Friday, October 30, 2015

Floating Frog

Mr Andre Geim, 2010 Nobel laureate in physics (along with mr Konstantin Novoselov), was invited by Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg to give a lecture in the crowded lecture hall RunAn in the student union building at Chalmers, on December 13 2010.


 Papyrus of Ani

If the heart was free from the impurities of sin, and therefore lighter than the feather, then the dead person could enter the eternal afterlife.

Regarding Justice( as a scale of truth), as seen, and the relation to how Plato saw Truth? The heart,  is not a physical thing. So what did they mean? The concepts themselves are alien, and that by such thought processes enacted the abilities with which to affect the weight of things? Are their/there things, "lighter then, the feather?"  So we find crude imitations, as that created by science? To them back then in the culture, what was known?

By accident, and in early youth,  we would like to experiment. This is to say,  that the presence of a group(isolated), could affect the weight of such a thing? So there is this critical side, and exploratory side,  as to the way in which beliefs formed to become the foundation of what a group could do, when they gathered to accomplish.

Remove the group then, and it is still inside the mind, and without that group, it continues. So, it rests finally in the mind. I am not saying it could work for all, and it is not some bouncing meditationalist, but of something quite other then, what we understand today.

What I am saying is that there is a profound way in which we do not see consciousness ability, and how that consciousness can be used.

On the other hand, the enclosed photographs of water and a frog hovering inside a magnet(not on board a spacecraft) are somewhat counterintuitive and will probably take many people (even physicists) by surprise. This is the first observation of magnetic levitation of living organisms as well as the first images of diamagnetics levitated in a normal, room-temperature environment (if we disregard the tale about Flying Coffin of Mohammed as such evidence, of course). In fact, it is possible to levitate magnetically every material and every living creature on the earth due to the always present molecular magnetism. The molecular magnetism is very weak (millions times weaker than ferromagnetism) and usually remains unnoticed in everyday life, thereby producing the wrong impression that materials around us are mainly nonmagnetic. But they are all magnetic. It is just that magnetic fields required to levitate all these "nonmagnetic" materials have to be approximately 100 times larger than for the case of, say, superconductors.[/I]Diamagnetic Levitation

So while there is some understanding here, there are remaining questions.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Can We Explain What Consciousness is?

Brain Imaging Reveals What You're Watching

So if one wanted to assume the images arise solely from the matter state, then the structure of the matter is a replica used in imagery......then such a model should eventually be used as the tools that are needed, in which we can create consciousness?

 Is this the same as consciousness experiencing. What if these tools/matter states require consciousness? That any image created is not the same as what consciousness is capable of creating? So consciousness as the alternative, is producing by how that matter resonates and is used by consciousness? Just giving an alternative view point other then the one that matter just creates as a question?
Visible light is merely a small part of the full electromagnetic spectrum, which extends from cosmic rays at the highest energies down through the middle range (gamma rays, X- rays, the ultraviolet, the visible, the infrared, and radio waves) all the way to induction-heating and electric-power-transmission frequencies at the lowest energies. Note that this is the energy per quantum (photon if in the visible range) but not the total energy; the latter is a function of the intensity in a beam.
 Increasing the range of spectrum with which we see......does this imply we will understand the mechanism for which we believe mind as brain wave state correlate? Does this imply we will understand the mechanism as matter states with which such a process of mind? Mind, is only one aspect of consciousness?

Biofeedback information is helpful with regard to brain wave we know.... That if the body is in a given brain wave state......the body biofeedback system will give us certain information? We are progressively moving toward the orientation of matter defined states. aWhat is the ground state? What is a node/anti-node in physics?

We are using extensions of the spectrum in order to look at how we see, how we think does not give perspective on what can be seen beyond the senses?

Does the spectrum reveal "the matter" of the thought? If thought is an energy state, then what is it' ground state as a thought? We use analogies all the time.....and we shift between senses, to create a greater perspective on the nature of the matter?

We emulate gravity as we know exactly what Gravity is? Can we measure the momentum of a thought? What is the energy range of a thought/many thoughts, to measure its entropy?

If consciousness is not measurable, then how do we see consciousness beyond the senses?

A Unified Field theory has to be able to explain this. All theories of everything, have to explain this. Other then demonstrating the act of consciousness, all Toe's are only metaphors, like sound or light for explaining what consciousness is? Progressively, you are moving beyond the matters as a question of what consciousness is, or what mind is, as a part of our consciousness?

Saturday, October 17, 2015

What Types of Sources Cause Gravitational Waves?

Advanced LIGO is searching for gravitational waves - what will it find, and what will it mean? Caltech LIGO scientists Kip Thorne, Sarah Gossan, and Rana Adhikari answer your questions. More information:
See Also: LIGO as video source page. Video is for education purposes only.