Friday, May 04, 2018

The Tao of Life

The understanding that I gained from looking at the approach to Taoism was from Jung initially and the Book of Changes Jung talked about. Similarly the hexagrams alone and in part demonstrate an active and passive recognition of the lines, as broken and unbroken. While thought to be gender specific, these are not, and represent active and passive attributes within the whole system.

Wholeness implies a circular function and integration of these active and passive forces within the individual them-self. Active and passive features in the way we objectively and subjectively interact with the world around us and within us.

While bold in the application of active and passive forces the degrees of this participation is represented. Hard and soft, movement and resistance. While in opposition these are never apart as wholeness implies.

These do have psychological associations in mind, as represented in the active and passive understanding of information access and transmission. These are also represented in the eeg associations of an active and passive mind. Heart like, these can be rated in pulse.(see Mandelbrot and Seth Cohen) These are bio-metric markers, much as cell phone antenna's are specific to your phone. Algorithmic written as a debit card signature.

The range and application of the understanding here in relation to the processes of science was a development characteristic I gained over the years while developing an understanding of the nature of the active and passive features within our world.  Superconductors, the nature of viscosity in the science processes and active transmission of information within that science development. These were developed as an understanding of energy particulates that make there way into earth's medium environment. AS well as, an understanding in the nature of crystallization,  as represented in the idea of sound as cymatics.

 The intuitive framework has to recognize that you have already worked the angles and that such intuition is gathered from all that has been worked.......I am not saying it is right just that I have seen this perspective in development with regard to scientists as they push through the wall that has separated them from moving on. This then details a whole set of new parameters in which the thinking mind can move forward with proposals. Fractals and Antennas and The Economy