaps in a dimension of space that results in star manipulation), and what comes out, or how string theory plays this idea that some formulation exists in it's over calculated version of mathematical decor.

String Theory

In either case, gravity acting in the hidden dimensions affects other non-gravitational forces such as electromagnetism. In fact, Kaluza and Klein's early work demonstrated that general relativity with five large dimensions and one small dimension actually predicts the existence of electromagnetism. However, because of the nature of Calabi-Yau manifolds, no new forces appear from the small dimensions, but their shape has a profound effect on how the forces between the strings appear in our four dimensional universe. In principle, therefore, it is possible to deduce the nature of those extra dimensions by requiring consistency with the standard model, but this is not yet a practical possibility. It is also possible to extract information regarding the hidden dimensions by precision tests of gravity, but so far these have only put upper limitations on the size of such hidden dimensions.
Bold was added by me for emphasis. See also:Angels and Demons on a Pinhead

This is/was to be part of the hopes of people in research for a long time. I have seen it before, in terms of orbitals(the analogical version of the event in the cosmos) and how such events could gave been portrayed in those same locations in space. Contribute, to the larger and global distinction of what the universe is actually doing. If it's speeding up, what exactly does this mean, and what should we be looking for from what is being contributed to the "global perspective" of WMAP from these locations??

But lets move on here okay.

If you understand the "three body problem" and being on my own, and seeing things other then what people reveal in the reports that they write, how it is possible for a lone researcher like me to come up with the same ideas about the universe having some kind of geometrical inclination?

You would have to know that "such accidents while in privy to data before us all", and what is written into the calculations by hand would reveal? Well, I never did have that information. What I did know is what Sean Carroll presented of the Lopsided Universe for consideration. This coincided nicely with my work to comprehend Poincaré in a historical sense. The relationship with Klein.

As mentioned before, at the time, I was doing my own reading on Poincaré and of course I had followed the work of Tegmark and John Baez's expose' on what the shape of the universe shall look like. This is recorded throughout my bloggery here for the checking.

What I want to say.

Given the mathematics with which one sees the universe and however this mathematical constructs reveals of nature, nature always existed. What was shown is that the discovery of the mathematics made it possible to understand something beautiful about nature. So in a sense the mathematics was always there, we just did not recognize it.:)

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Using the Architecture of Disaster Capitalism

I have read that 80% of the world do not have access to the Web. ) The Web has been largely designed by the developed world for the developed world. But it must be much more inclusive in order to be of greater value to us all.
Tim Berners-Lee Speech before Knight Foundation-14 September 2008

There is always this patience factor that we could build in any system. What we may see in the introduction to transforming society must be a slow growth and careful process. But, if we were to institute large changes, then how could we do it without stirring the "public pot" and introducing large scale reformations for what we thought most apropos for these societies and the principals with which we shall imbue this change. "Elect new governments" who bring this to bear as a platform to our cities and small towns across the globe.

The crisis on Wall Street? Not much time now before the changes are made under the principals of the "banking system" under the bailout initiative.

It was important to me to understand how "paradigmatic changes" were sitting at the heart of these initiatives." How capitalism can rear it's head to employ such tactics, for those same changes "filtered down to a public."

Politically enshrined capitalism, had become distant too, from the heart of the society with which it seeks to govern. The negotiation features of the elite were signs of a time intrade when "such distance was created." This auspice of change is the idea of the WTO which is again "transforming itself" into the framework of the FTAA(Free Trade Area of the Americas). EU by example sought to create a strength, and brings purpose under this initiative?

The Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) (Spanish: Área de Libre Comercio de las Américas (ALCA), French: Zone de libre-échange des Amériques (ZLÉA), Portuguese: Área de Livre Comércio das Américas (ALCA), Dutch: Vrijhandelszone van de Amerika's) was a proposed agreement to eliminate or reduce the trade barriers among all countries in the Americas. In the latest round of negotiations, trade ministers from 34 nations met in Miami, Florida, United States, in November 2003 to discuss the proposal.[1] The proposed agreement was an extension of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) between Canada, Mexico and the United States. Against the market are positioned Cuba, Venezuela and later Bolivia, Ecuador, Dominica, Nicaragua and Honduras, which entered the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas in response, and not strongly opposing but not supporting Argentina, Chile and Brazil.

So we are all the wiser now, of institutional changes that can be brought into the society. Have you seen "this feature before?" Look to our governments and the rules of governance? Sure countries have been overthrown , but this is not what we seek here. We seek to bring equality to every facet of the world's populations that we might all share in the prosperity of knowledge that can help us bring change to our current situations in a "peaceful and intentional way."

