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The Plane of Simultaneity

This blog entry was constructed to reply to the conversation that is going on in the issue of the "Block Universe."


  • Penrose and Quanglement

  • Entanglement and the New Physics

  • In the past, teleportation has only been possible with particles of light Image: Rainer Blatt

    It's useless sometimes to just lay there while these thoughts accumulate in one's mind, as one weaves together the picture that is forming, and whence it come from this unification process, and after a time, one then thinks about the abilities of mind to gather and consolidate.

    By taking advantage of quantum phenomena such as entanglement, teleportation and superposition, a quantum computer could, in principle, outperform a classical computer in certain computational tasks. Entanglement allows particles to have a much closer relationship than is possible in classical physics. For example, two photons can be entangled such that if one is horizontally polarized, the other is always vertically polarized, and vice versa, no matter how far apart they are. In quantum teleportation, complete information about the quantum state of a particle is instantaneously transferred by the sender, who is usually called Alice, to a receiver called Bob. Quantum superposition, meanwhile, allows a particle to be in two or more quantum states at the same time

    So let me begin first by saying that given this process we can connect this world line across the expanse of space, is, more or less the understanding that this is to be the means in which these new forms of communication in science are leading as we expound the future, and what it shall become in our present moments.

    See: Central theme is the Sun You can "click" on picture as well, or, use mouse to hover over image, for additional reading

    So you look at the sun, and what new ways can we can perceive and accumulating the data of what connects this "distance and time," one will be all the smarter when they realize that the results of experimental verifications are at present being given, and as such, what shall these examples serve, but to remind one that new experiences continue to bring new innovations to the forefront.

    Lightcone Projection- see mathematical basis here for the introduction of what will become the basis of determinations, the "decomposable definition" of these new forms of communication.

    The basis for these thoughts are the developing views based on the light cone. It was not my reasons alone in which such an idea was used to support an conjecture about, so, by these very reasons I thought it best to explain what such simultaneity can do as we hold these views about "distance and time" as we follow this world line across the expanse of the universe.

    The grey ellipse is moving relativistic sphere, its oblate shape due to Lorentz contraction. Colored ellipse is visual image of the sphere. Background curves are a xy-coordinates grid which is rigidly linked to the sphere. It is shown only at one moment in time.See here for reference and animations.

    Okay, so we have this event that happens in time. How are we to measure what the sun is suppose to be, if we did not have some information about the depth of perception that is needed in order to create this image for consumption?

    Such comparative views are needed that are current, and, "in experimental stages" to help us discern what it means for "Galactic Communication" which we will employ as we measure the distance of this world line.:)

    Such distances "can be elevated in my view," and such instantaneous recognitions are to be the associative values I place on how we can now see the "bulk perspective" and the graviton's condensation we can now assign to the cosmos?

    As we know from Einstein’s theory of special relativity, nothing can travel faster than c, the velocity of light in a vacuum. The speed of the light that we see generally travels with a slower velocity c/n where n is the refractive index of the medium through which we view the light (in air at sea level, n is approximately 1.00029 whereas in water n is 1.33). Highly energetic, charged particles (which are only constrained to travel slower than c) tend to radiate photons when they pass through a medium and, consequently, can suddenly find themselves in the embarrassing position of actually travelling faster than the light they produce!

    The result of this can be illustrated by considering a moving particle which emits pulses of light that expand like ripples on a pond, as shown in the Figure (right). By the time the particle is at the position indicated by the purple spot, the spherical shell of light emitted when the particle was in the blue position will have expanded to the radius indicated by the open blue circle. Likewise, the light emitted when the particle was in the green position will have expanded to the radius indicated by the open green circle, and so on. Notice that these ripples overlap with each other to form an enhanced cone of light indicated by the dotted lines. This is analogous to the idea that leads to a sonic boom when planes such as Concorde travel faster than the speed of sound in air
    See:What is Cerenkov Radiation?

    It is thusly, that such events in time produce information for us, that help us to look at the universe in new ways, and as such, information can be used to build new devices that penetrate beyond the confines we finds photons experience in their limitations.( please Phil take note of, in bold)

    Tuesday, May 27, 2008

    Presenting a New Theoretical Position

    All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
    Walt Disney

    Here's the thing that I would caution such a quote, that any work can produce results, but, if we leave life unattended, the future is already written. The artist in you is very capable, and if you thought this aspect of yourself could msilead you, think twice, for the story telling can produce wonderful results and in such abstraction, it draws a conclusion for you.

    What enters this room of the mind came from outside the box, and what constitutes this frame of reference is a room you will create. This creation is a subtle part of identification when you assess yourself and are given the warnings as to what shall become in the possibilities if not adjusted or taken care of. This pre-ordination does not imply you are without freewill, but on the contrary, are part and parcel of the greater wholeness defined in the universe. Defined within context of the understanding of ones own capability.

    This has to be introduced in our assessment as to the nature of this universe.

    JONATHAN SAUNDERS FOR TIMEEdward Witten:The World In A String-Time Magazine

    Witten once called string theory "a bit of 21st century physics that somehow dropped into the 20th century." If so, Witten clearly has the 21st century mind to handle it.

    There is no doubt, an historical significance to the topic under the heading of theoretics, and what calculable information retention would then lead you beyond the borders of reason, to know it is an attempt to go farther then we had ever gone before. How many combinations of the maths and you soon learn of the complexity of the situation.

    But remember now, how "a thinking process" had been moved from the 21st Century.:)

    The Decomposable limits of the Definition Conceptually Introduced.

    While such reference to the subjective analysis of the current ministrations given by Sean Carroll on the article in the current Scientific Magazine, on the current state of the universe, it is with such presentation that I also included "the subjective side of my own nature," regardless of the warning about doing the physics first, and have one lead to such conclusions. It seems a difficult way in which to send the mind into the future, and while there, bring back the current state of the universe for a proper view of it's own continued existence.

