Thursday, October 30, 2008

White Space

While existing companies control access to the internet it is with some contention that I see people regardless of the portal created through to internet access should have "free access" to this. Currently Governments hold the rights to auction so anything that is derived or sold by the government rightfully belongs to the people.

White space in telecommunications refers to unused frequencies in the radio waves portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

National and international bodies assign differing frequencies for specific uses, and in some cases license the rights to these. This frequency allocation process creates a bandplan which in some cases for technical reasons assigns white space between used bands to avoid interference. In this case, while the frequencies are unused they have been specifically assigned for a purpose.

As well as this technical assignment, there is also unused spectrum which has either never been used, or is becoming free as a result of technical changes. In particular, the planned switchover to digital television may free up large areas between 54MHz and 698MHz. Various proposals including those from the White Spaces Coalition suggest using this bandwidth to provide broadband Internet access. However, these efforts may impact wireless microphones and other technologies that have historically relied on these frequencies.

It is with some insight then that if this is currently free then such attempts to build new devices to access this without using current patented technologies would then be invited under the auspice of a open source and competitive standard to allow such an expression by the peope?

The White Spaces Coalition

The White Spaces Coalition consists of eight large technology companies that plan to deliver high speed broadband internet access beginning in February 2009 to United States consumers via existing 'white space' in unused television frequencies between 54-698 MHz (TV Channels 2-51). The coalition expects speeds of 10 Mbyte/s and above, and 50 to 100 Mbyte/s for white space short-range networking.[1] The group includes Microsoft, Google, Dell, HP, Intel, Philips, Earthlink, and Samsung Electro-Mechanics.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Foundational Issues

Mathematics Problem That Remains Elusive — And Beautiful By Raymond Petersen

Dyson, one of the most highly-regarded scientists of his time, poignantly informed the young man that his findings into the distribution of prime numbers corresponded with the spacing and distribution of energy levels of a higher-ordered quantum state
See:Riemann Hypothesis: A Pure Love of Math

One will argue of course how such a natural thing can arise out of numbers and we see the Pascalian triangle as providing an encounter with probabilistic interpretations as our fortunes in the selection of scenarios. How natural then is siuch a progression to say the Fibonacci numbers are chosen this time in the connstruct of matter defined world?

But I should warn you, I think beyond the capabilities of experiment here to include a look into dynamics that are "not scientifically recorded in the human being," but hold to the understanding that "such resonances exist" just as well as numbers and spaces are allocated in relation to these jumps.

See: Foundational Perspectives Also see:PLATO:Mathematician or Mystic ?

If one were to look a little deeper into the essence of any home, one might find elements of Plato's own Academy hidden here to suggest, that the self accounting that goes on, might have been preceded by the pursuance of bringing a healthy response to the future in regard to that "universal language." This resides very deeply in the unconscious plethora of images that are revealed to the awareness of the observant mind and it's dealings with society.

Starring: Kevin Kline, Kristen Scott Thomas, Hayden Christensen, Jena Malone, Mary Steenburgen, Mike Weinberg, Scotty Leavenworth, Ian Somerhalder, Jamey Sheridan, Scott Bakula, Sandra Nelson, Sam Robards, John Pankow, Kim Delgado, Barry Primus Director: Irwin Winkler See: When Is a House A Home?

It has always been of some difficulty that I could get to one the "whole image in mind" to say it is complete, that to follow ALONG with what I am saying, had to preclude with some ground work first, before I could draw along those who better understand now, the full scope of what I am saying. It would indeed have been better that such a flash could indeed "take the time of all the work" then to have to endure pieces being selected and focused on, without the understanding of the language that is presented here. It requires enormous patience, and the endurance of ridicule to move beyond these limitations.

Plato here in this Bloggery siad,"
Most know of my time helping my son last year constructing his home. The journey of pictures that I have here within this bloggery. It has also some "dimensional aspect" in it's development, so I thought this might help those who are working Euclidean coordinates, may help to seal this process in some way, by being introduced to house construction.
" See:House Building

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Plato and Justice

A just society must be governed by men of reason.Inventing a new social myth to replace the old. Socrates calls those who rule for the benefit of the whole society and not to it's detriment golden men: in his myth they rightfully govern the men of silver and bronze.
This is the myth of metals(415a ff.) the centrepiece of a second accusation that has dogged Plato through the centuries. Plato made clear that merit and not heredity defined the gold man and that gold could be found in all parts of society. Nonetheless, Plato has never escaped the charge that he imposes upon society an elitist and authoritarian rule. The charge is pressed even though in Book IV Plato makes justice in the individual the condition of justice in society.
--Pg 16, Para 2 and 3, of Plato the Republic Introduction by Richard W. Sterling and William C. Scott.

