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Production of Gravitational Waves

"My heart leaps up when I behold A rainbow in the sky."
William Wordsworth-- My Heart Leaps Up

This post is based on "the production" and not the detection of gravitational waves.

It does serve it's purpose, that I explain what I have in terms of detection, that one moves from that process, to actual production of them.:) Now I am not talking about Taylor and Hulse and PSR 1913+16 either.

Dr. Kip Thorne, Caltech 01-Relativity-The First 20th Century Revolution

Weber developed an experiment using a large suspended bar of aluminum, with a high resonant Q at a frequency of about 1 kH; the oscillation of the bar after it had been excited could be measured by a series of piezoelectric crystals mounted on it. The output of the system was put on a chart recorder like those used to record earthquakes. Weber studied the excursions of the pen to look for the occasional tone of a gravitational wave passing through the bar...

  • Einstein@Home

  • LIGO:

  • Nor am I talking about Kip Thorne, Webber, or Ligo operation for that matter.

    I am actually talking about the creation of gravitational waves.

    Now imagine that you see this "slide of light," and you were to think that in front of you, this would help you see where the gravitational field would be falling away from you. You would be sliding "ahead" from where you pointed and created this effect.

    So now you get the idea here of what I propose in the production of gravitational waves versus the detection of them?:)

    Up until this point in time, I've used the term "generate" to describe the capability of producing a gravitational field, but since I'm not aware of any way of creating a gravitational field from nothing, a more accurate term might be to "access and amplify" a gravitational field. And this is what I mean when I use the term "generate". To understand how gravity is generated or "accessed and amplified", you must first know what gravity is.

    While watching a television program I listened to what he had to say. For people interested in gravity, Quantum or otherwise, this topic helped captured my change in thinking that is postulated, and one I am giving thought right now.

    The Problem

    Gravitational waves are produced when there is a change in the curvature of spacetime. Since the shape of spacetime depends only on how mass is distributed, events that change the distribution of mass cause gravitational waves. It takes events with a lot of energy to make gravitational waves that we can detect because spacetime is not very elastic. Remember the bowling ball analogy? Space-time is like a stiff trampoline, one that only sinks when you put something very heavy on it.

    So if we are to consider such a thing how would I go about it? Perhaps, "jumping up and down?":)

    “Every time you accelerate—say by jumping up and down—you’re generating gravitational waves,” says Rainer Weiss, Professor Emeritus of Physics at MIT. “There’s no doubt of it.” But just standing there won’t cut the mustard. To make a wave, your mass has to both move (have velocity) and have acceleration (change the rate of motion, direction, or both).

    Still, don’t get your hopes up. No matter how fast you jump, sprint, or cartwheel, the resulting warp your waves make on space is so weak that it’s utterly unmeasurable—perhaps 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times less so than the warp made by massive exploding space objects. And LIGO has a tough enough time measuring those.

    So there are questions on my mind, about gravity creation.

    Plato writes:


    I am interested as a lay person in the collider experiments and wondered about "gravitational wave production."

    Considering quark gluon levels reached I wondered about the strength and the weakness as a measure of gravitational waves within that collider action. If microscopic blackhole are created then would it be wrong to observe, variation of gravity within the domain of the collider itself?


    See following comment posted here.

    Dear Plato,

    quarks are microscopic bodies. The gravitational effects associated with the motion and interaction of masses that small are ridiculously small.

    In theories contemplating a low quantum gravity scale, black holes could in principle be created in high energy collisions, but if a chance of detecting their creation exists, it is not by gravitational effects, which remain billions of billions of billions of billions (and then some) of times smaller than those caused by strong interactions.

    Please check my post on Lisa Randall’s seminar (Sept. 29th), or the one on the seminar given by Steve Giddings last March. There is reading material that I tried to make accessible to most there.


    I will be loking at this in much more detail. Something that immediately came to mind is Gran Sasso. "Muon creation" from the particle collisions. See: Neutrino Mixing in Sixty Seconds.

    This summer, CERN gave the starting signal for the long-distance neutrino race to Italy. The CNGS facility (CERN Neutrinos to Gran Sasso), embedded in the laboratory's accelerator complex, produced its first neutrino beam. For the first time, billions of neutrinos were sent through the Earth's crust to the Gran Sasso laboratory, 732 kilometres away in Italy, a journey at almost the speed of light which they completed in less than 2.5 milliseconds. The OPERA experiment at the Gran Sasso laboratory was then commissioned, recording the first neutrino tracks. See Strangelets and Strange Matter

    The Distorted Lense

    It would seem to me that if any lens could direct "the focus of our vision" then why not the focus of the gravitational waves? I mean if there is a "inverse calculation" to waves, it would seem t me that such a process could point to a heavy concentration in terms of blackhole production?

    As one of the fields which obey the general inverse square law, the gravity field can be put in the form shown above, showing that the acceleration of gravity, g, is an expression of the intensity of the gravity field.

    As I am reading different thoughts are manifesting and one of these has to do with the "escape velocity of the photon." Why I am not sure at the moment. This used as a measure of determination of whether a blackhole exists? How did we arrive at such a point?

    Albert Einstein (1879–1955)

    One part of the theory of Relativity was inspired when a painter fell off a roof. Einstein found out that while the painter was falling freely, he felt weightless. This led Einstein to realize that gravity was a form of inertia, a result of the way things moved through space - and General Relativity was born.

    It is important for me to recognize the collider process in context of what it is experimentally doing. For me this is demonstrating a "geometrical process" even if it is being taken down to the such "weak gravitational ranges" that I would point to what would manifest,if a tunnelling effect occurred from one location to the next.

    Time travel

    Plato:Thus the initial idea here to follow is that the process had to have a physics relation. This is based on the understanding of anti-particle/particle, and what becomes evident in the cosmos as a closed loop process. Any variation within this context, is the idea of "blackhole anti-particle expression" based on what can be seen at the horizon?Tunneling in Faster then Light

    Warp Drives", "Hyperspace Drives", or any other term for Faster-than-light travel is at the level of speculation, with some facets edging into the realm of science. We are at the point where we know what we do know and know what we don’t, but do not know for sure if faster than light travel is possible.