A few years ago I chatted with a woman involved in relief work in war-ravaged areas. I wondered aloud whether Internet access should be low on the priority list after clean water, and other critical resources. She responded by telling me the story of a young man who had taught himself English, and with a connection to the Internet, how he set up his own translation business. This business provided income for the village as well as opening up new communications opportunities. I learned that I should not prioritize for others. Instead, I should listen to their concerns and opportunities and then do what I can to help.Tim Berners-Lee Speech before Knight Foundation

20% of the Population only Aware?

Well the transformation process then begins. It is to recognize that the potential exists for an advancement for business to bring information to the greater population, then, to what has already existed.

It is here that the idea of an humanitarian effort seeks to include the rest of our societies in education freely gathered. Open access to education. That we would seek our governments to ensure that "access to information" would be part of the initiatives to bring small town prosperity, in terms of knowledge, to all who seek to advance and be transformed by their personal ideology and freedoms. To seek from, and develop, the platforms that are implemented in a "open and free society" which seeks to invent, and be creative. One that does not discriminate between the rich and the poor. Gender, or the colour of ones skin. To participate in the advancing of views of alls it people "globally" regardless of which country you come from.

Where the Architecture comes in.

A shift in paradigm can lead, via the theory-dependence of observation, to a difference in one's experiences of things and thus to a change in one's phenomenal world.
ON Thomas Kuhn

How many of us are quite liberal to understand that "crisis" brings about change? In the case of "ole institutions" falling away like Wall Street, to see it become something much more in terms of the access to investment and the way we trade? That contractor development(mercennaries) in the face of war has brought new business to bear instead of countries who are out to provide peace keepers. Instead of an offensive fighting force that governments can distant themself under reconstruction.

But lets move on here to consider the ramification of "Revolution for change." The understanding of how the implication of capitalism could change under the auspice of "this seeking" to bring the humanitarian effort to freedom and access to information that the rest of that 80% of the global society may be included?

Who are in control of your access to the internet?

I am advocating an access and freedom to information which may alter the course of these businesses/governments, intranet creation , which can allow access to the internet. I am also "guessing" that the telecommunications would be changed in that assess to conversation has now been preceded by a communication that can happen in real time through such a high speed internet access. Many of us played with this feature before is would a new business on the internet.

Such historical developments, in terms of the Internet as to profiteering has sought to compartmentalize, to gain access to money creation and wealth. Who controls the Internet?

Earlier, I posted on the idea of "the Library" as a universal implement(hot zone) whereby all people can gain access to information. That like the laptop-book, becomes a source of information to develop further, what we are doing in the real world. This would be moving slowly, while we know this exists now and is a security infraction to those who do not guard their own access to the internet.

Product development currently in existence would bring about potentials greater then currently are being expressed by the 20% of the population. If given to the ability of advertising, would see it's product manufacture base, if it were already sitting at the precipice of this change, access to a greater market?

But again I have gone to far here.

It was only to demonstrate what might be recognized, if for instance, we saw a health care system, and the businesses that provide the insurance under employer/employee negotiated settlements, recognize, that as a cost to providing this benefit to it employees, it is much cheaper in a country like Canada for providing that benefit. It serves to help business recognize what profiteering seeks to do by implementing a "for profit health care system."

It demonstrates that as "two tier system" those that have money, and those that don't, have preferential treatment to moving ahead of those who have the same needs at the same time.

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Information on Web Science and New Publishing Software

I was doing some reading at Backreaction: Web Science to see what was of interest. I too have linked the Scientific Magazine articles at different times. I found that in the beginning, it is a nice thing to see the whole context of the article, and then find, that in the future you'll come to a page that asks you to pay to read the rest of it. Eventually, you will have to pay for it. Strategies on information dissemination, and a eventual payback, is of course represented here. So should I even of thinking linking Scientific America in the future?

The issues of Web Science is an important one. One I advocate in terms of developing the tools one needs to spread ideas and platforms for consideration. Is it an affective idea to be considered a disease that is being spread? Well, there are all kinds of techniques for one to consider. Whether one might want to consider any future work here in terms of bloggery development. In that regard whether the development of this Web Science might intrude on my creativity.

How "really free" are we then to develop? People exist in the world and there are no rules that allow one to exist. It is by natures design that we are born, and then eventually die. How is it one shall determine whether my life here shall be dictated by the "manufactured rules of life" when you think this Web Science is a very natural development?

Developing Linkage

I thought I would try using this feature within Scientific America to see what use it might have for me, as I display "new posts" here on this bloggery. Perhaps, this is where future reference for the articles in question in regards to Scientific American will be used.