Plato prove that justice does not depend upon a chance, convention or upon external force. It is the right condition of the human soul by the very nature of man when seen in the fullness of his environment. It is in this way that Plato condemned the position taken by Glaucon that justice is something which is external. According to Plato, it is internal as it resides in the human soul. "It is now regarded as an inward grace and its understanding is shown to involve a study of the inner man." It is, therefore, natural and no artificial. It is therefore, not born of fear of the weak but of the longing of the human soul to do a duty according to its nature.
Plato's Concept Of Justice: An Analysis Bold was added by me for emphasis.

There is something extremely important about this term that comes from understanding it at a soul level then to think its administering is implied as external and there after, settles all accounts from what was done by telling lies stealing etc. It is an account expressed by Cephalus, Polymarchus, Thrasymachus and Glaucon, while Plato is the understanding of justice to imply it as a "human virtue' that makes a person self-consistent and good."

If the heart was free from the impurities of sin, and therefore lighter than the feather, then the dead person could enter the eternal afterlife

Now these are ancient notions about justice. It is something much more, when you understand what happens inside. What happens when you review your position to ask whether or not the heart is indeed "lighter then the feather." In these situations that one may extend themself beyond the issues of science here, to include the extensions of what is happening out there in our economies and our social institutions. It is very important to understand what the feather represent in that culture(truth) that would depict the plate for consideration, in line with, the concepts of Plato and what I feel is relevant to who you are and what happens inside.

It is even more real to have experienced this weighting process in one 's life when you know that to defy the mass consideration and physics therein, that a mind might consider to be lighter then, indeed such a state may have found that gravity no longer exists to keep the body home on earth. That it can float. Alas though no repeatability will ever the measure of in your case, so I cannot say this is a method with which you will ever experience, and will have thought better to let it arrive at the illusions of, then to sanction the validity of what is being presented here.

You would have to know of colour of gravity has been built throughout this site to know, that colour of gravity is a "real measure of the internal nature of the human being" that extends beyond it's home.

Scotch tape is nothing new Arun, and neither is Kirlian photography? It is not this external measure as to what one should weigh, but of what is inside, that leads to such colours.

Thus it is with some knowledge that Plato's pyramid is more the understanding of an "internal structure" and it's ascent, placing a value to the ephemeral nature of colour in the mind's evolution, and it's final discourse thoughtfully constructed as to who you are.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fear and Ignorance

This is a very significant physical result because it tells us that the energy of a system described by a harmonic oscillator potential cannot have zero energy. Physical systems such as atoms in a solid lattice or in polyatomic molecules in a gas cannot have zero energy even at absolute zero temperature. The energy of the ground vibrational state is often referred to as "zero point vibration". The zero point energy is sufficient to prevent liquid helium-4 from freezing at atmospheric pressure, no matter how low the temperature.
See:Quantum Harmonic Oscillator: Energy Minimum from Uncertainty Principle

It would be hard here to explain the way I see these things. In the way one can shift perspective, to think, that this measure of any "systemic reason" would ask that one consider the state of equilibrium?

It would be foolish to me for any science process to discount the value on how one can measure storms in space not to think that "such resonances" could have not found suitable actions as being represented in sociological correspondence.

Let us see how these great physicists used harmonic oscillators to establish beachheads to new physics.

Albert Einstein used harmonic oscillators to understand specific heats of solids and found that energy levels are quantized. This formed one of the key bridges between classical and quantum mechanics.

Werner Heisenberg and Erwin Schrödinger formulated quantum mechanics. The role of harmonic oscillators in this process is well known.

Paul A. M. Dirac was quite fond of harmonic oscillators. He used oscillator states to construct Fock space. He was the first one to consider harmonic oscillator wave functions normalizable in the time variable. In 1963, Dirac used coupled harmonic oscillators to construct a representation of the O(3,2) de Sitter group which is the basic scientific language for two-mode squeezed states.