    The bad news is that the bulk of scientific knowledge that we have accumulated to date concludes that faster than light travel is impossible. This is an artifact of Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity. Yes, there are some other perspectives; tachyons, wormholes, inflationary universe, spacetime warping, quantum paradoxes...ideas that are in credible scientific literature, but it is still too soon to know if such ideas are viable.

    One of the issues that is evoked by any faster-than-light transport is time paradoxes: causality violations and implications of time travel. As if the faster than light issue wasn’t tough enough, it is possible to construct elaborate scenarios where faster-than-light travel results in time travel. Time travel is considered far more impossible than light travel.

    It would be suspect to me that such travelling in space would allow for the manufacture of gravitational influences to be pointed in the "direction of travel" and allow such slippage away from that current position.

    Gravitational Mass for a Photon

    The relativistic energy expression attributes a mass to any energetic particle, and for the photon

    The gravitational potential energy is then

    When the photon escapes the gravity field, it will have a different frequency

    Since it is reduced in frequency, this is called the gravitational red shift or the Einstein red shift.

    Escape Energy for Photon

    If the gravitational potential energy of the photon is exactly equal to the photon energy then

    Note that this condition is independent of the frequency, and for a given mass M establishes a critical radius. Actually, Schwarzchilds's calculated gravitational radius differs from this result by a factor of 2 and is coincidently equal to the non-relativistic escape velocity expression

    A black hole is an object so massive that even light cannot escape from it. This requires the idea of a gravitational mass for a photon, which then allows the calculation of an escape energy for an object of that mass. When the escape energy is equal to the photon energy, the implication is that the object is a "black hole."

    For more see "Time as a measure.

    By allowing new physics to emerge, what basis is being held relevant then to what is being created in the particle collisions that are indeed faster then light?

    As we know from Einstein’s theory of special relativity, nothing can travel faster than c, the velocity of light in a vacuum. The speed of the light that we see generally travels with a slower velocity c/n where n is the refractive index of the medium through which we view the light (in air at sea level, n is approximately 1.00029 whereas in water n is 1.33). Highly energetic, charged particles (which are only constrained to travel slower than c) tend to radiate photons when they pass through a medium and, consequently, can suddenly find themselves in the embarrassing position of actually travelling faster than the light they produce!

    The result of this can be illustrated by considering a moving particle which emits pulses of light that expand like ripples on a pond, as shown in the Figure (right). By the time the particle is at the position indicated by the purple spot, the spherical shell of light emitted when the particle was in the blue position will have expanded to the radius indicated by the open blue circle. Likewise, the light emitted when the particle was in the green position will have expanded to the radius indicated by the open green circle, and so on. Notice that these ripples overlap with each other to form an enhanced cone of light indicated by the dotted lines. This is analogous to the idea that leads to a sonic boom when planes such as Concorde travel faster than the speed of sound in air

    See also information on What is Cerenkov Radiation?

    Fifth Dimensional General Relativity

    It was a gradual process that using Grace to help me see the earth in new ways was paramount to the inclusion principle of electromagnetism contained within the move to GR.I may be mixed up here, and I have no one to say.

    "Color of gravity" assumes that you have seen the colour of gravity in relation to this slide of light. So seeing in such a way would seem relevant in the fifth dimensional perspective.

    In Kaku's preface of Hyperspace, page ix, we find a innocent enough statement that helps us orientate a view that previous to all understanding, is couched in the work of Kaluza.

    In para 3, he writes,

    Similarily, the laws of gravity and light seem totally dissimilar. They obey different physical assumptions and different mathematics. Attempts to splice these two forces have always failed. However, if we add one more dimension, a fifth dimension, to the previous four dimensions of space and time, then equations governing light and gravity appear to merge together like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Light, in fact, can be explained in the fifth dimension. In this way, we see the laws of light and gravity become simpler in five dimensions.

    I would think such a thought here by Kaku would have stimulated the brains of people to see that a direct result is needed in our reality to which such thoughts I am giving would allow you to see gravity in new ways?

    Lagrangian views with regards to relations between the Earth, Moon and Sun would help one to see the general outlay of gravitational influences in space. That is also part of the work I have been following to understand the spacetime fabric and how we may see this in our dealings.

    Friday, September 28, 2007

    The History of Magnetic Vision

    Grossmann is getting his doctorate on a topic that is connected with non-Euclidean geometry. I don’t know what it is.
    Einstein to Mileva Maric,1902

    Animal Navigation

    The long-distance navigational abilities of animals have fascinated humans for centuries and challenged scientists for decades. How is a butterfly with a brain weighing less than 0.02 grams able to find its way to a very specific wintering site thousands of kilometers away, even though it has never been there before? And, how does a migratory bird circumnavigate the globe with a precision unobtainable by human navigators before the emergence of GPS satellites? To answer these questions, multi-disciplinary approaches are needed. A very good example of such an approach on shorter distance navigation is the classical ongoing studies on foraging trips of Cataglyphis desert ants. My Nachwuchsgruppe intends to use mathematical modelling, physics, quantum chemistry, molecular biology, neurobiology, computer simulations and newly developed laboratory equipment in combination with behavioral experiments and analyses of field data to achieve a better understanding of the behavioral and physiological mechanisms of long distance navigation in insects and birds.

    Tony Smith has some interesting information in response to a post by Clifford of Asymptotia.

    Clifford writes:
    This is simply fascinating. I heard about it on NPR. While it is well known that birds are sensitive to the earth’s magnetic field, and use it to navigate, apparently it’s only been recently shown that this sensitivity is connected directly to the visual system (at least in some birds). The idea seems to be that the bird has evolved a mechanism for essentially seeing the magnetic field, presumably in the sense that magnetic information is encoded in the visual field and mapped to the brain along with the usual visual data

    While my post has been insulted by cutting it short(and stamping it and proclaiming irrelevance,) I'd like to think otherwise, even in face of his streamlining that Clifford likes to do. His blog, he can do what he wants of course.