    Do you remember the theoretics of the 21 Century? So we now see that I include a facet of our mind that takes a leap, and while in it's most reflective state, while it rests, all that information manifests in a new possibility? From whence this come, and from which "directional face of the box" in it six dimensional rotational possibility, and we are indeed now looking from inside the box possibility? But how is it any new information can enter, if we had but closed all doors, to think like a "Close minded Wotian experience" will reveal of itself?:)Order of chapters, that exist as a fundamental indexed site for those who think in the box, and those who think outside of it?

    Well you can now see where such introductions hold such a position for a mind like mine to consistently ever better the views for such abstraction that they be given to a new valley for consideration, that while there are such views of topos theory introduced, they now have become an aspect of the universe, not just the many possibilities, but one aspect for the consideration abstractly given such a state of existence. Who knew right?

    Lee Smolin had all but said it was dead, and so too, even Witten himself convinced that such a landscape not worthy of such consideration? The work continues at least from my perspective, and now, some of the junior minds in this respect, and to those who had respect none given, know there is a little more to the story then what is the subjective journeys of a dreamer.

    The false vacuum. The Hill. The Valley. Our Universe. Totally dissociatively words for the lay person to be introduced too, and together, sparked the neuron firing to include a "new thought process" about what exists beyond the 3+1 we'd given to our locations in time.

    Monday, May 26, 2008

    Are you an "in" or an "out of the box" kind of person?

    See: Three Ring Circus: Dark EnergyUnfortunately this image is not very clear in terms of the writing inside the black boxes but if you are careful enough they can be quite illuminating, as we see this at work in our universe under the auspice of a "birth and death" in the existence of the universe now, that it indeed, "never dies." Veneziano was introduced to help you see this new introduction to thinking outside the box.

    I would not like to categorize any scientist but unfortunately as I was reading it became apparent to me that there are two kinds of scientists.

    Plato on Jul 25th, 2006 at 10:27 am


    "Seriously his talk is all about the physics of certain type of spacetime singularites-such as the one that live’s in our universe’s past-and whether life can make sense of the idea of space and time coming into being after such a singularity, while not existing prior to that.

    You know all roads lead too, out of the box thinking? Reductionist views? Why do them?

    So having shown the connection to “what” exists prior, seems like a “controversial point made” and supports the in the box people(Sean Mark Risa, JoAnne)? :) No flights of fantasy, or “ammunition” for distorting reality?

    Unless, you are willing to discuss apriore? May Gabriele Veneziano burn in H***?:) or come through “smelling” like roses?"

    Of course I should more specific and this is a trait that ruins by assumption on my part, and seems cryptic, which is not my intention.

    I am going to show the characteristics as I came to know them from another's perspective, yet, I will go back to 2005 and help to explain myself, and Sean's current article in Scientific Magazine, and what the Shape of space is doing while Sean gives his explanations on the box and his attempts to work outside of it.

    Plato on Jul 25th, 2006 at 9:20 pm

    Are you a SuperCosmologist? :)

    You know what happens when you have to explain yourself?

    Well, it could be interpreted that maybe I didn’t understand it at all? Well that’s partially true, and I do know the trouble philosophers have?

    Oh your not “obtuse” at all either Clifford.

    SuperCosmologists Think Out of the Box Clifford at 1:13 a.m. August 3 2005


    Physicist are attracted by the idea of showing that the types of 3+1 dimensional models and equations which regular cosmologists study actually have their origins “outside the box,” in the larger setting….

    Better? :)

    I just want to point out as well, that I bring two other words forward to be related, and these will be "cave" and "room."

    See: What is Dark Matter/Energy?

    Exactly what is 'Thinking Outside the Box'?

    A reason I often hear for the need for innovation training is to get "our team to think outside the box."

    This may come from the person at the top who feels that the quality of solutions or ideas is not great. This stems from frustration. It also comes from people working in teams who feel that the contribution of others is not helping find new and original solutions to the challenges they face.

    If you have ever been in this situation, you will know how hard it is to deal with. Perhaps it is best to start with what this term actually means.

    I don't know of an official definition for "out of the box" thinking, but here is my perspective starting with "in the box" thinking.

    Inside The Box

    Thinking inside the box means accepting the status quo. For example, Charles H. Duell, Director of the US Patent Office, said, "Everything that can be invented has been invented." That was in 1899: clearly he was in the box!

    In-the-box thinkers find it difficult to recognize the quality of an idea. An idea is an idea. A solution is a solution. In fact, they can be quite pigheaded when it comes to valuing an idea. They rarely invest time to turn a mediocre solution into a great solution.

    More importantly, in-the-box thinkers are skillful at killing ideas. They are masters of the creativity killer attitude such as "that'll never work" or "it's too risky." The best in-the-box thinkers are unaware that they drain the enthusiasm and passion of innovative thinkers while they kill their innovative ideas.

    They also believe that every problem needs only one solution; therefore, finding more than one possible solution is a waste of time. They often say, "There is no time for creative solutions. We just need THE solution."

    Even great creative people can become in-the-box thinkers when they stop trying. Apathy and indifference can turn an innovator into an in-the-box thinker.

    In only one case is in-the-box thinking necessary. This comes from a cartoon: a man talks to his cat and points to the kitty litter box. He says, "Never ever think outside the box!"

    Outside the Box
    Thinking outside the box requires different attributes that include:

    * Willingness to take new perspectives to day-to-day work.
    * Openness to do different things and to do things differently.
    * Focusing on the value of finding new ideas and acting on them.
    * Striving to create value in new ways.
    * Listening to others.
    * Supporting and respecting others when they come up with new ideas.

    Out-of-the box thinking requires an openness to new ways of seeing the world and a willingness to explore. Out-of-the box thinkers know that new ideas need nurturing and support. They also know that having an idea is good but acting on it is more important. Results are what count.


    Now as you can see, this aspect and characterization is not really fair, and it would be as if John Baez assigned crackpot status according to the degrees on which we can measure another human being and their worth? Or that Peter Woit's string versus Non string in the index, can be shown to be, "IN the box people" and "out of the box people."