Hediki Yukawa was the first one to consider a Lorentz-invariant differential equation, with momentum-dependent solutions which are Lorentz-covariant but not Lorentz-invariant. He proposed harmonic oscillators for relativistic extended particles five years before Hofstadter observed that protons are not point particles in 1955. Some people say he invented a string-model approach to particle physics.

Richard Feynman was also fond of harmonic oscillators. When he gave a talk at the 1970 Washington meeting of the American Physical Society, he stunned the audience by telling us not to use Feynman diagrams, but harmonic oscillators for quantum bound states. This figure illustrates what he said in 1970.

We are still allowed to use Feynman diagrams for running waves. Feynman diagrams applicable to running waves in Einstein's Lorentz-covariant world. Are Feynman's oscillators Lorentz-covariant? Yes in spirit, but there are many technical problems. Then can those problems be fixed. This is the question. You may be interested in reading about this subject: Lorentz group in Feynman's world.

Can harmonic oscillators serve as a bridge between quantum mechanics and special relativity

To consider such geometrical form "as the sphere," to have encouraged collapse, and find a resulting behaviour as signalling a change overwrought by influences that will insight idealizations to division and the idea that "no" global consideration is present.

While one may debate the idea of the classification of democracies in the 167 countries around the world, a consensus to quality control of information is insinuated. So now moving beyond "the border" to lesser degrees of, while there is no offering of what the idea of democratic institutions in the free countries of the world could be related too. It's measure in the degrees thereof.

While I had offered "in bold" the understanding, they( should I offer by name?) are quick to point out in rebuttal, by an offering to discount the very source of this consideration. I am all for further dialogue, but it looks like that won't happen.

See:Central Theme is the Sun

So how does it look, as a spherical realization, that SOHO measure in terms of predicting an "outcome of weather" could not have found "early warnings" to possible outcomes in the evolution of the planet it's electrical grids and power usage, telecommunications, and the events thereof?

You had to know that Plato "saw further" by understanding the examples of the sun, as a source of "seeing beyond the shadows of the cave." Of knowing, that one could be "free of the chains that bind."

No where does this say it is easy to overcome. The sociological and psychological behaviour that evolves in that "spherical engage", but that it is always the life struggle to get back to the light. One had to be fully aware of the topological translation of the relationship between the inner/outer and the reductionist move to what is self evident. There is no way for one to be aware of the analysis and the final outcome without knowing the way in which one could move to such a result, without knowing the wider perspective that is held about life.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Space Weather

Unfurling Prominence Eruption (October 10, 2008)
The STEREO (Ahead) spacecraft observed this visually stunning prominence eruption on Sept. 29, 2008 in the 304 Angstrom wavelength of extreme UV light. It rose up and cascaded to the right over several hours, appearing something like a flag unfurling, as it broke apart and headed into space. The material observed is actually ionized Helium at about 60,000 degrees. Prominences are relatively cool clouds of gas suspended above the Sun and controlled by magnetic forces.
SOHO Pick of the Week

It is always interesting to me, that the weather on earth, could have gone beyond the scope of the incidences of natural calamities that happen on earth, could also be affected by events out there in space.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Update on Home

The home is accumulative attempt to incorporate some of the ideas of "less dependency" on natural gas and safeguards when we loose power. Over the years it has always been the effort to see if we could not free ourselves of the cost of shelter and home, that while becoming free at different times does incur cost now. We will focus on quickly to make sure we can live being close to retirement.

This place I have dubbed the Library. I am in the process of finishing it inside. It will be the place for all my books paintings and computer equipment for the work that I do now.

This little building is approximately 12 feet by 12. It was the first building on this property before anything else to accommodate power telephone satellite and to be a quick hook-up for our trailer we lived in for seven months.

It has always been the idea that it would become my place for the writing that I do. Also being evicted from the grand children's room, to make way for more things for them, my misses has order me out.:) Naw, it was time, that coming to an end of the work to be done, I can finally find a space that is conducive to my aspirations for further writing.

Much will come from here in the future, under a new Blog I am thinking about.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Who Shall Rule a Nation?