    In any case, it seems reasonable to agree with Buhler, who concludes in his biography of Gauss that "the oft-told story according to which Gauss wanted to decide the question [of whether space is perfectly Euclidean] by measuring a particularly large triangle is, as far as we know, a myth."

    So I'll repeat the post of mine here and the part, that he has deleted. You had to know how to see the relevance of the proposition of birds in relation to the magnetic field of the earth, to know why the bird relation is so important.

    On Magnetic vision
    Rupert Sheldrake has had similar thoughts on this topic.

    "Numerous experiments on homing have already been carried out with pigeons. Nevertheless, after nearly a century of dedicated but frustrating research, no one knows how pigeons home, and all attempts to explain their navigational ability in terms of known senses and physical forces have so far proved unsuccessful. Researchers in this field readily admit the problem. 'The amazing flexibility of homing and migrating birds has been a puzzle for years. Remove cue after cue, and yet animals still retain some backup strategy for establishing flight direction.' 'The problem of navigation remains essentially unsolved.'

    Many of academics might have steered clear because of the the thoughts and subject he has about this? It seems to me that if this information is credible, then some of Rupert's work has some substance to it and hence, brings some credibility to the academic outlook?

    Update: Here I am adding some thoughts in regards to Rupert Sheldrake that I was having while reading his work. He had basically himself denounced the process of birds having an physiological connection to magnetic fields because of not having any information to support the magnetic vision Clifford is talking about. So Rupert moves beyond this speculation, to create an idea about what he calls Morphic resonance with regards to animals.

    So Rupert presents future data and theoretics in face of what we now know in terms of the neurological basis is experimentally being talked about in the article in question Clifford is writing about.

    On How to see in the Non Euclidean Geometrical World

    8.6 On Gauss's Mountains

    One of the most famous stories about Gauss depicts him measuring the angles of the great triangle formed by the mountain peaks of Hohenhagen, Inselberg, and Brocken for evidence that the geometry of space is non-Euclidean. It's certainly true that Gauss acquired geodetic survey data during his ten-year involvement in mapping the Kingdom of Hanover during the years from 1818 to 1832, and this data included some large "test triangles", notably the one connecting the those three mountain peaks, which could be used to check for accumulated errors in the smaller triangles. It's also true that Gauss understood how the intrinsic curvature of the Earth's surface would theoretically result in slight discrepancies when fitting the smaller triangles inside the larger triangles, although in practice this effect is negligible, because the Earth's curvature is so slight relative to even the largest triangles that can be visually measured on the surface. Still, Gauss computed the magnitude of this effect for the large test triangles because, as he wrote to Olbers, "the honor of science demands that one understand the nature of this inequality clearly". (The government officials who commissioned Gauss to perform the survey might have recalled Napoleon's remark that Laplace as head of the Department of the Interior had "brought the theory of the infinitely small to administration".) It is sometimes said that the "inequality" which Gauss had in mind was the possible curvature of space itself, but taken in context it seems he was referring to the curvature of the Earth's surface.
    See:Reflections on Relativity

    As a layperson, Riemann and Gauss were instrumental for helping me see beyond what we were accustom to in Euclidean, so I find Clifford's blog post extremely interesting as well. Maybe even a biological/physiological impute into our senses as well? Who knows?:)

    Einstein's youth and the compass, becomes the motivation that drives the vision of what exists beyond what was acceptable in that youth. The mystery. Creates a new method on how we view the world beyond the magnetic, to help us include the view in the gravitational one as well.

    From a early age, young Albert showed great interest in the world around him. When he was five years old, his father gave him a compass, and the child was enchanted by the device and intrigued by the fact the needle followed a invisible field to point always in the direction of the north pole.Reminiscing in old age, Einstein mentioned this incident as one of the factors that perhaps motivated him years later to study the gravitational field. God's Equation, by Amir D. Aczel, Pg 14

    While something could exist that is abstract, like for instance the Gaussian arc, this inclusion in the value of general relativity is well known. Mileva's response in quote above was the key for Einstein's views on developing General Relativity, and without it "electromagnetism would not, and could not" have been included geometrically in the theory of GR.

    It was a succession to "Gravitational wave production" that was understood in regards to Taylor and Hulse.

    The theory of relativity predicts that, as it orbits the Sun, Mercury does not exactly retrace the same path each time, but rather swings around over time. We say therefore that the perihelion -- the point on its orbit when Mercury is closest to the Sun -- advances.

    I would think this penduum exercise would make a deeper impression if held in concert with the way one might have look at Mercuries orbit.

    Or, binary pulsar PSR 1913+16 of Taylor and Hulse. These are macroscopic valutions in what the pendulum means. Would this not be true? See:Harmonic Oscillation

    I guess not every string theorist would know this? Maybe even Bee would understand that "German" is replace by another form of seeing using abstract language, for how everything can be seen in relation to the ground state? Where there are no gravitational waves, spacetime is flat.

    You had to know how such views on the navigation of the birds could have a direct link to the evolutionary output of the biology and physiology of the species. What Toposense?

    Yes it's a process where the mathematical minds look at knitting and such, in such modularc forms, to have said, "hey there is a space of thinking" that we can do really fancy twists and such.

    One thing us humans can certainly do is construct the monumental world reality with straight lines and such in the Euclidean view. But nature was there before we thought to change all it's curves.

    But the truth is, the Earth's topography is highly variable with mountains, valleys, plains, and deep ocean trenches. As a consequence of this variable topography, the density of Earth's surface varies. These fluctuations in density cause slight variations in the gravity field, which, remarkably, GRACE can detect from space. See: The Mind Field

    See here for more info on Grace.