    But I am going to be more specific in that the room, box, or cave asks that you consider this POV :) from "outside the box." If you had thought Boltzman in this regard to the box, well, that's okay.

    Supercosmologists, think "outside the box."

    Now what exactly does this mean, and the frame of reference to a coordinate x'y'z' is unmistakable is it not? Now surely one begins to see the light, and what has contained in the thinking mind, to a cosmologist's view, that there is only a beginning, and an end, and nothing before, or after?

    Well I am going to tell you that there are super cosmologists that do think outside the box. Beyond entropic valuations and arrow of time, and what pray tell could ever convince you that if the very idea of the future could be contained in the consciousness, what saids this cannot be expressed in the very universe?

    So you see, I am at an advantage, whether this just a thought experiment, or something that can be added to Sean Carroll's view to the universe, it is with some regard that I should also enlighten those who understand that "the valley" and what is contained in the genus figure, are the mappings of these figures, as they come to represent the very universe that could be expressed, as we look to ask what the shape of space is, in the expression of any multiversity created as in those baby universes.

    So you get the sense then, that the false vacuum is "self apparent" as one sees the mountains can turn into valleys, and the the valleys, are a result of a much higher principal.:)

    Sunday, May 25, 2008

    Our Consciousness can "Contain the Future?"

    I just happen to visit Cosmic Variance yesterday after not visiting for some time. The timing seemed appropriate to my questions about our histories, not only from a detailed research perspective, but from a personal one as well in terms of our memories. I do not care who is an atheist or not. Why should I apply a stereotype to another person and dictate the way the conversation can go?:)

    Sean Carroll has a interesting set of four entires about the backwardness of the arrow of time and how it would appear. This is an interesting exercise for me on how perception about the current direction of the universe could have represented "the Egg before the chicken" scenarios.

    Incompatible Arrows, I: Martin Amis
    Incompatible Arrows, II: Kurt Vonnegut
    Incompatible Arrows, III: Lewis Carroll
    Incompatible Arrows, IV: F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Chicken or Egg

    Illustration from Tacuina sanitatis, Fourteenth century See the Blog posting Incompatible Arrows

    It is important that one sees where Sean Carroll's mind has been and how the current article in Scientific Magazine reflects the writing in that article. You may read his current article but does one really understand it? You have to take in much more then just the article itself, and yes concepts are assumed here, that others might be on the same page, and again, this is, and has been, my mistake as I seemingly become cryptic I've elevated the correlations in mind.

    What came before? Time, becomes asymmetric from some perfect order an this is a higher entropic valuation assigned to equilibrium that has to remain fixed in my mind. So, shall we call it symmetry breaking?

    Having pointed out the context of "another universe" the very idea that time can run backwards in that other universe one is safe to consider such things by such appointment?:) S I introduce consciousness because by it's very nature , it will reveal the "mathematical framework" that arises from a "cognitive function" that resides there.

    I know over at Stefan and Bee's place, we had talked about this quite a bit and this has induced the questions about time, and all the ideas and information shared, has created the wonder about this subject for me. Not that you shall forget that "symmetry breaking" is part of an assumption too, that what existed at one time has a more perfect substance to it, yet, how could the beginning and end become cyclical if we did not tie up both ends?

    The title of this blog post was written because I believe it is possible for our consciousness to be able to go into the future, and while there, see the previews of what shall become an aspect of the soul in it's future developments, based on what it has done now.

    I know that people like Bee are becoming bored to tears about Past lives, and the Afterlife, but the philosophy I am sharing is based on the picture of the early Egyptian history, and the Hall of Ma'at.

    You did not know that as Plato I was privy to the Egyptian mysteries?:) Okay, just assume so, and once you can grasp the principal of "the heart and feather," Tell me then, how it can be applied to your life. The principles you hold. Then, you come back and tell me, that with this knowledge, why you cannot see the future written? An "assumption" detailed by an organizational ability in your own subconscious puts you into this room. A place and time, with which our apprehensions would dictate the outcome of measure, just by, the retention of being, and becoming.

    Where is such a place? Other universes?:) Okay now how indeed such comparative features and a place to stand that I would speak contradictory to what Sean Carroll is saying and all of science? Crackpot possibly:)

    Kenn Brown-Scientific America

    Does Time Run Backward in Other Universes? by Sean Carroll

    Among the unnatural aspects of the universe, one stands out: time asymmetry. The microscopic laws of physics that underlie the behavior of the universe do not distinguish between past and future, yet the early universe—hot, dense, homogeneous—is completely different from today’s—cool, dilute, lumpy. The universe started off orderly and has been getting increasingly disorderly ever since. The asymmetry of time, the arrow that points from past to future, plays an unmistakable role in our everyday lives: it accounts for why we cannot turn an omelet into an egg, why ice cubes never spontaneously unmelt in a glass of water, and why we remember the past but not the future. And the origin of the asymmetry we experience can be traced all the way back to the orderliness of the universe near the big bang. Every time you break an egg, you are doing observational cosmology.

    It is easy then for the intellectual mind to be able to grasp, that while Sean has not seen this potential in regards to the "backward arrow of time in other universe" now contained in this one, I would say, that I am introducing this possibility currently, as a function not only of that past which has been written and recorded, but, of the future as well, basing this on the current values of the universe speedinng up.

    Thursday, May 22, 2008

    Galactic Neutrino Communications

    Galactic Neutrino Communication by John G. Learned, Sandip Pakvasa, A. Zee

    We examine the possibility to employ neutrinos to communicate within the galaxy. We discuss various issues associated with transmission and reception, and suggest that the resonant neutrino energy near 6.3 PeV may be most appropriate. In one scheme we propose to make Z^o particles in an overtaking e^+ - e^- collider such that the resulting decay neutrinos are near the W^- resonance on electrons in the laboratory. Information is encoded via time structure of the beam. In another scheme we propose to use a 30 PeV pion accelerator to create neutrino or anti-neutrino beams. The latter encodes information via the particle/anti-particle content of the beam, as well as timing. Moreover, the latter beam requires far less power, and can be accomplished with presently foreseeable technology. Such signals from an advanced civilization, should they exist, will be eminently detectable in neutrino detectors now under construction.