At Backreaction: Save the Global Economy Day, I offer some information on what a home actually means. Some of us had grown without a firm structure and left to wallow in our own miseries, of an undetectable unhappiness, while we constrain to build the better family.

If one travels lots then it might seem the uneasiness with which one finds rest is always the struggle to find meaning in any one place and call it home. The restless soul.

Seeing a Psychologist at Work

Richards Wagners's Ring of Nibelung Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D. Ring of Power was interesting.

Strange that we could have seen A Jungian Understanding of the Wagner's Ring cycle, portrayed in todays world and how could have this been accomplished. But by re-introducing a fictional story and imbuing it with the archetypal structures of what Jean Shinoda Bolen called, "The Abandon Child, The Authoritarian Father, and the Disempowered Feminine."

Discerning the structure of the nation in terms of it's leadership as character is an interesting thought I have about what is actually happen to a nation in terms of that leadership?

An authoritarian father, a ruff and stumbled mom, or a son without a father who with the help of mother "moderates a nation?"

It is not lost to me that such storytelling can have it's benefits, and a really good psychologist can take us places and bring us back home to where the "underlying structure is." In relation to how dynamics play out on different levels of a government in action. I am not a psychologist, but the very idea of a "mathematical structure" plays very close to what I am saying, in recognizing root causes, and seeing how they play out in story form.

This is not lost on those who saw reform in terms of what a "evil villain shall arise" from such circumstances to portray it self illusively as "the father of wars," and the rescue from it's clutches, of a over bearing mother. But in this case, it is much different.

Who is it then that the Authoritarian is much more in tune now with it's feminine side, and by electoral confidence, a government that was being lead by moderation and tempered by that feminine balance, a tuned to a leavening of sorts? Ideological "the character seeks balance" and if the nation adjusts itself through such leaders, then who do you think shall lead a country at a time of peril in it economic state?

This is a question of the meaning of the University’s investments, in all senses. We are concerned, additionally, that this endeavour could reinforce among the public a perception that the University’s faculty lacks intellectual and ideological diversity. A variety of other specific concerns includes the following:
University of Chicago Faculty Letter on The Milton Friedman Institute

This isn't to say that because of it's Chicago roots, and the education of economics "alma matte" can not be dealt with more appropriately, under the watchful eye of a more "moderate economy." Even that institution sought to take itself out of what appealed to an oversight of, as a truer balance of what should happen with the nation and it's economic development? One politically motivated might be quick to cast a bad light over what is a understanding of an "economic thrust" for truth.

Update:Friedman under attack

Friday, October 03, 2008


Conclusion:The state of mind of the observer plays a crucial role in the perception of time.Einstein

It is often I consider the Center of Gravity(Mass) as an illustration of the perspective that exists "around and within us" as a product of the natural world. We are limited by our own knowledge, yet when given, and lead to observation of what is natural in our world, we see where we had not seen before.

\bar z = \frac{\int z dm}{m}The center of gravity (or mass), abbreviated as COM, of any object is that point within the object upon which gravity (or any body force) acts, regardless of the orientation of the object. The COM of an object may be calculated by using the principle of equilibrium.

First off you must know that I work according to a set of principles that were discovered after a time through "subjective reflection" on the nature of mind and how it works. Of course I am no expert here, but the principles themself are realizable as an active function in the recognition of how one might interpret the world.

\bar y = \frac{\int y \rho dV}{\int \rho dV}In the event that the density ρ of an object is not uniform throughout, the calculation of COM may be done by a similar set of equations involving the addition of density to the analysis.

It is by taking one to recognisance of the title of this blog entry that I wanted to discuss the "subjective part" and the understanding of the "mathematical construct" that one, in my opinion exists. Just as we progress to understand the natural world around us, I believe these are synonymous with each other.

\bar Y = \frac{\sum m \bar y}{\sum m}If a body is made up of multiple sections, each of which has a unique mass, the method for evaluating the centroid of that body is to evaluate the composite body by finite element analysis of each of the sections through the use of moment balancing, as above.

Liminocentric structures

You can find much on this site in regards to this issue, and I now relate centroid for consideration in the case of this topic. I presented it at the Backreaction site today to show an advancement in the thinking as we move to incorporate the knowledge. As we come to understand the natural world around us.