Right away, moving beyond the article itself on Web Science, I felt a certain restrictiveness in terms of the how the software will ask you to pull from your resources. According to a format( google ads intrude by no choice of your own advertising) which I have no idea, is now exposed as a formatted page for presentation. There is an intrusiveness that makes me feel uncomfortable, when using this software in this context. As well, becoming a advertiser for Scientific America, that charges a price eventually. To be a article for consideration about the future development, are not ones I would advocate to charge for, while we are developing this future. For that matter, anything that helps one to understand and progress with their personal development.

As I think about this method, more of what difference is it that I pull pictures that I save to my own files, that I had come upon throughout the internet and upload these using the picture feature in the bloggery tools. So this is much the same principle as based on this Issuu use. Referencing these pictures and locating them by direct link is a good point though and is designed into blog developement choices to include in our blog posts.

Imagine going out into the world around us and having to pay nature for it's it's wonderful images that nature itself bestows upon us. If this system is so natural in it's biological outcome, what design and coloured page would you choose to reflect the background of historical importance of any blog, whose individuality, is being freely expressed?

Background Colour of Blogs

To me I like to work with the HTML and develop the page openly and freely, given a set of tools, like those available on bloggery, to help toward an end. To allow me to see the resulting page as I develop it. Using Issuu, it did allow me choose a background colour for Scientific America which I adapted to my blog background numbers. So this was nice. It does allow other features in terms of that background, on how might one see the article and page of Scientific America.

I have to play around with it some more to see if it is of use for me. I'll let you know more then. But until then, you can experiment yourself.

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Trade Flows and the Bail out?

I am not comfortable speaking to this issue in face of what is currently going on in the United States and only offer my opinion as an observer of the principles of independence, that, that nation at one time sought in its self determination.

Loosing this Independence is to loose oneself and I see these tied together in how we would like to be the seeds of our own destiny under the auspice of working to become better human beings and a better society.

This picture was taken from Steve Hsu's site on or about February of 2005(correct date was) for a comparable feature of trade between the United States and Canada. This was referenced by me at one time to display the balance in trade, import and export between Canada and the United States.

Now what I want you to do is look at the trade balance between the United States and China. Now I want you to consider this. The United Sates wants to borrow 700 billion dollars from China? Now in face of the trade deficiency between these two countries what value could ever come of seeking to use "borrowed money" from China in face of that deficit?

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Life Study, Apart from the Institutions

It is obvious that there is little regard for anything that I have to say in regard to the emotive consequences of developing the EQ instead of the IQ?:) My theoretical idea about colour of gravity, as a measure of the qualities the emotive content, as we move beyond the body home.

Emotional Intelligence (EI), often measured as an Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ), describes an ability, capacity, skill or (in the case of the trait EI model) a self-perceived ability, to identify, assess, and manage the emotions of one's self, of others, and of groups. It is a relatively new area of psychological research. The definition of EI is constantly changing.

This calls to mind the many books that I have read over time, and many philosophies that I had adventured into, too digest some of the principals being expounded. While it is always interesting to read many of their ideas that other people have, it is also the quest in attaining some clarity about oneself and the mechanisms( this makes it sound machine like) yet I do agree to the chemical illustration of the synapse in a thinking brain. What can be injected into that space, that they retain emotive consequences in their memories.

Psychological mindedness

Psychological Mindedness (PM) is a concept which refers to an individual's capacity for self-examination, self-observation, introspection and personal insight.[citation needed] It also includes an ability to recognize and see the links between current problems within self and with others, and the ability to insight one's past particularly for its impact on present attitudes and functioning. Psychologically minded people have average and above average intelligence and generally have some insight into their problems even before they enter therapy. Psychological mindedness is distinct from intellectualizations and obsessional rumination about one's inner problems. The latter is of no help in psychotherapy, but it is a sign of resistance.

One might like to think about the computer technologies, and somehow inject "this mechanism" as a fundamental part of the evolution of the human being, yet, it is only an expression of what one might like to attain in the most perfect technocracy world, that we humans are all that, and nothing more?

I, Robot (film)

So lets think about this a bit before spouting off as some intellectual snob. What is it we can become by observance to the qualities of an emotive cognizable life in measure?

Stroke of insight:Jill Bolte Taylor

So who are we? We are the life force power of the universe, with manual dexterity and two cognitive minds. And we have the power to choose, moment by moment, who and how we want to be in the world. Right here right now, I can step into the consciousness of my right hemisphere where we are -- I am -- the life force power of the universe, and the life force power of the 50 trillion beautiful molecular geniuses that make up my form. At one with all that is. Or I can choose to step into the consciousness of my left hemisphere. where I become a single individual, a solid, separate from the flow, separate from you. I am Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, intellectual, neuroanatomist. These are the "we" inside of me.