    I though I'd better fill in the spots about leaving comments in places, and not showing the significance of what I am pointing to by insinuation alone.

    However, Kapusta also notes that a sufficiently advanced civilization might use pulses of neutrino superfluid for long-distance communications.
    See:Cern Courier:The right spin for a neutrino superfluid

    This of course requires that we look at what Joe Kapusta is actually doing at Cern. A comment that is "slight of hand," that shows what I am pointing too, is at the forefront of what is to come out of Cern at startup, along with the benefits of the Muon detection.

    Well you had to know, left to my own devices, the ability to pick out the information that is setting the course for humanities future, is of course great interest to me. What descending people may see of this blog, or the "tightening of the circle" against the influences from here, is of course a close mindedness that always comes at a cost. The abilities I may harbour in other areas are less of a concern to me, knowing that what I am sharing is always the work at the edges of the periphery of our vision.

    Vernon Barger: perspectives on neutrino physics Posted by dorigo

    Barger then mentioned the idea of mapping the universe with neutrinos: the idea is that active galactic nuclei (AGN) produce hadronic interactions with pions decaying to neutrinos, and there is a whole range of experiments looking at this. You could study the neutrinos coming from AGN and their flavor composition.

    So you look at the universe in "different ways" and never before had you thought to think that the constrains that are applied to self, is the limitation we settle our own points of view too. These are the "resounding factors" that work "like a Higgs" as these things gather around it. Life gathers around that "point of view." You've set the tone. Brain Cox on, gives a nice example of Margaret Thatcher moving across the room.

    I do not know how many times I can use the word like "tone" and not have found some relevance to the psychology of the individual, and then, see it's relation out there in terms of the Lagrangian. HelioSeismology's(see sidebar and click on sun, or, other abstract picture) and how it that we can predict such events within the very sun itself and by use of SOHO. This gives us an advantage and a warning system in place in relation to sunspot activity.

    Ruffles in the Field

    So easy then to speak on the significance of the emotive struggle, and then not to find a relation to the space around us. The context of gathering thoughts and things, as they are defined as some graviton gathering in a bulk perspective of space?

    Why I glamour to the cause of those who hurt the attempts to see the world in different ways, and leave people to prognosticate to their own devices and to the call of, "let there be dragons." Gathered around then to the limitations of the thinking mind, set by others. We want people to push these boundaries, not be limited by them.

    This picture is a copy of a "16 century woodcut" copied by Camille Flammarion in 1888.

    The Flammarion woodcut. Flammarion's caption translates to "A medieval missionary tells that he has found the point where heaven and Earth meet..."
    The widely circulated woodcut of a man poking his head through the firmament of a flat Earth to view the mechanics of the spheres, executed in the style of the 16th century cannot be traced to an earlier source than Camille Flammarion's L'Atmosphère: Météorologie Populaire (Paris, 1888, p. 163) [38]. The woodcut illustrates the statement in the text that a medieval missionary claimed that "he reached the horizon where the Earth and the heavens met", an anecdote that may be traced back to Voltaire, but not to any known medieval source. In its original form, the woodcut included a decorative border that places it in the 19th century; in later publications, some claiming that the woodcut did, in fact, date to the 16th century, the border was removed. Flammarion, according to anecdotal evidence, had commissioned the woodcut himself. In any case, no source of the image earlier than Flammarion's book is known.
    See here for larger version "with caption" that has been translated above.

    Pushing back the veil of our boundaries of thought are always of interest to me and the woodcut while speculated upon is my way of expressing this attempt.


  • The Right Spin for a Neutrino Superfluid
  • Tuesday, May 20, 2008

    Decomposable Limits of Definitions

    With the discovery of sound waves in the CMB, we have entered a new era of precision cosmology in which we can begin to talk with certainty about the origin of structure and the content of matter and energy in the universeWayne Hu

    There are ways in which I have "perceived the landscape" that may be more appealing to one with Bohmian views? The way in which the analogy of sound is used has deep implications not only in the avenues of expression made about the examples herein shown, but with Helioseismology's as well, and the way in which we can interpret the sun as we look at it in a greater depth.

    Phil Warnell said...
    as chance serves to be nothing other then an incidental cause and relies on the existence of a realm of the “possible” and not one of the “probable”. By the way your mappings of hills and valleys are quite close to this vision as it represents the “wave” as one element of reality in the Bohmian view. All that remains to be added are the particles and the dynamics that exist in the wave that are relayed to or reacted to by the particles. The mystery does not exist only the ignorance and for some the truth of it being so.

    It's an exercise for me to look back over the ideas that had been going on in my mind, and observations being made about "energy stored" in a system. One would never have realized the similarities that "Colour of Gravity" implies, accepting the wave nature of the particle could have given perspective on the idea of consequence as we live our lives. Function humanly possible and the depth of these actions more tangible and though being subtle in the idea of a wave, has given matter states a place to reside given nodal definitions, just as the modular forms do, as they reside in the valleys.

    How is it one sees in terms of Lagrangian views when you look out into space now that such congregation of the graviton gathered for it's exemplary views on the nature of vibration.