Giving earth a new understanding in terms of its densities and it's relation to the gravitational contribution, it has in our new views of the globe, helped me learn and understand the feature of gravity as it extends to the cosmos.

I have taken it a step further as many of you know to include the emotive states as valued physiological relations to what manifests in the immediate environs of the body home. While this is a far cry from the understanding of gravitational research it was inevitable for me to see an extension of how one can topological relate to the world, in this inductive/deductive mode to reason.

While living on this earth, we always come home for reflection, and if any have not taken stock of what has accumulated during the day, then it is inevitable that is will come to reside very close to home as one sleeps through the nocturnality night. This research of subjectivity and mind had to entail "all of our activities." It had to include an understanding of the "mathematical constructs" that we observe, in order to relate to nature.

List of Centroids

ShapeFigure\bar x\bar yArea
Triangular areaImage:Triangle_centroid_2.svg\frac{b}{3}\frac{h}{3}\frac{bh}{2}
Quarter-circular areaImage:Quarter_circle_centroid.svg\frac{4r}{3\pi}\frac{4r}{3\pi}\frac{\pi r^2}{4}
Semicircular areaImage:Semicircle_centroid.svg\,\!0\frac{4r}{3\pi}\frac{\pi r^2}{2}
Quarter-elliptical areaImage:Elliptical_quarter.svg\frac{4a}{3\pi}\frac{4b}{3\pi}\frac{\pi a b}{4}
Semielliptical areaThe area inside the ellipse \frac{x^2}{a^2} + \frac{y^2}{b^2} = 1 and above the \,\!x axis\,\!0\frac{4b}{3\pi}\frac{\pi a b}{2}
Semiparabolic areaThe area between the curve y = \frac{h}{b^2} x^2 and the \,\!y axis, from \,\!x = 0 to \,\!x = b\frac{3b}{8}\frac{3h}{5}\frac{2bh}{3}
Parabolic areaThe area between the curve \,\!y = \frac{h}{b^2} x^2 and the line \,\!y = h\,\!0\frac{3h}{5}\frac{4bh}{3}
Parabolic spandrelThe area between the curve \,\!y = \frac{h}{b^2} x^2 and the \,\!x axis, from \,\!x = 0 to \,\!x = b\frac{3b}{4}\frac{3h}{10}\frac{bh}{3}
General spandrelThe area between the curve y = \frac{h}{b^n} x^n and the \,\!x axis, from \,\!x = 0 to \,\!x = b\frac{n + 1}{n + 2} b\frac{n + 1}{4n + 2} h\frac{bh}{n + 1}
Circular sectorThe area between the curve (in polar coordinates) \,\!r = \rho and the pole, from \,\!\theta = -\alpha to \,\!\theta = \alpha\frac{2\rho\sin(\alpha)}{3\alpha}\,\!0\,\!\alpha \rho^2
Quarter-circular arcThe points on the circle \,\!x^2 + y^2 = r^2 and in the first quadrant\frac{2r}{\pi}\frac{2r}{\pi}\frac{\pi r}{2}
Semicircular arcThe points on the circle \,\!x^2 + y^2 = r^2 and above the \,\!x axis\,\!0\frac{2r}{\pi}\,\!\pi r
Arc of circleThe points on the curve (in polar coordinates) \,\!r = \rho, from \,\!\theta = -\alpha to \,\!\theta = \alpha\frac{\rho\sin(\alpha)}{\alpha}\,\!0\,\!2\alpha \rho

Why are Planets Round?

It is always interesting to see water in space.

Image: NASA/JPL-
Planets are round because their gravitational field acts as though it originates from the center of the body and pulls everything toward it. With its large body and internal heating from radioactive elements, a planet behaves like a fluid, and over long periods of time succumbs to the gravitational pull from its center of gravity. The only way to get all the mass as close to planet's center of gravity as possible is to form a sphere. The technical name for this process is "isostatic adjustment."

With much smaller bodies, such as the 20-kilometer asteroids we have seen in recent spacecraft images, the gravitational pull is too weak to overcome the asteroid's mechanical strength. As a result, these bodies do not form spheres. Rather they maintain irregular, fragmentary shapes.

See:Isostatic Adjustment is Why Planets are Round?