Which would you choose? Which do you choose? And when? I believe that the more time we spend choosing to run the deep inner peace circuitry of our right hemispheres, the more peace we will project into the world and the more peaceful our planet will be. And I thought that was an idea worth spreading.

I found it very degrading that someone would pick apart something I choose of Jill Bolte Taylors selection of writing. I have reprinted it and realized it to be reconquered, what is being said, that the body and mind under such conditions bring the mind to recognize itself as "apart from the body home." "This body" affords the life of that person. It does appear ancient.

I ask you for a minute to consider this. What perception would the individual be speaking from, for it to make such an assessment of the person's own hand, as a claw?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Inventor's Notebook

"Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration." - Thomas Alva Edison, Harper's Monthly (September 1932)

Thomas Edison's first successful light bulb model, used in public demonstration at Menlo Park, December 1879

You might find a similarity here, that speaks to ingenuity and such, while seeing the historical significance of what is being spoken too. As if, it is the necessity at the forefront of knowledge today. This is "ole stuff being replayed" as if "young minds" need to be reminded, and mine is not so young that I have not gone down these routes before. Or that I needed a reminder.

In computer science, tabula rasa refers to the development of autonomous agents which are provided with a mechanism to reason and plan toward their goal, but no "built-in" knowledge-base of their environment. They are thus truly a "blank slate".

There is no doubt that invention is a process that needs recording. That it shows the procedural avenues to an "established idea" is the necessary aspect of "owning something" that other minds might have missed. It is garnered in the perception of, anomalies, that are met by using that experimental procedure.

Edison's U.S. Patents by Execution DateThis graph shows the annual number of successful U.S. patent applications Edison executed (that is, signed in preparation for filing at the U.S. Patent Office). In 1882, at the height of his work on electric light and power, he completed 106 successful applications.See:Edison's Patents

What are one's productive years and one can think of those who had their times in the light, and those who continued to work by procedural efforts to clock many instances where new inventions continue to arise.

It is often the "novice of science" is attracted to the halls where such ideas become alluring as to what is the "mystery to life?" An event. Such examples become the guiding light as to what life is about? A new web site, or an institution developed to work on the new ideas about Physics and such. One might think that this is the "highlight of all that follows education" the example of the scientist in progress. But it is much more then that. Every detail replay again and again and a question as to how it could possibly be?

Applicability of invention is the diversity of the mind to bring this idea to fruition. It includes that diversification to the lives of many people. While this idea is then part of the procedural efforts of development, it is of no less importance that even though Thomas Edison called the idea of inspiration only 1 percent, it was indeed the work to manifest that this idea, could become the reality of the effort by that 99%.

Observation Pays Off

I always reiterate the validity of the experiment to follow. To see how quick the mind is to spot such contradictions. To highlight how important observation plays in the recognition of the anomalies that arise in our everyday lives.

I have used paintings to suggest how good the mind is to perceive the objectification of things within the content of our views that reveal and require a depth to one's thinking, by inclusion of the process of moving to the "next step" in experimental justification and applicability.

Anomaly and the Emergence of Scientific Discoveries[/b] Kuhn now moves past his initial topic of paradigm to scientific discovery saying that in order for there to be a discovery, an anomaly must be detected within the field of study. He discusses several different studies and points out the anomaly that invoked the scientific discovery. Later in the chapter he begins to discuss how the anomaly can be incorporated into the discovery to satisfy the scientific community.

There are three different characteristics of all discoveries from which new sorts of phenomena emerge. These three characteristics are proven through an experiment dealing with a deck of cards. The deck consisted of anomalous cards (e.g. the red six of spades shown on the previous page) mixed in with regular cards. These cards were held up in front of students who were asked to call out the card they saw, and in most cases the anomaly was not detected.

See if you recognize the validity of what I am saying, then you would have to know something a little bit more about the person who uses the name of Plato. Is to understand, that I was already given an anomalous event within my own life. It rocked the very foundation in face of, all that science has given me.

Tabula rasa (Latin: scraped tablet or clean slate) refers to the epistemological thesis that individual human beings are born with no innate or built-in mental content, in a word, "blank", and that their entire resource of knowledge is built up gradually from their experiences and sensory perceptions of the outside world. See Tabula rasa: The Glass Room

I do not ignore this process of science. I think, that to dwell further on "the space that I am showing," is to recognize the emergence of the idea, is still much more then that 1% of inspiration. Because it includes life as we know it already, and all that we know, while giving the idea may have it's proponents mindful in other examples.