    A Chladni plate consist of a flat sheet of metal, usually circular or square, mounted on a central stalk to a sturdy base. When the plate is oscillating in a particular mode of vibration, the nodes and anti-nodes set up form a complex but symmetrical pattern over its surface. The positions of these nodes and anti-nodes can be seen by sprinkling sand upon the plates;


    * The mathematical study of potentials is known as potential theory; it is the study of harmonic functions on manifolds. This mathematical formulation arises from the fact that, in physics, the scalar potential is irrotational, and thus has a vanishing Laplacian — the very definition of a harmonic function.
    * In physics, a potential may refer to the scalar potential or to the vector potential. In either case, it is a field defined in space, from which many important physical properties may be derived.
    o Leading examples are the gravitational potential and the electric potential, from which the motion of gravitating or electrically charged bodies may be obtained.
    o Many entities in physics may be described as vector fields, but it is often easier to work with the corresponding potentials as proxies for the fields themselves. For instance, some force fields exert forces on a body equal to the product of the field and some invariant scalar property of the body, such as the mass or charge. As a body moves through such a force field, it rises and falls in the field's potential, gaining and losing energy through mechanical work. This exchange of energy allows the interaction to be analyzed in terms of simple laws of conservation of energy, without resorting to kinematics, which can be computationally difficult.
    o In electrochemistry there are Galvani potential and Volta potential.
    o The gravitational field is a notable example of such a field. The electric field also behaves this way in many cases, though in the general case it does not (see Electric potential and Faraday's Law).
    * Specific forces have associated potentials, including the Coulomb potential, the van der Waals potential, the Lennard-Jones potential and the Yukawa potential.

    Dr. Jenny's cymatic images are truly awe-inspiring, not only for their visual beauty in portraying the inherent res-ponsiveness of matter to sound (vibration) but because they inspire a deep re-cognition that we, too, are part and parcel of this same complex and intricate vibrational matrix -- the music of the spheres! These pages illumine the very principles which inspired the ancient Greek philosophers Heraclitus, Pythagoras and Plato, and cosmologists Giordano Bruno and Johannes Kepler.

    Potential Energy

    Potential energy is the energy which is stored. Potential energy exists when there is a force that tends to pull an object back towards some original position when the object is displaced. This force is often called a restoring force. The phrase 'potential energy' was coined by William Rankine.[1] For example, when a spring is stretched to the left, it exerts a force to the right so as to return to its original, un-stretched position. Or, suppose that a weight is lifted straight up. The force of gravity will try to bring it back down to its original position. The initial steps of stretching the spring and lifting the weight both require energy to perform. According to the principle of conservation of energy, energy cannot be created or destroyed; hence this energy cannot disappear. Instead it is stored as potential energy. If the spring is released or the weight is dropped, this stored energy will be converted into kinetic energy by the restoring force — elasticity in the case of the spring, and gravity in the case of the weight.

    The more formal definition is that potential energy is the energy of position, that is, the energy an object is considered to have due to its position in space. There are a number of different types of potential energy, each associated with a particular type of force. More specifically, every conservative force gives rise to potential energy. For example, the work of elastic force is called elastic potential energy; work of gravitational force is called gravitational potential energy, work of the Coulomb force is called electric potential energy; work of strong nuclear force or weak nuclear force acting on the baryon charge is called nuclear potential energy; work of intermolecular forces is called intermolecular potential energy. Chemical potential energy, such as the energy stored in fossil fuels, is the work of Coulomb force during rearrangement of mutual positions of electrons and nuclei in atoms and molecules. Thermal energy usually has two components: the kinetic energy of random motion of particles and potential energy of their mutual positions.

    As a general rule, the work done by a conservative force F will be

    where ΔPE is the change in the potential energy associated with that particular force. The most common notations for potential energy are PE and U. It is important to note that electric potential (commonly denoted with a V for voltage) is not the same as electric potential energy.

    We can't actually hear gravational waves, even with the most sophisticated equipment, because the sounds they make are the wrong frequency for our ears to hear. This is similar in principle to the frequency of dog whistles that canines can hear, but are too high for humans. The sounds of gravitional waves are probably too low for us to actually hear. However, the signals that scientists hope to measure with LISA and other gravitational wave detectors are best described as "sounds." If we could hear them, here are some of the possible sounds of a gravitational wave generated by the movement of a small body inspiralling into a black hole.


  • The Sound of Gravitational Waves

  • The Sound of the Landscape

  • Nodes and Anti-nodes

  • Ways IN which To Perceive Landscape?
  • Wednesday, May 14, 2008

    The Location of the Rooms

    The theory of strings predicts that the universe might occupy one random "valley" out of a virtually infinite selection of valleys in a vast landscape of possibilities
    Quantum Effect, however allow a manifold to change state abruptly at some point-to tunnel through the intervening ridge to a nearby lower valley.

    By Raphael Bousso and Joseph Polchinski, Scientific America, Beyond Einstein, September 2004

    What possibility exists if we did not see some resolve, as we examine the nature of what shall become the subject of these rooms? What is the significance of these locations then, that we shall appoint mountain places, and valleys abodes, that such thinking is reduced to something that comes out of statistical significance, and then materializes into the potential?

    Another deep quantum mystery for
    which physicists have no answer has to do with "tunnelling" -- the bizarre ability of particles to sometimes penetrate impenetrable barriers. This effect is not only well demonstrated; it is the basis of tunnel diodes and similar devices vital to modern electronic systems.

    Tunnelling is based on the fact that quantum theory is statistical in nature and deals with probabilities rather than specific predictions; there is no way to know in advance when a single radioactive atom will decay, for example.

    The probabilistic nature of quantum events means that if a stream of particles encounters an obstacle, most of the particles will be stopped in their tracks but a few, conveyed by probability alone, will magically appear on the other side of the barrier. The process is called "tunnelling," although the word in itself explains nothing.

    Photograph by Clifford Johnson

    While I used Mt Olympus previously, I thought, hey! why not use another individual's picture for comparison. While these pictures become fixtures in mind, the rooms that we are going to visit are places that have certain potentials realized are conceptually defined for us as we enter.

    Click on the picture for a further explanation

    Now one must know is that like every culture of our historical past, it is important to take the myth and bring it down to earth for some comparative view. What place is this, if we had not journeyed to the valleys for consideration?

    As a lay person following the debate on the issue of Finiteness in String Theory landscape was the point technically reached that I was referring too.