    Look out into the wild world that nature itself presents and tell me what the ancient mind did not see. Native Americans lived closer to nature. Hopefully you'll understand why it is we must engage ourselves to experiencing the views of nature?:)

    Mandalic Construction

    See: The Last Mimzy

    The "Ancient Medicine wheels" might have been place accordingly? Do you imagine seeing in the abstract world, the magnetic view we see of earth in it's different disguise?

    So that last line about the "medicine wheels" probably caused Clifford to do what he did in regards to the post I wrote.

    Yes I am creating a direct link between the Medicine Wheels and the Medicine Wheel as a Mandala constructed by early Native Americans. Where they were shamanically placed on the earth.

    What is a Medicine Wheel?

    The term "medicine wheel" was first applied to the Big Horn Medicine Wheel in Wyoming, the most southern one known. That site consists of a central cairn or rock pile surrounded by a circle of stone; lines of cobbles link the central cairn and the surrounding circle. The whole structure looks rather like a wagon wheel lain-out on the ground with the central cairn forming the hub, the radiating cobble lines the spokes, and the surrounding circle the rim. The "medicine" part of the name implies that it was of religious significance to Native peoples.

    Figure 4 - Distribution of medicine wheel sites east of the Rockies

    What was of importance is the underlying psychological patterns that exist in the forms of Mandalas. That such a thing like the Medicine wheel, would retain a impact from one's life, to another life.

    There are various forms of mandalas with distinct concepts and different purposes. The individual representations range from the so-called Cosmic Mandalas, which transmit the ancient knowledge of the development of the universe and the world-systems which represents a high point among Mandalas dedicated to meditation; to the Mandalas of the Medicine Buddha which demonstrates how the Buddha-power radiates in all directions, portraying the healing power of the Buddha.

    It would not be easy to understand this "seed mandala" as it makes it way into conscious recognition. It arises to awareness through the subconscious pathway during our susceptibility in dream time. This open accessibility is the understanding that there is a closer connection to the universality of being, and the realization that the degrees beyond the "emotive body" is developing the understanding of the "mental one" as well as, leading to "the spiritual one."

    This comparative view is analogousness to development beyond the abstract view we see of earth in it's gravitational form.

    However, the signals that scientists hope to measure with LISA and other gravitational wave detectors are best described as "sounds." If we could hear them, here are some of the possible sounds of a gravitational wave generated by the movement of a small body inspiralling into a black hole.

    It would be much like a "energy packet" that would contain all that is demonstrated in "extravagant patterns." Look like a "flower in real life," or a "intricate pattern," while encouraging the person to explore these doorways and move on from.

    That seed contains all of the history we have supplanted to it by how we built previously and embedded all the philosophy we had learnt from it.

    The Emotional Body of the Earth

    Would to me seem very emotive in terms of it's weather. How such weather patterns spread across the earth. Also, it would not seem so strange then that while we would have seen polarization aspects in the cosmos, in terms of magnetic field variances in relation to north and south, we would see "this of value" in the earth as well?

    So would the earth have it's positive and negative developments in relation to aspect of it's weather? Most certainly psychological when the snows have lasted so long, one could indeed wish for warmer weather, but that's not what I mean. I mean on a physiological level, such ionic generations would indeed cause the state of the human body to react.

    Wednesday, September 26, 2007

    Our Local Wildlife

    My wife took some nice pictures of the different animals running around getting food from the feeders my wife had set out for them.

    Again, we have not corrected the date on the pictures.

    The bird house was built by our granddaughter, for her grandmothers birthday. Each of the grandchildren built one of these bird houses, that can been purchased from our local Home hardware, for 4.00 dollars and were painted by them.

    The woodpecker is a constant local feature within our shangrila.

    There is something to be said about the animals we bring into our lives whether they be horses, dogs, cats or even the fish in your aquarium. They bring part of the naturalness back into our lives. Walking in wild areas, mountain hikes, or one's local zoo or park, these bring something back to you.

    If you distance yourself from the way one lives in the concrete jungle, one looses sight of the naturalness with which we should be living.

    Monday, September 24, 2007

    Are there Patterns to Life?

    Its grandness, goodness, beauty and perfection are unexcelled. Our one universe, indeed, the only one of its kind, has come to be.Timaeus concludes

    I was just thinking about the idea of being a mathematical structure, and having been made aware of Max Tegmark, it drew me back to the idea of the "soccer ball universe."

    "If this holds up to the test of time, it's a real landmark," said Max Tegmark, a cosmologist and cosmic microwave expert at M.I.T. "I really feel like the universe has given up one more clue," he said.
    See: Scientists Get Glimpse of First Moments After Beginning of Time by DENNIS OVERBYE

    Now yes I'd admit the universe is a far cry from the person we are, but we are much more complex, and I'd liken it to the universe. Why not?

    Namagiri, the consort of the lion god Narasimha. Ramanujan believed that he existed to serve as Namagiri´s champion - Hindu Goddess of creativity. In real life Ramanujan told people that Namagiri visited him in his dreams and wrote equations on his tongue.
    See:Srinivas Ramanujan(1887-1920):

    Anyway twice I have been reminded of the mathematics "are not" the reality of the situation, and that governing such thought is devoid of the reality we are dealing with. I have an issue with this because, we have discovered number patterns that underly nature just as Coxeter believes that "the process" is just awaiting to be discovered. Then, we have found the thread through things.

    So, people do not like to believe that we are a mathematical structure, yet, we have seen where hidden numbered processes have been detailed for us in the expressions of nature.

    The Valley and our Place in the universe

    Jacques Distiler:
    Rather, it is assumption 2) that is suspect. I argued that it is suspect in much greater generality in the comment thread I linked to above. But, in the specific case of the proton lifetime, we already have seen two mechanisms, discussed in this thread, either of which could constrain the proton lifetime to be far longer than the anthropic bound.

    Jacque Distler:
    Obviously, no one has yet found a convincing candidate for the Standard Model, among the string vacua explored to date (in that sense, no one has made any predictions yet). But that’s not what you’re saying(Peter Woit). You are claiming that the framework itself is inherently unpredictive.

