Thursday, June 30, 2005

String Connection?

The possibility of a connection between string theory and RHIC collisions is unexpected and exhilarating,” Dr. Orbach said. “String theory seeks to unify the two great intellectual achievements of twentieth-century physics, general relativity and quantum mechanics, and it may well have a profound impact on the physics of the twenty-first century.”

In this narrow class of theories, the hot plasma in the 4D theory corresponds to a black hole in the 10D equivalent description, which matches very well with Stephen Hawking's prediction that black holes have temperature. Moreover, there is a direct relationship between vibrations in the plasma, such as sound waves, and vibrations of the black-hole horizon. For example, when an object is dropped into the black hole in 10D, the equivalent picture in 4D is a hot, expanding region that dissolves into a plasma. Using this equivalence, various theorists, including the present author, have deduced that if such plasmas were real, they would be almost perfect liquids.

Since Maldacena's conjecture does not apply to QCD, however, the viscosity of the real quark-gluon plasma cannot be computed via string theory. This makes the RHIC announcement that the viscosity of its plasma is comparable to the values one finds from string-theory calculations even more surprising. If this is true, the quark-gluon plasma created at RHIC could be the most perfect fluid in nature. This in itself is an interesting fact, but it could also indicate that string theory has some relation to real QCD. However, we first need more quantitative evidence from RHIC, such as an upper bound on the viscosity.

Blackholes at RHIC

A statement from RHIC theoretical nuclear physicist Dmitri Kharzeev:


The existence of such a phase and its properties are key issues in QCD for the understanding of confinement and of chiral-symmetry restoration. For this purpose, we intend to carry out a comprehensive study of the hadrons, electrons, muons and photons produced in the collision of heavy nuclei. Alice will also study proton-proton collisions both as a comparison with lead-lead collisions in physics areas where Alice is competitive with other LHC experiments

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Science and it's Geometries?

On the post preceding this one, although we talked about the nature of the symmetries in action, and within context of the Calabi Yau, there is a relatiosnhip that must be drawn to other quarters of our perceptions to help orientate not only this drive for understanding energy production, but it's basis in geometry as well.

The cyclical notion driving Turok and Steinhardt, had to be found in our meddling with the likes of M theory and the brane world happenings with those points? How could such a dynamcical world arise from such a point, and it leads into all kinds of wonderful journies of the abstract. What will we find those who hold tightly to the rail from seeing width and depth, as one looks over this large abyss called the Grand Canyon.

When a gas bubble in a liquid is excited by ultrasonic acoustic waves, it can emit short flashes of light suggestive of extreme temperatures inside the bubble. These flashes of light, known as 'sonoluminescence', occur as the bubble implodes, or cavitates. Now Didenko and Suslick show that chemical reactions occur during cavitation of a single, isolated bubble,and they go on to determine the yield of photons, radicals, and ions formed. (Photo credit: Kenneth S. Suslick and Kenneth J. Kolbeck)

Today's agreement to build the ITER project in Cadarache, France, is an important milestone for Europe. It is not only the energy sector that will benefit from this decision: I expect ITER to also boost widespread positive consequences in areas like nanotechnology or material research. ITER will hugely benefit our Lisbon goals, creating more jobs, more research and more global competitiveness", said today Paul Rübig MEP (A), EPP-ED spokesman in the Committee on Industry, Technology, Research and Energy (ITRE) of the European Parliament

You see it's just more then a issue about fusion? :) Any "cyclical nature" that would exemplfy not only the universe, but models of geometry used, "theoretically must be" very important from those other mathematical perspectives.

If such a exchange, as a blackhole could arise from such a collapse, no longer able to fuel it's momentum outward as the sun in expression, then how so the collapse of the blackhole now representing the fusion that drives the energy in our sun? Our universe? You see such a trait in most universal design, and in the production of energy, had to be drawn for perspective to recognize motivations to the extent this universe would turn back on itself?

How strange indeed, then that this universe rapidly expanding, might signal the inevitable collapse that we might have seen in the suns, could also point towards a deeper comprehension of our own universe in action??

Energy in/Energy out, and if you ignite the process, how would sustain it? Compression factors in blackholes, contain a lot of potential, and if you turn them inside/out, this strange speculation rises about the energy/matter relation?

The Universe as an ecosystem: Much like biologists, astronomers trace the flow of matter and energy from one form to another in order to understand the dynamics of the entire system and how it evolves. (Credit: L. Whitlock (GSFC))

Well, microstate blackholes are in production, as well as events going on in nature. So the sun is of value in other ways, that the colliders can't touch, but on a value largely reduced from the energies needed from that same sun? You see, you would need quite a large collider that could not exist here on earth?:)

There is of course a fear of the blackhole production as well, but such collapse would be significant and part of the larger understanding of what is natural in our daily lives.