    IN concert with Virtual Reality of the Ancients, I am going to bring the science back into the picture for a minute, so one understands that the developing views had not been without some basis of thought in my considerations.

    The landscape became an important look at the relationship to the "topography of the energy" and hence, it's relations that point too, the aspects I wish to create in these rooms. Now indeed, such configuration spaces talk about the potential that is realized when there are "consolidating factors" that reduce the potential understanding to the valleys.

    It had to be philosophically sound, in that the comparative features assigned to metaphorical creations, would instill, and form the basis of that science, as well as, furthered information as a consequence in setting up the models for the production of these rooms.

    The equations of string theory specify the arrangement of the manifold configuration, along with their associated branes (green) and lines of force known as flux lines (orange). The physics that is observed in the three large dimensions depends on the size and the structure of the manifold: how many doughnut-like "handles" it has, the length and circumference of each handle, the number and locations of its branes, and the number of flux lines wrapped around each doughnut.

    Still within context of this given space, the relationship to a "space in the universe" does not discount that other probabilities exist, where these rooms are possible. It thusly creates an place closer to the "indecomposable element that we've assigned," not only to the possibilities, but also what is injected into this space from beyond the confines of that room.


  • The landscape again and again
  • Monday, May 12, 2008

    The Virtual Reality of the Ancients

    Okay, here is a "fictional setting" about the lands one may venture too, and the landscapes, that speak to the hills and valleys, and "all that kind of stuff" where tunnelling can make itself known. A Place, where the genus figures lie.

    Mount Olympus:View from Litochoro
    In the Greek mythology, Mount Olympus is the home of the Olympians, the principal gods in the Greek pantheon. The Greeks thought of it as built with crystal mansions wherein the gods, such as Zeus, dwelt. It is also known in Greek mythology that when Gaia gave birth to the Vols they used the mountains in Greece as their thrones.

    I am drawing attention to the way in which "ancient ideas" would now be represented. How one may create "this place as a virtual architecture room," created specifically for such meetings.


    In Greek mythology, Elysium (Greek: Ἠλύσια πεδία) was a section of the Underworld (the spelling Elysium is a Latinization of the Greek word Elysion). The Elysian fields, or sometimes Elysian plains, were the final resting place of the souls of the heroic and the virtuous. It is associated with the Christian Heaven.

    Now, there are different places out there in the computer world, and Bloggeries seem to suit this purpose, and where such connections to this room, would be as if, "Skype had entered the room." It has brought people from their very own homes, as a technological expression and talk furthered in this medium. How nice.

    But imagine, that such a room becomes the place in which information enters, and if it was considered "above the configuration space," then not only would this information allow direct connections to vast resources, but it would also allow the complexity of probabilistic outcomes to merge with events that can happen within this room?


    In the modern age of science and space flight the idea that Heaven is a physical place in the observable universe has largely been abandoned.[citation needed] Religious views, however, still hold Heaven as having a dual status as a concept of mind or heart, but also possibly still physically existing in some way on another "plane of existence", dimension, or perhaps at a future time.[citation needed] According to science there are unobservable areas of the universe (everywhere beyond earth's Particle horizon), although by their very nature it is not possible to observe them.

    This room then becomes an expression, and by it's very nature, a cyclical version of what we can create, and what we create, comes from. Information then is about creativity and how we use "this energy" to connect with the real world.

    The Medallion, like a Overcoat

    Benjamin Franklin came to mind. It is about what we wear in terms of the medallion, as we philosophically display our wares for other to see. See, the way we "walk the talk."

    Benjamin Franklin in his epitaph call it an overcoat we put on, and the summation of this is the accumulation of life and all it trappings and wondering. How simple of any of us to think it is the "actual overcoat" when we know the deeper resonance such epitaph can make of one's entire life. As if, the life were a "book of a kind." With death to come the realization of an worn out cover.
    See: Mapping the Pathway Inside.

    Times Capsules ,and Written Records?

    Again, I hate quoting myself.
    Here's the thing, if the culminating aspect and integration of all conceptual principles are given a wide berth then the idea here is to see that the "product of time," is elevated to the aspect given to a "gravitational perspective" I have assigned to colour.

    Showing a "2 dimensional picture" had a greater meaning when it is moved to a fifth dimensional thinking. This is where "Colour of Gravity" would had to be applied? You might think that we cannot ever elevate the thinking here beyond the confines of our abstractions, and the relationship seen in the production of the signals of the body, have now a greater latitude then would have first been seen. Sure it rests in the attributes of the thinking human being who has received the impression, of, what had been spoken, written, and demonstrated in their actions. Moves further into the exploits of probabilistic outcomes.

    What and how this title is used, "Times Capsules ,and Written Records?" asks the question in regards to the "intent of time as a potential?" is "Part and parcel" of the wider picture(the all).

    Phil Warnell:
    For me and many it has always been a problem how one can consider the nature of Einstein’s space-time with the nature of the quanta in a consistent manner. In one all of what can be and where and how it can be is there in completion; in the other what is there has no firmness beyond perception. How then could both be true? For me the answer has always seemed to rest with what we call potential.

    Have I singled out "the phrases" as an inclination then in my observation, about what is constructed "in the experience that lies as a root cause of one's lifetime." What has it accumulated too, and what is the "singled out phrase" that may say something about that "whole life given the model perspective it has chosen." This is "the summation" and sets the pattern for the future.

    "It is very good that Stu Kauffman and Lee are making this serious attempt to save a notion of time, since I think the issue of timelessness is central to the unification of general relativity with quantum mechanics. The notion of time capsules is still certainly only a conjecture. However, as Lee admits, it has proven very hard to show that the idea is definitely wrong. Moreover, the history of physics has shown that it is often worth taking disconcerting ideas seriously, and I think timelessness is such a one. At the moment, I do not find Lee and Stu's arguments for time threaten my position too strongly."- Julian Barbour

    Of course to think that we are in the process and yet cannot see these patterns does not discount that determinism which I feel plays a role here about the connection to the probabilistic futures.