    Italicized is my addition.

    A mathematics man who does not like math?

    So you see we are looking for the constants(a product of the standard model), yet, we do not know what that constant will look like in the valley. While it is based on a "gravitational inclination," the formation has a probability "greatly enhanced" when thinking about the entropy of the blackhole. The "energy valuation" from mass while in gravitational collapse, creates the multitude of possibilities(heat)?

    Saturday, September 22, 2007

    E8 and the Blackhole

    "I’m a Platonist — a follower of Plato — who believes that one didn’t invent these sorts of things, that one discovers them. In a sense, all these mathematical facts are right there waiting to be discovered."Donald (H. S. M.) Coxeter

    There are two reasons that having mapped E8 is so important. The practical one is that E8 has major applications: mathematical analysis of the most recent versions of string theory and supergravity theories all keep revealing structure based on E8. E8 seems to be part of the structure of our universe.

    The other reason is just that the complete mapping of E8 is the largest mathematical structure ever mapped out in full detail by human beings. It takes 60 gigabytes to store the map of E8. If you were to write it out on paper in 6-point print (that's really small print), you'd need a piece of paper bigger than the island of Manhattan. This thing is huge.

    See:Pasquale Del Pezzo and E8 Origination?-Monday, March 19, 2007

    If I had thought there was a way to describe the "interior" of the blackhole, it would be by recognizing the dimensionality the blackhole had to offer. One had to know where to locate "this place in the natural world." If we had understood the energy values of the particle world colliding(that space and frame of reference, then what were we finding that such a place in dimensionality could exist in the natural world? Yoyu had to accept that there was dynamical moves that werre being defined as a possiility.

    Thus RHIC is in a certain sense a string theory testing machine, analyzing the formation and decay of dual black holes, and giving information about the black hole interior.The RHIC fireball as a dual black hole-Horatiu Nastase

    So what ways would allow us to do this, and this is part of the idea that came to me as I was thinking about the place where all possibilities could exist. Yet, what existed as "moduli form in the valleys" was being extended. So I am connecting other things here too.

    Thursday, September 20, 2007

    Progress on the House

    (Please ignore the date on the picture as it was taken yesterday by my wife.)

    One of the first things that I will be doing is getting a new satellite system called Xplorinet to replace the dial up service I am now using.

    Can you image the patience that is needed in order to complete any blog posting?

    Yes, I have looked at all the ways in which to speed this up, and to no avail. One can take for granted the speeds at which they work, especially if they use University internet services with the high rate of speed that goes along with it.

    You know when we were younger I can remember the need to move lots and adjust to what we would like in the future. Maybe it was not like the young folk who with their degrees need to travel to the new locations in which to practise they trade, but still it was a up rooting.

    So having stability for any new science person would be a "dreamy thing" in which to explore the trade and travel according to that trade, but always appreciative of the home based with which they could return.

    These are my thoughts about what the PI institute could do for the people it attracts. For keeping new science individuals here in Canada under this prospect. Allows, the creative ingenuity to thrive. Knowing full well of course that some of the benefits of working at that Institute are taken care of. We all have to live.

    Warmth Frees us from the "Agitation of Being Cold"

    I do not think a lot of people understand the need for getting focused, requires that we take care of some of the things that allow us to think creatively and allow ingenuity to be set free.

    In the picture to the right, here I had decided to to use the in floor heating after all. I was made an attractive offer I could not economically refuse. Using those Styrofoam templates for the piping convinced me. I was going to purchase the styrofoam anyway, and it would have cost me the same as if I spent it. It would not have included the new heating system.

    Anyway the heating system was fired up yesterday to allow for the heat needed for the dry wallers to begin their work. The insulators will be in on Friday, so things are progressing.

    Living Space

    You notice how open it is in picture above? We built the house this way to allow for the outlay of the heating system, and once the concrete is poured, we construct our interior walls.

    One of the things that I found interesting, was the bridge we had to build in the centre of that room to allow us to handle the trusses being put up. The bridge is an idea that came out of my son's mind in his house as well. So this is the origination.

    Once done I removed it to begin the other work necessary.

    Monday, September 17, 2007

    The Gravity Landscape and Lagrange Points

    "We all are of the citizens of the Sky" Camille Flammarion

    In 1858, by the set of its relations, it will allow Camille Flammarion, the 16 years age, to enter as raises astronomer at the Observatory of Paris under the orders of Urbain the Glassmaker, at the office of calculations.

    There is a deep seated need to look beyond ourselves. We tend to look up in space, while there is this greater vision that lies even beyond what we are so used to in our everyday lives.

    (Larry Niven's Ringworld, seen from space. Artwork by Harry Frank
    Ringworld is a Hugo and Nebula award-winning 1970 science fiction novel by Larry Niven, set in his Known Space universe. The work is widely considered one of the classics of science fiction literature. It is followed by three sequels, and it ties in to numerous other books in the Known Space universe.

    Our view of space and living beyond the confines of Earth, is lived over in the minds of those who have struggled within science to make these travels possible.

    Imagine that first look at the blue planet. How glorious this view, while here we mere mortals look at what those take for granted as they now use the machines they created to visit new planets.

    L4 and L5

    The L4 and L5 points lie at 60 degrees ahead of and behind Earth in its orbit as seen from the Sun. Unlike the other Lagrange points, L4 and L5 are resistant to gravitational perturbations. Because of this stability, objects tend to accumulate in these points, such as dust and some asteroid-type objects.

    A spacecraft at L1, L2, or L3 is ‘meta-stable’, like a ball sitting on top of a hill. A little push or bump and it starts moving away. A spacecraft at one of these points has to use frequent rocket firings or other means to remain in the same place. Orbits around these points are called 'halo orbits'.