I am not going to go into them because they would be considered "not valid" but point out this is the "seed motivation" that arises in my quest for understanding of what "gravity is to mean." Who would know that this excursion into "the unknown" would have it's applicability "to all peoples" regardless of there gender, their race, or how rich or poor you are.


The Inconceivable being Believable
The Value of the Dollar
Tabula rasa:The Glass Room

Monday, September 15, 2008

Acrobate Within every Point of Space

Cold Spots

One would have to know that "expansionist values" for the blackholes temperature, to know, that in a "gravitational collapse" heat is generated, and thusly, the geometrical propensity to certain K values would be "indicative" on a classical level?

One might never know of the relation I have with Koan's as mentioned in my earlier post "entitled" on koan link. "By example" to be mystified to a great extent of the contradictions one faces in life. The values of the constant in science, how is one to contend with the anomalies it has found, in one's own life, that refutes all the applications of science, while knowing of the value of this relation too moving all ahead?

It is a predicament indeed that calls for caution, so as not to avert logical forming apparatuses of science, to such a "meta thinking" I am displaying here in this bloggery.

See:Axis of Evil While one might be fascinated with the terminologies of the "title selected," or a name that was to include "God particle", there is this real faucet of understanding about the nature of the universe.

While I try to show, that even with my meta physical standpoint "such journeys of the imagination" leave much to desire under such a subjective content of "colour gravity." I am relegating the mind to know and see it's relation, to emotive, mental and spiritual relations, to what is happening in such an "imaginative space of body home." Kepler's epitaph most appropriate here.

I measured the skies, now the shadows I measure,
Sky-bound was the mind, earth-bound the body rests
Kepler's epitaph for his own tombstone

I persevere under the heading of "pushing science" ahead of my own measures, while pointing to such thinking, to reveal, that such geometrics find itself in such "minute places" can be compulsive to dictating what the larger perspective of the universe is doing. But that's just me.

Such graviton condensate applications would dictate what that "space is doing" in relation to the global perspective of 10500and in regard to that global geometrical sense?

These thoughts are in the presence of "motivational global forces" that contract and expand, under the heading of "dark energy" and "dark matter." While it is never easy to see my contention of sound and it's relations to aspects of diversifying one's "point of view", while retaining only the simulated perspective of the developments of science in the measured data from space, I would always like to "point out" that sound in such analogies are my attribute to the values of seeing space in such a B mode way too.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Soul Has Weight

I have little time right now to explain other then to think of the soul in context of the measure implied by "a scale and an image of truth retained at the bottom of this page in a historical sense.

Also that the god of the gaps(see previous article below) might indicate that such measures of the metric might see the dynamical nature of colour of gravity in terms of Lagrangian, be used in this sense.

See:The Soul=λόγος,θυμος,ἔρως

Saturday, September 13, 2008

God of the Gaps

As with most things I needed to find some counterpart in the naturalness of the world that I could say that what I see of such measures, is more the rule of thumb, then to relegate "this space" as of "only of God," to mean, that the mysteries are illusive and such terminology is the persistence of going from a "religion to science."

The God of the gaps refers to a view of God deriving from a theistic position in which anything that can be explained by human knowledge is not in the domain of God, so the role of God is therefore confined to the 'gaps' in scientific explanations of nature. The concept involves an interaction of religious explanations of nature with those derived from science (see also Relationship between religion and science). Within the traditional theistic view of God as existing in a realm "beyond nature," as science progresses to explain more and more, the perceived scope of the role of God tends to shrink as a result.

It has always been this way for me, that such terms produced in our halls of higher learning should not be misconstrued as unimportant because of this "illusiveness or mystery" that one's exuberance, might issue from lack of knowledge. That by filling that space with knowledge one becomes much more astute at the recognition of the dimensionality of that space and it's degrees of freedom.

Degrees of freedom is a general term used in explaining dependence on parameters, and implying the possibility of counting the number of those parameters. In mathematical terms, the degrees of freedom are the dimensions of a phase space.

So to me what measure for sure that I could attain some clarity about what the metric looks like, as we chart the progressiveness of our reason. For me such ideas are to illustrate by example, would be to consider the analogy thusly presented, and to think about this space, as a "cup of water." The material that one might like to immerse in this fluid, such as a teaspoon of sugar, is the idea that "what matters" can fit in another's, in between nature of this fluid by absorption.