    Julian Barbour

    In my "The End of Time" I argue that the wave function of the universe is static and that the appearance of the flow of time emerges because the wave function of the universe is concentrated on configurations of the universe that we recognize as records. Edward Anderson and I are currently trying to develop this idea and create a theory of records. If successful, this work promises to explain the origin of the arrow of time at a fundamental level.

    How would one of interpreted this as a "brain signal" whose potential realized could have affected the whole being? I have not gone beyond the circumference of this cosmological view, yet the very small and the very large are always included.:)

    As above, so below? It is not about Heliocentrism, yet, in the undeducated mind it may be the "calling back" of the idea of a liminocentric orientated appeal for meaning in the greater expanse?

    Sunday, May 11, 2008

    Pattern recognition

    "To understand is to perceive patterns" - Isaiah Berlin

    Namagiri, the consort of the lion god Narasimha. Ramanujan believed that he existed to serve as Namagiri´s champion - Hindu Goddess of creativity. In real life Ramanujan told people that Namagiri visited him in his dreams and wrote equations on his tongue.

    Pattern recognition is a sub-topic of machine learning. It can be defined as

    "the act of taking in raw data and taking an action based on the category of the data".

    Most research in pattern recognition is about methods for supervised learning and unsupervised learning.

    Pattern recognition aims to classify data (patterns) based on either a priori knowledge or on statistical information extracted from the patterns. The patterns to be classified are usually groups of measurements or observations, defining points in an appropriate multidimensional space. This is in contrast to pattern matching, where the pattern is rigidly specified.

    Within medical science pattern recognition creates the basis for CAD Systems (Computer Aided Diagnosis). CAD describes a procedure that supports the doctor's interpretations and findings.

    A complete pattern recognition system consists of a sensor that gathers the observations to be classified or described; a feature extraction mechanism that computes numeric or symbolic information from the observations; and a classification or description scheme that does the actual job of classifying or describing observations, relying on the extracted features.

    That's part of the problem when the pattern has been identified, it sometimes then becomes the rest of the life's work to bring more clarity to what was brought back from the subtle journey the soul had taken into a seemingly chaotic world.

    The pattern is worked on, and represents three dimensional model. While a two dimensional picture, it represents life's "attentive intent to build." While this pattern is not specific to me,it is used to explain the process, and exemplifies the soul attempt too, find one's wholeness. While speaking t the cyclical nature of this experience, and it's further meanings as a "time capsule" or, "written record." It can then become the fictional medallion that one might ware to be reminded of the life they have chosen.

    (The Fifth Dimension)
    Idea of the pipe
    / \
    / \
    / \
    Picture of the pipe
    / \
    / \
    / \
    The real pipe and form


  • Monday, May 22, 2006-Pattern Recognition
    Betrayal of Images by Rene Magritte
  • Saturday, May 10, 2008

    Natural philosophy

    Natural philosophy or the philosophy of nature, known in Latin as philosophia naturalis, is a term applied to the objective study of nature and the physical universe that was dominant before the development of modern science. It is considered the precursor of what is now called natural science, especially physics.

    Forms of science historically developed out of philosophy or more specifically natural philosophy. At older universities, long-established Chairs of Natural Philosophy are nowadays occupied mainly by physics professors. Modern notions of science and scientists date only to the 19th century (Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary dates the origin of the word "scientist" to 1834). Before then, the word "science" simply meant knowledge and the label of scientist did not exist. Isaac Newton's 1687 scientific treatise is known as The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy.

    Left to it's own devices inegnuity required that one discover how the process actually worked internally, before applying it to discovery and confidence building that may undermine growing toward knowledge and education, alone.

    The ancient emphasis on deduction has its representative in Aristotle's Organum, and the new emphasis on induction and research has its representative in Francis Bacon's treatise Novum Organum.

    Deduction and Induction

    Our attempt to justify our beliefs logically by giving reasons results in the "regress of reasons." Since any reason can be further challenged, the regress of reasons threatens to be an infinite regress. However, since this is impossible, there must be reasons for which there do not need to be further reasons: reasons which do not need to be proven. By definition, these are "first principles." The "Problem of First Principles" arises when we ask Why such reasons would not need to be proven. Aristotle's answer was that first principles do not need to be proven because they are self-evident, i.e. they are known to be true simply by understanding them.

  • Induction and Deduction
    Intuitively Balanced: Induction and Deduction
  • The Making of the Tablet of Life

    Change your thoughts and you change your world.
    Norman Vincent Peale

    Simple frame of reference in the quote supplied above?

    The Circle: Paradox and Paradigm
    by Reza Sarhangi & Bruce D. Martin


    The ultimate desire of mankind is to identify wholeness, to grasp the essence of being, to be integrated with the harmony, perfection, patterns, and cycles of the material, metaphorical and metaphysical worlds. This desire motivates us to explore the realms of fact and fancy, logic and metaphor, reason and emotion, to capture the whole of being in one part, to see it, hear it, feel it, and enjoy it in everyday life.

    The circle is an object of nature, an idealization of pure mathematics, and a symbol or framework we use to understand and describe our world. The circle exists independently of human thought, as ripples in a pond, or the appearance of the sun and moon, or the shape of the iris of an eye. In mathematics, we choose to define a circle as the places at a constant distance from a center, usually in two dimensions. In this article, we look back at world history and the varied uses of the circle: literal and literary, physical and poetical, mathematical, metaphorical and mystical.
    The two following diagrams are from site above.

    The Mahakala Gonpo-Magpo chakra mandala, by A. T. Mann.

    The Buddhist circular mandala designs have been used continuously for millennia. "A mandala (Sanskrit for "circle") is a symbolic diagram of the universe, arranged in circles, used in tantric Buddhism. The Swiss psychologist Carl Jung considered the mandala to be a universally occurring pattern associated with the mythological representation of the self
    Jay Kappraf, Connections: the geometric bridge between art and science, McGraw-Hill, 1991, pp. 172-173.