    But at L4 or L5, a spacecraft is truly stable, like a ball in a bowl: when gently pushed away, it orbits the Lagrange point without drifting farther and farther, and without the need of frequent rocket firings. The Sun's pull causes any object in the L4 and L5 locations to ‘orbit’ the Lagrange point in an 89-day cycle. These positions have been studied as possible sites for artificial space stations in the distant future.

    I draw you attention too,"ball sitting on top of a hill" in the previous article. One should get the idea right away, that what was revealed in the possibilities of the landscape, could have correspondences in how we look at the universe in it's gravitational considerations.

    Who would have known that such "orbital tendencies" which would have seem so chaotic, could have let one seen Lissajous's by design. You might think of Lorentz's butterfly flapping it's wings, yet such probabilities are held "to a spot" that is a result of placement within the very nature of the landscape of the gravitational cosmos.

    So would you have wondered, "if we considered "E8" as a dimensional attribute of such probabilities "by design in such a place" what would this place look like? Would you have selecedt the probability of this resulting ball to falling in the respective valley as a, moduli form?

    Thursday, September 13, 2007

    Home on Lagrange (The L5 Song)

    Oh, give me a locus where the gravitons focus
    Where the three-body problem is solved,
    Where the microwaves play down at three degrees K,
    And the cold virus never evolved. (chorus)
    We eat algea pie, our vacuum is high,
    Our ball bearings are perfectly round.
    Our horizon is curved, our warheads are MIRVed,
    And a kilogram weighs half a pound. (chorus)
    If we run out of space for our burgeoning race
    No more Lebensraum left for the Mensch
    When we're ready to start, we can take Mars apart,
    If we just find a big enough wrench. (chorus)
    I'm sick of this place, it's just McDonald's in space,
    And living up here is a bore.
    Tell the shiggies, "Don't cry," they can kiss me goodbye
    'Cause I'm moving next week to L4! (chorus)

    CHORUS: Home, home on LaGrange,
    Where the space debris always collects,
    We possess, so it seems, two of Man's greatest dreams:
    Solar power and zero-gee sex.
    --Home on Lagrange (The L5 Song) © 1978 by William S. Higgins and Barry D. Gehm

    Tuesday, September 11, 2007

    The Last Mimzy

    Is Based on the short story by Lewis Padgett. It is a story about two children who find this strange box on the beach and with it begins the strange journey of discovery.

    I really enjoyed this show even though it was geared for the younger set. It was one I might of watched with my Grand children. I thought last night after working quite late on the house, I needed a little R&R. My wife has gone to look after her father, and the trailer suddenly seems larger then usual without my better half. :(

    Anyway there are some things within this show, even though it is fictional, are the basis of thoughts I have had about Mandalas for a lot of years now. Why I show the picture I do, from amongst the selection of other pictures you can find here of the Last Mimzy.

    Another surprise is to find Brian Greene playing a role in this movie as well.

    Brian Greene-Columbia physicist Brian Greene inhabits a multiple-perspective landscape modeled after M.C. Escher's artwork in a scene from "The Elegant Universe," a public-TV documentary based on Greene's book.

    Amazing that something from the future can been heralded in this time. You'd almost think that information from the future was somehow being conserved and making it's way into the minds of current researchers?

    The Mandalas

    Finally, we also hope that this series furthers the discussion regarding the nature and function of 'the mandala'. In the spiritual traditions from which Jung borrowed the term, it is not the SYMMETRY of mandalas that is all-important, as Jung later led us to believe. It is their capacity to reveal the asymmetry that resides at the very heart of symmetry. By offering a new view about how consciousness itself is structured - in a fundamentally paradoxical fashion - and how these structurings are reflected in principles according to which the mandala is organized, we are able in this series to show how personality itself may be thought of as having an essentially 'liminocentric' design.

    See also:The Philosophy of Death is one of Life?

    Monday, September 10, 2007

    The Character of our Heros

    Sir Isaac Newton

    “Nature and Nature’s laws long lie hid in Night: God said ‘Let Newton be,’ and all was light.”Alexander Pope’s

    There is a long chain of events that are revealed through our understandings of science. Some of these events are the stepping stones to admonish the very reality with which we deal everyday. These are things that are the underlying qualitative valuations of our recognition of the basis of that reality.

    So within this forum, I highlight something about Sir Isaac Newton that is the negative to what is of value to Sheldon Glasgow.

    The Errors & Animadversions of Honest Isaac Newton

    by Sheldon Lee Glashow

    Isaac Newton was my childhood hero. Along with Albert Einstein, he one of the greatest scientists ever, but Newton was no saint. He used his position to defame his competitors and rarely credited his colleagues.His arguments were sometimes false and contrived, his data were often fudged, and he exaggerated the accuracy of his calculations. Furthermore, his many religious works (mostly unpublished) were nonsensical or mystical, revealing him to be a creationist at heart. My talk offers a sampling of Newton’s many transgressions, social, scientific and religious.

    So what is that I do here while holding Sir Isaac Newton to such a rising star, has become the curse of spreading the bad aspects of science through my awe for the ability and creativeness of such a man. To find, that his character and his methods cloud his accomplishments.

    Everywhere I have been, and read, I seen the "nature of the scientist" in question while the pursuance of science is being clouded by our characterizations of the person.

    I have tried not to be to judgemental about individuals as I have been reading through out my research. I felt that it was never my place to comment on their characters, all the while focusing on what they were producing for us in regards to what we see of science.

    Well, I am as guilty as I describe "the Woitian experience" with regards to string theory and it's respective place within the hall's of theoretical leanings. I am guilty of speaking my mind about the misfortunes of racial and economic divide that, thathas become the misfortunes of the human experience. The things which perpetuate life further on, based on that history.

    We do not even realize we do it while we set right the injustices based on our experiences.

    The Disease of Sir Isaac Newton

    I have gone on to long I think about characters. Lubos Motl, or Clifford's need to defend the female gender and racial misfortunes of a class system. I want to get back on track here with regards to Sir Isaac Newton talked about here.