In mathematics and physics, a phase space, introduced by Willard Gibbs in 1901, is a space in which all possible states of a system are represented, with each possible state of the system corresponding to one unique point in the phase space.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nature's Experiment on the Meaning of Weight

"Dyson, one of the most highly-regarded scientists of his time, poignantly informed the young man that his findings into the distribution of prime numbers corresponded with the spacing and distribution of energy levels of a higher-ordered quantum state." Mathematics Problem That Remains Elusive—And Beautiful By Raymond Petersen

This picture resides at the bottom of my Blogger for a reason. It is to remind me of what was given esoterically for fermentation on what it's meaning may have in my own life. in another culture it might have been referred to as a "Kōan." Persistence, is the key to unlocking these "time capsules." Accessibility, is the rule of thumb about "infinite regressions" under a logical format of reasoned inductive/deductive application. The modelled approach here recognized under the picture of Raphael and the school's of Athens early descendants. What place does this have for any student who has a teacher that resides in them? What will be your accomplishment in life?

If the heart was free from the impurities of sin, and therefore lighter than the feather, then the dead person could enter the eternal afterlife

You had to know what pain and suffering is, in relation to sin. Your conscience rules you and in it there is a "voice of reason." Sets the trials and tribulations before you. And somehow our youth have detached themself from any causations as to their destinies?

If you have never considered what "truth(feather) had for meaning in historical times" how would you know what is being imparted to the youth of today? That what is now seen/felt in the world, is not recognized. Choosing "the heart" in that sense, and a scale to boot, I push forward this relation here under the auspice of "weight and measure as a paradox for examination. That such a measure in scale of those ancient times, might spark one to think about the experiment I am showing under this blog post heading.

This post has been brewing for some time, and only recently the comment made was included to help ignited some of the thoughts I have had about the "weight of something" tied to some method of sound and a gravitational inclination to the pursuances I have of inclusion to colour and sound respectively.

I think this is a nice historical consideration toward a "new culture."

I was looking for something even more natural.

No "sky hooks" but some place to which this process is tied.

A gourd of water perhaps, tied to a string and the weight of this gourd adjusted by volume, to embed in the string different tension properties and sound characterizations.

I do not mean to discredit the young scientist here by connection of this comment, but to attached to what seems relevant to me the natural appearance of a counting system, to a method of "fingerprinting" accord to a natural explanation of curvatures in space.

It looks as though primes tend to concentrate in certain curves that swoop away to the northwest and southwest, like the curve marked by the blue arrow. (The numbers on that curve are of the form x(x+1) + 41, the famous prime-generating formula discovered by Euler in 1774.)
See:Mersenne Prime: One < the Power of two

Pacal's Triangle See:Blaise Pascal

Why only this one time( a numbered base not less then one ensuing from Pascal's triangle on Fibonacci) and I think to differ, that Riemann(Riemann Hypothesis) saw a unique opportunity here. To allow nature to express itself in "non-euclidean terms," that makes for the naturalness of sound to exemplify this unique quality, and an attachment to "colour of gravity" which is exhibited toward my understandings.

That I may have gone "one step further" on the basis of my "emotive, mental and spiritual search correlations. A search, with respect toward the qualities of gravity. Here it could have been made from the insight of Einsteins example of a "pretty girl and a hot stove?" That "pain" and "excitement" have different values when assigned to a relational quality close to "body home," versus, it's gravitational freedoms, and fleeting examples, that beauty, and mental states can have in "time relational values."

See:Dialogos of Eide: A New Culture?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The "Dark Night" of the Soul

'Tis yours a Bacon or a Locke to blame,
A Newton's genius, or a Milton's flame:
But oh! with One, immortal one dispense;
The source of Newton's Light, of Bacon's Sense.

(Dunciad, III, 215-18)

I would write this for those "young souls" who are "questing to a wider vision of the scope of life abound around us," not to loose sight of the qualities that allow "brightness" to invade a very closed off environment. Some minds retreat under a compaction of depressed hopes. Gravity sucks.:) Colours define this emotive content and intellectual struggle.

At 2:19 PM, September 10, 2008, Blogger Plato said...
Modern day Alchemist Sir Isaac Newton: Every Dark Knight has to have it's Joker?

The institution then sees itself as a creative outlet not seen less then all the hopes and frustrations of it's heroes combating it's villains. Perceived or not, as some "subjective question" of what should be garnered to scientists alone.

Let me give you something to think about while I play with the thoughts of those whose thinking in such imaginations, could not have transcended their situations, to think about what arises as a "Phoenix from the ashes." As a "winged bird" ascends into a new day, and a new light.

Michael Maier, Atalanta Fugiens, Franfort 1617

It is an example then of how interpretive and flexible one can be, while they know that the mathematics underlying concepts have a distillery function that we all endear, so that there is no illusiveness to the manufacture term or word, that is less then rightly placed, for fear of bringing down the walls of science. Reducing the "clearness" with which we "may not want a religion to integrate with science."