    The following is a little bit of a fictional story about what happens in the the making of this Tablet, can become significant "for the life" as we have come to venture forward, lists some of the attributes of what exists, and what is written for each and very soul respectively?

    Interior of the Pantheon, in Rome. The light comes from a circular
    opening at the top of the sphere that is the building
    Mann, ibid., p. 43. Bruce Martin, 1994.

    So deep, and searching for meaning, the nature of this tablet means that every geometrical written circle becomes the template, for what is to unfold in the future of that persons life, as well as, what the division of this circle represents, the quarterlies, allocates, and in rotation, the birth of this soul, to the accomplishment of the life, to mean on it's completion?

    How vague indeed it is for the story teller, that artifacts in the history of our civilization is looked for, that it might have found uncovered in this "ancient place," the history of all souls, as well, the delving into the meaning of every life as it begins it's journey?

    From whence, is such a expression sent, to its ray which "manifests in that light" could mean, that the elements in relation "gather around?" So while this element in relation, it is in the configuration space of our being, that "our colours are defined for us" as to the substance and nature of that circle? Inner/outer then, and how strange this world that it reflects all that has been harboured in the individuals nature.

    Thursday, May 08, 2008


    Just thought I'd try it.

    created at

    Wednesday, May 07, 2008

    That Mysterious Flow

    That Mysterious Flow by Paul Davies This is a follow up post to the article Andrew Thomas presented for Bee article at Backreaction, "Every Now and Then."

    It would have been nice to be able to see the content of the blog commentaries which are allowing pictures to greatly enhance the product and visual effect of our examples. Or, to consider Snap that would allow this comment to open in another window, as you hover over the link. For to display this using snap is a easy way of making the blog commentary more visual as well.

    But onto what I would like to speak too, as Paul Davies wraps up his article.

    Here's the thing, if the culminating aspect and integration of all conceptual principles are given a wide berth then the idea here is to see that the "product of time," is elevated to the aspect given to a "gravitational perspective" I have assigned to colour.

    Enrique thinks Time is an Illusion too.

    At 12:34 AM, May 04, 2008, Blogger Enrique said...
    The way of our brain to know about that wavelength is that redness experience which cannot be communicated. I'm not saying that qualia do exist. What I say is that our brain handles that color information in such a way that creates this subjective experience. The same happens with sound. Althought soud is fully described physically by the speed, frequency, amplitude and shape of the wave in some media, we cannot figure out how it "sounds" until we acutally listen it. Same goes with temperature or odors. This doesn't mean that the world out there doesn't exist or that only exists in our mind. However all the perceptions that reach our brain have an existence that we consciously accept and I would say that that is the part consciousness plays here. We perceive that time flows and that is our brain's way to know about time.

    The idea here then is to point to two aspects that are related to how we see consciousness as playing a part in the measure of time. One that Paul Davies did recognize that there is no "time organ in our brains,"( as yet) and, Enrique points to the subjective nature of the integration aspect I find in relation to this conceptual synthesis.

    Left alone the subjective nature of our impressionable memory stores this information, and out of it "the scheme" is the mathematical basis which I have applied to the "mind mapping scheme" that goes on.

    Part of the reductionist aspect of following the information is to go "backwards in time" in this subjective cognitive fashion, and trace the human experiential aspect of the daily living, and what the mind captures in it's recording. While this is being accomplished in the most subtle fashion of our thinking, the nature of the experience catalyst's itself into the pool of the collective unconscious of the soul.

    Whether one would think we are limited to this life alone, there is a greater reservoir that we tap into at this point. While probabilistic in it's scenario(which life), the function is still less the the fashion I point to in the future, and it's causations relevant to that which follows in that presentation of the now, is, fastidiously in it's representations.

    This is how I point to the "self referential loop" that the solidification and concretion's of our thought structures become a oscillatory reduction of the projection to the mapping of the schema. Who you are now.

    The Future and past are connected.

    They manifest through you and whether one would argue the illusionist facet of this proposal, it is the understanding that we are "limited by our perspective." While Enrique, moves to a "synthesis" is far from complete without understanding how the product of time is moved beyond the current perceptions housed.

    The developing mapping that goes into the "Colour of Gravity" is the understanding that this coordinate space(configuration space) holds within it not only Boltzman's brain, but the understanding of the unification toward a fifth dimensional perspective.

    Since the Lab model is a three dimensional model, it can only be represented properly in a three dimensional space.

    While only a two dimensional representation above points to a map that must be given to gravity, as we look at the "Lagrangian aspect of the cosmos" it could also include the "space of the mind" which we operate in. It has become multi-dynamical living space, as we explore the solidification processes reduced to the biological functions of the human body. As we explore the phase conditions of the matter states. Emotive , intellectual and spiritual in it's breadth, is a much more subtle aspect of the "whole thinking being?"

    The Map

    What is the energy behind it, that it can manifest within your mind, and it then becomes this eternal puzzle of life? Remove all it's colour then, and we see the geometrics of its construction. This is the Scheme with which I point as we move to understand the full scope of this puzzle called life, and all it's expressions.

    It was important that the understanding of consciousness connect to that eternal reservoir of life, we can come in contact with that very centre. So this is the idea I have about the connection between the past and the future. That while life is given to this frame of reference, the ultimate aspect of the life is but parcel of a much greater flow of energy that goes on within the divinity of the soul in expression.

    The manifestation, is the recognition that the energy passes through from the soul's creation in this life time, to the living of this life. Such patterns that manifest within the context of the mind's pursuit is the recognition then of the energy packet contained in the puzzlement itself, that is offered for the reintroduction introspective search for greater meaning in this life, comes with, what we had learnt previously.

    The future then is the greater puzzlement, that it lies open to the multitude of "fractal images" that manifest within the mind, as it tries to come to terms with all it's aspectsof the human condition transformed into human experience.

    See: Emotion and Reason Balanced: The Mind's Consequence?
    Mandalas as Mind Maps