    I suspect that few of you are familiar with the darker side to Isaac Newton, the less savory aspects of his life that led Aldous Huxley to express the view that “as a man [Newton] was a failure, as a monster he was superb.”Pg. 1

    So yes this is my having to deal with what I highlighted of Sir Isaac Newton. I must recognize his character too? It's much more comprehensive if I take you directly to what catches my attention. It was the sin of Sir Isaac Newton, and his suspected disease Sheldon refers too.

    Newton was obsessively secretive, reluctant to publish, averse to public speaking, and sometimes hid his ideas as coded Latin anagrams. (Some contemporary psycho-historians argue that he suffered from an affect disorder known as Asberger’s syndrome.) His greatest accomplishment, the mathematical analysis of planetary motion in the Principia, uses ingenious and elaborate geometrical arguments rather than simpler ones based on calculus. Newton once said to a friend that he purposely made it difficult “to avoid being bated by little smatterers in mathematics.”Pg. 3

    Newton the Alchemist

    So the jest of where I am going is the highlighted topic of Newton as the Alchemist. So you all know now as you move through this blog. It is this, that I make one take notice of, while what was of value to Sheldon, was supposed to be my sin as well? Nonsense?

    Isaac Newton was not only a physicist and a mathematician. He devoted at least as much of his time to alchemical experimentation, religious scholarship, and the study of mythology as history, especially biblical chronology. Wisely, Newton never published most of this nonsense.Pg. 9

    So here I point to "the thing of science" that does not like such verbal analogies, while what was required here was the quantitativeness of our search for understanding of who we are. Faced with the productions and valuations of what we had done for and with science.

    Who was Shakespeare?"

    Francis Bacon (1561 - 1626)

    Plato Said,
    "Sir Francis Bacon, disguised by "Shakespearean thought," was just an actor of "creativity," portraying a role of a political man? Yet, the thoughts extended, as if this man was in another place and time? Is it that easy? This story true?"

    You have to understand that the "use of the language" can hide who we are. It is quite an artistic feature of speaking in one form, while hiding the reality of the real person.

    So you see not only are there analogies about life, but in essence, there is quality to life, that is geometrical in nature. Should I be the one to tell Sheldon Glasgow, that even though Sir Isaac Newton practised alchemy, one may reconsider whether it is nonsense or not.

    With the geometric way, one is thinking in terms of pictures; pictures which one imagines in space in some way, and one just tries to get a feeling for the relationships between the quantities occurring in those pictures. Now, a good mathematician has to be a master of both ways of those ways of thinking, but even so, he will have a preference for one or the other; I don't think he can avoid it. In my own case, my own preference is especially for the geometrical way.Paul Dirac

    I have given two examples now, for you, yourself to judge, so that you will think twice about what Sheldon Glasgow had to say about Sir Isaac Newton. Yes character, and with this all the blemishes that go with the kind of human nature that people dislike in other people, but isn't this all our struggle? To become better persons. To understand that what was apparent on the alchemical side was really about becoming a better person too?

    One cannot help but feel hurt when one prostates themself above another. Hurtles objectionable statements to another, regardless, of the feeling of empathy that must exchange hands before words are sent forth.

    The "Feather of Truth"

    Now you should know I do not have any disease, other then to think about life and colours as significant in terms of our emotive states. Of course I can't prove it right now. But I am showing you through out this site not only about the geometrical nature that Dirac talked about as being very real, but also my own interpretation alchemical based given below.:)

    It reminded me of the Hall of Ma'at where the "feather of truth" was weighted against the heart. That before such judgement given by our own self while seated on the chair, this is "earthbound and square." All our dealing will have to be reconsidered.

    In art, the feather was shown in scenes of the Hall of Ma'at. This hall is where the deceased was judged for his worthiness to enter the afterlife. The seat of the deceased's soul, his heart, was weighed on a balance against the feather of Ma'at. If the heart was free from the impurities of sin, and therefore lighter than the feather, then the dead person could enter the eternal afterlife. Other gods in the judgement hall who were part of the tribunal overseeing the weighing of the heart were also pictured holding a feather.

    Some may call it, the "flashes of our life quickly assembled" in our mind for review. Having then satisfied ourself to the journey involved in assuming this life? Were we successful? What pain did we cause? We will see our own sins.

    The "settled score then" is for you alone to judge. No God and redemption given by any God will satisfy what you alone will judge upon your own self. You will feel all the pains you have caused, and you will know for yourself, what this pain has done in the "eye of the beholder." This is the lesson of the Hall of Ma'at.

    Least any of you judge what was thus given here, think about your own transgressions and think then of what you will give to science. Least you become the blemish of what appears to the eye of all to view.

    We have to dig deeper within ourselves to understand that what is for appearance, holds a much deeper quality to our makeup and design. That creativeness lies within as we learn to seek the inner centre. It develops outward as well. It cannot but be helped that the dimensional boundaries are greatly enhanced with the colours of gravity.

    Saturday, September 08, 2007

    Cascading Showers from the Cosmos

    3) It is claimed that cosmic rays can energy exceeding that of colliders, and they have not caused trouble, suggesting that colliders will not cause trouble either. However, the analogy is not precise. It assumes two things that may not be true. First, cosmic ray center of mass energy exceeding that of colliders has never been measured directly. Measurements that seem to show this are based on showers of secondary particles. Second, the product of a collision between a cosmic ray and an earth particle will always be moving at an appreciable fraction of the speed of light. If it has a small capture radius, it will always pass right through earth like a neutrino. The product of a collider collision can (sometimes) be moving at less than escape velocity from earth. If so, it will fall into earth where it will have forever to accrete other matter. Some calculations show rapid accretion.
    See: Risk Evaluation Forum

    Using this above as one basis of the argument, it was by these assumptions that I too was convinced things would be okay. There are a lot of things that go with this statement that currently is not expressed given current information in regards to Pierre Auger experiments. That when clearly seen in the light of current research into LHC, does not allow one to take in all that they should be.