Decay is then a process, no less fitting that we see it's evidence in how might track particles. The outlay of the effects in some calorimetric system of consideration does not limit the perspective with which you see in the cosmos. It has it's effects there too.

We place our measure above the earth's filter, to see that what is ejected from situation of geometrical propensities can have it's decay too. How smart and clever to think that such motivations would have been inclined to forces that have a description to it other then the natural pictures one would like to see?

This requires a flexibility in that geometric sense that while a departure for some from the undertsnding of it's relation to the natural world, remains a fixed abstraction, worthy of none attention, other then to speak in tongues of a scientist?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

New Technological Freedoms in the Libraries.

Commerce is of trivial import; love, faith, truth of character, the aspiration of man, these are sacred.Ralph Waldo Emerson

Trinity College Library, Dublin. (Photo: Candida Höfer.) See:In today's Media, Has the Soul taken a Hiatus

Don't worry Mr. Chimpanzee, I wasn't invited either to Science's World View.:) Identifying niche markets? Oh, google will love you?:) I have nothing against Google either, even when I was not invited there too. I do like to play with the technologies to provide a service when using this medium. A creative outlet for sure when one gets to know different aspects of those same services.

I made a comment here that one might like to consider when we come to think of the future of our libraries and how they will serve the populations of the future.

At 10:39 AM, September 09, 2008:
Still no answer on attaching to libraries severs through the laptop(wifi)? I know there are hot zones that people use, I just wanted to know what people thought about attaching themselves to the "freedom of knowledge and speed" through such a outlet.

I contend with all sorts of difficulties in terms of the money I pay and what I actually get for service when I open the door to the internet(time usage and speed of large transfers of information) how to gather information, and yet, there are many books about all sorts of subjects that I can go freely and get, to accomplish certain tasks that are attempted in life.

I am not discriminated upon, given my distant locations from the libraries of Universities, when knowledge is accessible to the public, and what profit does the library seek, but to continue to provide for the service of those same populations, while that book and resource privileges are free? Only as a student then?

The Nefarious Organization that will Tumble Science?

Will it be to produce a blackhole in the LHC? Most certainly not. To gather information about the sciences involved, most certainly so, and to point out any discrepancies that are becoming known. Most certainly, as well.

This isn't to create illusive dominions of information, but to get to the essence of the information, and to meet "new walls being put up." These will only serve to bring down any hopes of the future of our societies, and the information they would like to gain assess too. An equality that must be inherent, pertains to all it's peoples, and the dissolution of the institutions that would profit from the likes of those with less then others.

So a poor man with a laptop. How strange? Yes I see this point and know that there is a service that is provided that allows those with a library card, punch time on this computer internet access. So why should this service not be open to those with laptops as they sit at the library desks, and take in the peacefulness of these halls of higher learning? Does a book discriminate between it' holders?

Sunday, September 07, 2008

A New Culture?

Let us say there is a "new rewiring" that goes on in one's brain. That the divisions and lines we perpetrate on the senses, sees colour and sound taking on a "new feature" in the explanation of the world around us.

While some of these features may see relevant to the process of science and their theoretics, I would say such definitive lines are the experiment of "seeing nature revealed." IN this sense, string theory has come to play a part in how I now incorporate, from a subjective standpoint( it may be deemed meta-physical), the gravity of all situations as one becomes expressive of the emotive and mental functions of our mattered states.

Now conceptually, this process is a strange one for me, because I tend to see these lines blurring and become expressive from one position to the next(emotive colouring and mental states), and in this relation, gravity has pushed its way into what will be "for all people to realize" once we conceptually have moved to this new perspective.

I have not forgotten the science here, but push forward to what has happened in my own life, as I integrate the "senses view," even while we take for granted the views of the "material world" while not recognizing it's very depth.

On this Friday last, as I watch my 18 month old grandchild watch Barney's imagery movie and how it made use of sound/colour to match it's expression. Unbeknownst to the child, this blurring of the line of the senses, pushes the child's mind to consider sound in this colourful context. One of the toys we bought here at the grandparents place, is a xylophone, with every metal bar matched in colour to a sound.

It is unfortunate that we had to occupy my grandchild's mind with this aspect of time of movies, but of course, if you are busy with twins(seven weeks old), while relieving the parents of the intense work undergone in child rearing, we thought to help our "own children" in this exercise for a night. Plus, we got to engage with the soul's revealed through the eyes of these young ones.

It is difficult for those who teach, if they have not had the children to ever relate about the likes of stories being imparted, to now be observant of what is "real in the lives" as they unfold. This is the sight of parents from a global perspective as you see the nature of one set of children go on to rear their own children.

