Friday, June 22, 2007

Foundation Done

Footings and foundation walls have been completed. Tomorrow we will lay all the wiring that is necessary and then we will backfill and compact the foundation area.

I would have liked to add more, as the foundation process is very important to the whole house building. It is all very physical and as an aging gentlemen, I find it quite tuff sometimes.

One more house to go? Yes I will help my son build one more house next year and then I will officially retire from the house building process.:)

What is true from the unconscious?

Try being hyphnosised sometime. My son when on stage was asked th emost deep seated question in his youth and he answered accordingly. Actions speak louder as the physical questions proocupiies those who are viewing as he is making this sawing motion. Do what you want to do in life asked the hypnosist. The stage of people answered accordingly as well.

My son has a innate skill when it comes to building. Married with a older man and father whose dreams as a child came with an official note to boot. I had completed some of the goals that I had wanted to do when I was a child.

The Childhood Writing

I was given a note from my mother before she died years ago, that was hidden in the roof where I placed it as a child. There was this picture of myself, and all the things I wanted to do in life. I can safely say, that I touched each of them.

Dreams of science came later in life, although I had this predisposition to always wanting to know the mysteries of life. What could be discovered in science that we had not known before.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Cosmic Landscape

I noticed a few blogs mentioning the landscape.

Asymptotia(Clifford Johnson), The Reference Frame(Lubos Motl), and Not Even Wrong (Peter Woit's) blog.

The Cosmic Landscape:String Theory and the Illusion of Intelligent Design by Leonard Susskind

After reading Susskind's book in regards to the landscape issue, I was intrigued by the First Three Microseconds previous as it helped iilucidate some of this information for me. As well as giving me some indications from the blogs mentioned and the topic therein.

What struck me a quite profound in reading Susskind's book, was that what was to all appearances a troubling issue with "eyesight," in regards to Peter Woits idea of intelligent design attributed to the landscape of string theory, that Susskind, was actually answering him by pronoucing the title of this book of his. It's obvious, he has been watching the discussions.

Now what was profound, was that the idea of the landscape was a mathematical construct. If you were so concerned about the idea of the landscape, then why would anyone with "math skills" reject the landscape? If the day is announcing itself in blog voices and now say hmmm.... with interest, I see that it is becoming more acceptable?

If you did not see the "hills and valleys" for what they were, then why would you reject what was leading in terms of the finiteness of Mandelstam, and then say, there was no more future in regards to where math had left off?

This is Lee Smolin's downfall I think when discussing the issue of Polchinski's concepts, reitereated with regards to Lee's book, and the "ventures of mathematics" as it has been spelted out and had pointed towards the landscape issues.

This is where Peter Woit made his mistake as well.

I accept that a lot of people don't like it. But that's not the point in terms of mathematical development, as it had been argued by Polchinski, against his reading and comments in regards to Lee Smolin's book.

See:The First Three Microseconds

This infomration has lead me to insights about the landscape that had missed most people, even those who are well educated. My point above is in regards to Mandelstam, and the arguments against Lee by Jacques distiller, was important from this aspect.

Reject the notion of the topological figures in relation to the landscape issue, and what is left? Yes, Lee's and Peter Woits ideas about the landscape, which is not finished. Which is leading with concepts, by mathematical deduction.

Can't always answer in post responses, but please let me know that you are visiting? :)

My son and I are starting our foundation. I write when I can, but read in the hours without our electricity and by battery alone.