    Go back to John Ellis and current research if you must, and thinking in terms of the cosmos. It's infancy, and one does not disregard the "origins and beginnings" of this universe. Are there reasons that are less then desired that would govern any legal defence team based on some "religious affiliation" and driven from this religious context? I hope not.

    We would not want some Woitian backlash, as done with string theory, from a intelligent design standpoint, as a recognized motived factor in that legal defense. It is far beyond me that I ask these associative questions, yet, these images come to mind when ever the establishment hosting the world's collective scientists, is confronted by the very issues that seem evasive in regards to safety?

    Energies Used in Particle Creation

    It would behove any person to take the time to travel to the links I am supplying, to help you absorb as much information as possible.With the full intention that what I am describing does have a distillation process that will become very simple in qualitative design.

    Finding the energy range with which we are dealing within our colliders, has awakened the realization of the complexity dimensional attributes would have considering E8.

    "I’m a Platonist — a follower of Plato — who believes that one didn’t invent these sorts of things, that one discovers them. In a sense, all these mathematical facts are right there waiting to be discovered."Donald (H. S. M.) Coxeter

    The complexity of the blackhole would have allowed the possibilities of describing the source of "all dimensional attributes" knowing that the collapse of the blackhole would bring temperatures to the point of the quark Gluon plasma. What would be happening to allow such complexity?

    This basis of thought on my part is, "the equivalence determined" and thought about in terms of Lagrangian considerations. This another topic. But does deal with the understanding of the potential microscopic blackholes that could be produced, determined by the energy levels

    Thus RHIC is in a certain sense a string theory testing machine, analyzing the formation and decay of dual black holes, and giving information about the black hole interior.

    See:Are Strangelets Natural?

    LHC Safety?

    I am writing this blog entry because of Walter's comments on the side.

    It is very hard for me knowing that there is a train of thought developed through my research. This question of cascading showers, were with the understanding of "energy events" that allowed us to see a "greater plethora of mapping" that would direct us to the very essence of symmetry breaking, based on experimental processes herein this blog described.

    "String theory and other possibilities can distort the relative numbers of 'down' and 'up' neutrinos," said Jonathan Feng, associate professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at UC Irvine. "For example, extra dimensions may cause neutrinos to create microscopic black holes, which instantly evaporate and create spectacular showers of particles in the Earth's atmosphere and in the Antarctic ice cap. This increases the number of 'down' neutrinos detected. At the same time, the creation of black holes causes 'up' neutrinos to be caught in the Earth's crust, reducing the number of 'up' neutrinos. The relative 'up' and 'down' rates provide evidence for distortions in neutrino properties that are predicted by new theories."

    See: How Particles Came to Be

    In doing my own research, I tried to follow the thinking of the literature presented on the topic of microscopic blackholes. Now there was to my understanding a theoretical position assumed, from what we understood when dealing with the topic, and the understanding of what Cern was to produce.

    Fig. 2. Image showing how an 8 TeV black hole might look in the ATLAS detector (with the caveat that there are still uncertainties in the theoretical calculations).

    Now to me the basis of settling the questions of safety, were answered by association of "what was natural" within the domains of these cascading particle showers in terms of these cosmic rays.

    If we were after the origins and beginnings to our universe, we were in essence, describing and mapping the beginning times of these particle showers. Also, the dimensional attributes of the interior of the blackhole.

    Saturday, September 01, 2007

    Living Spaces

    IN the picture of Raphael's located in the signatore's room in the Vatican, I draw peoples attention to the centre of the picture for a good reason.

    In center, while Plato - with the philosophy of the ideas and theoretical models, he indicates the sky, Aristotle - considered the father of Science, with the philosophy of the forms and the observation of the nature indicates the Earth. Many historians of the Art in the face correspondence of Plato with Leonardo, Heraclitus with Miguel Angel, and Euclides with Twine agree.

    See: Hermetic Ties: Art to Esoteric Form

    The basic premise with which the centre is located(Liminocentrically structured,) is enclosed by a lots of things going on around that centre. Life is like that. This is a map that I am giving you. A pattern, that has it's basis in geometrical design. While I can talk about life, I am also talking about you.

    Even now, their is a deeper part of yourself that you might of never considered, that is accessible to you as you move to discover the workings of who you are. You must understand that for every journey inwards, there is a immediate receptacle journey outwards. It is symmetrical by design.

    You can think of the wire and the current travelling through it, yet, in all appearance we physically do not see the field. Nor do we consider the gaussian arc's held within that field.


    Since ancient times, Mandalas have been used for meditation and healing. In old Tibet, Mandalas were used in the process of training the mind to be quiet, so that That Still Place Within was more easily accessible.

    It was said that the Divine lives at the center of the Mandala. With that in mind, the Mandala was used as a focus point for meditation.

    As the mind quiets and becomes still, the meditator finds the Divine at the center of his own being.

    See: Past Life Bleed Throughs? Also use the term mandala in the blog search feature at the top of this page

    The Building of one's house

    Is a road map to the centre. Without this reflection, how would one of ever thought what they would like to live in? How they would like to arrange their furniture? What colours they would like to see in the rooms that they live in, or the halls that they will travel down.

    Yes, we move all the time. Reside in different places, and as the years pass, we remember what the years have been for us there. This post is not just about the homes we travel through. It is also about the "living space" that we take with us as we move through these environments.

    You can be rest assured that you are the accumulation of all that you have lived, both physically, mentally and emotionally. You are the sum at any one time of all that history. You are part of a much wider story as you walk through life.

    A Pause in Time

    As you can see the space with which my wife and myself are living in is really quite small(when I can ever upload a picture you'll see). We have now been living in this 19ft trailer for approximately 4 months and counting.

    It was not that by chance we live like we did. That any discomforts were contemplated in order for us to build what we had in our own dreams. The ways in which we construct, and choose, will become the home we will reside in, much like we as souls reside in the body we live.