As parents we see the resulting nature of the adults we have produced, and the methods of parenting they adopt as they rear their own. Some of it contains is the history which you have embedded in them from your own past, and new methods that are implemented, as to the fairness of what one hopes their children to become.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Turtles and Elephants

There is this notion that to work with different species and incorporate them, it some how makes it more natural an explanation?(guilty):) I guess I am guilty of same and more, by using geometrical progressiveness in place of the propensity for nature to be revealing itself in varying degrees. It was always there for inspection?

So anyway this clip I took from a previous post on, "Who said it?" charts the example I give currently in line with Bee's Backreaction: Turtles all the way up I did not go beyond the introduction, and assume it was not Davies talk. I was cut off at 14 meg while the whole talk is much longer. I'll have to try again tonight(08 sep 2008).

I still have yet to download Davies talk, given the constraints the work schedule limits with regard to the "intranet."

But just reading briefly Dr. Who's position and Markk suggestion that Dr. Who is confusing model with reality.

Bold and italicized were added by me.

The Coleman-Mandula theorem, named after Sidney Coleman and Jeffrey Mandula, is a no-go theorem in theoretical physics. It states that the only conserved quantities in a "realistic" theory with a mass gap, apart from the generators of the Poincaré group, must be Lorentz scalars.

In other words, every quantum field theory satisfying certain technical assumptions about its S-matrix that has non-trivial interactions can only have a symmetry Lie algebra which is always a direct product of the Poincare group and an internal group if there is a mass gap: no mixing between these two is possible. As the authors say in their introduction, "We prove a new theorem on the impossibility of combining space-time and internal symmetries in any but a trivial way."[1]

First off let me give you an example and you tell me how the idea of any bulk perspective given to graviton understanding will not have it's examples in terms of Lagrangian in space? Serve to help one graduate in terms of gravities when looking at the universe?

Are there no other mechanism that details the Coleman Mandula action other then a multiversity idea in terms of the false vacuum to the true?

I encourage such topological understanding given to a larger format when looking at WMAP of the global perspective. Incidences within the universe give way to a larger depiction of the anomalies generated in perceived examples of monopoles generated in Sean Carroll's group think.

That such concentrations in graviton densities would have an impact on our perceptions in terms of Lagrangian.

If one were to say that any manifold generated at the perception of microscopic views were indicative of a larger topological suggestion in the WMAP, would this then not account for an impression of 10 sup-500-/sup(only written this way because comment section will not allow "sup" html discription)?

Gravities had to be inclusive at all stages and manifold expressions part of this cosmological view?


Valuing Negativity by Mark Trodden

The basic point is that if one assumes that the generators of the internal symmetry group are commuting operators (and that their commutation relations define the group - i.e. that they comprise a Lie algebra), then the only possible total symmetry is a direct product of the space-time symmetries (the Poincaré group) and the internal symmetry group. This is what they meant by trivial in the abstract.

If this had been the end of the story, then bosons and fermions (and therefore force carriers and matter) would be destined to forever remain distinct. But here comes the loophole. The 1975 Haag-Lopuszanski-Sohnius theorem (after Rudolf Haag, Jan Lopuszanski, and Martin Sohnius) pointed out that if one relaxes one of the assumptions, and allows anticommuting operators as generators of the symmetry group, then there is a possible non-trivial unification of internal and space-time symmetries. Such a symmetry is called supersymmetry and, as you know, constitutes a large part of current research into particle physics.

No-go theorems are fun in physics because they formalize where the important barriers lie and provide guidance about the directions of future attacks on the problem in question. Negative results in general, although not quite as glamorous or exciting, are still great stuff. We should celebrate them. Plus, we don’t want to be like the medical community do we?

Identify the early universe in the QGP perspective needed some way in which to limit reductionism points of view and by incorporating relativity at that level, such an expression then are imparted to a more global manifold detail based on a larger progressive geometry perspective of the universe.

Universe speeding up? From the inside/out this details such a connection in my view.


This was done to verify the statements made in two comments there and to show a comment made at cosmic variance's "Lopsided Universe" were related exactly to the points I am currently making in regard to a point of view shared by Dr. Who and a consequential statement by Markk in terms of the multiverse and bubble nucleations.

Sean Carroll:But if you peer closely, you will see that the bottom one is the lopsided one — the overall contrast (representing temperature fluctuations) is a bit higher on the left than on the right, while in the untilted image at the top they are (statistically) equal. (The lower image exaggerates the claimed effect in the real universe by a factor of two, just to make it easier to see by eye.)
See The Lopsided Universe-. Basically the comments I have made in this post by Sean have remained intact although toward the end I think it was thought I might have gone to far?