Pierre Auger is very instrumental in understanding this design?:)


  • Bubble Nucleation
  • Tuesday, June 28, 2005

    Special Lagrangian geometry

    Dr. Mark Haskins
    On a wider class of complex manifolds - the so-called Calabi-Yau manifolds - there is also a natural notion of special Lagrangian geometry. Since the late 1980s these Calabi-Yau manifolds have played a prominent role in developments in High Energy Physics and String Theory. In the late 1990s it was realized that calibrated geometries play a fundamental role in the physical theory, and calibrated geometries have become synonymous with "Branes" and "Supersymmetry".

    Special Lagrangian geometry in particular was seen to be related to another String Theory inspired phemonenon, "Mirror Symmetry". Strominger, Yau and Zaslow conjectured that mirror symmetry could be explained by studying moduli spaces arising from special Lagrangian geometry.

    This conjecture stimulated much work by mathematicians, but a lot still remains to be done. A central problem is to understand what kinds of singularities can form in families of smooth special Lagrangian submanifolds. A starting point for this is to study the simplest models for singular special Lagrangian varieties, namely cones with an isolated singularity. My research in this area ([2], [4], [6]) has focused on understanding such cones especially in dimension three, which also corresponds to the most physically relevant case.

    I am execising the geometrical tendencies here in how Sylvester surfaces might have revealled the interior space of a Reimann sphere( Calabi Yau rotations exemplified and complete), while these points located on the sphere's surface, brane, reveal a deeper interactive force within this sphere. Again I am learning to see here, hopefully it's right. The bloggers out there who work in this direction are most helpful, P.P Cook, Lubos Motl and others, who help point the way.

    Differences in the gravitational forces speak directly to dimensional relevances In Lagrangian, by association to the energy valuations? Euclids postulate from 1-4, had to be entertained in a new way, from a non-euclidean world of higher dimensions? It was well evident that supergravity, would find solace in the four dimensional relevances of spacetime? How did Kaluza and Klein get there? Cylinders?

    Yet the dynamical world of the way in which the satelitte can move through space helps one to adjust to how these dynamcial avenues can propel this satelitte through that same space. Circular orits chaotically predictable, yet quite diverse shown in the poincare model representation, shows how bizzare the ability of the Lagrangian points become. Can one see well with this new abstractual quality?

    Einstein's equations connect matter and energy (the right-hand side) with the geometry of spacetime (the left-hand side). Each superscript stands for one of the 4 coordinates of spacetime; so what looks like one equation is actually 4 x 4 = 16 equations. But since some are repeated there are really 10 equations. Contrast this with the single gravitational law of Newton! That alone gives a hint of the complexity of these equations. Indeed, they are amongst the most difficult equations in science. Happily, however, some exact solutions have been found. Below we discuss one such exact solution, the first, found in 1916 by Karl Schwarzchild.

    So it was important to understand how this view was developed further. The semantics of mathematical expression was a well laid out path that worked to further our views of what could have been accompished in the world of spacetime, yet well knowing, that the dynamcial revealled a even greater potential?

    So now you engaged the views inside and out, about bubble natures, and from this, a idea that is driven. That while Michio Kaku sees well from perspective, the bridge stood upon, is the same greater comprehension about abstract and dynamical processes in that same geometrical world. Beyond the sphere, within the sphere, and the relationship between both worlds, upon Lagrangian perspective not limited.

    Placed within the sphere, and this view from a point is a amazing unfoldment process of views that topological inferences to torus derivtives from boson expressed gravitational idealizations removed themself from the lines of circles to greater KK tower representations?

    The following is a description of some of the models for the hyperbolic plane. In order to understand the descriptions, refer to the figures. They may seem a bit strange. However, a result due to Hilbert says that it is impossible to smoothly embed the hyperbolic plane in Euclidean three-space using the usual Euclidean geometry. (Technical note: In fact it is possible to have a C^1 embedding into R^3, according to a 1955 construction of Nicolaas Kuiper, but according to William Thurston, the result would be "incredibly unwieldy, and pretty much useless in the study of the surface's intrinsic geometry."[William Thurston, "Three Dimensional Geometry and Topology," Geometry Center Preprint, 1991, p.43.]) Since there is no such smooth embedding, any model of the hyperbolic plane has to use a different geometry. In other words, we must redefine words like point, line, distance, and angle in order to have a surface in which the parallel postulate fails, but which still satisfies Euclid's postulates 1-4 (stated in the previous article). Here are brief descriptions of three models:

    This process had to be thought of in another way? Point, line, plane, became something else, in terms of string world? M theory had to answer to the ideas of supergravity? How so? Great Circles and such? Topological torus forms defined, inside and out? Completed, when the circle become a boson expressed? A point on a brane now becomes something larger in perspectve? Thanks Ramond.

    Saturday, June 25, 2005

    Periodic Impingement Orbits:Interference Patterns?

    Path through S0(3) Now you must know that the views of this space had association to the >ATLAS, that the paths defined are real intermsof the Calorimetric view, that such appearances are mapped from one state to another by the plate coveringa nd measures of the energy's involved. By taking this covering to symbolize this space? gap we realize how diverse the interactions can be by the implications of the energy used? So we have various idealization here about how the rotational attributes could have been defined in a greater world expression beyond the confines of those same plates

    I was looking for the right image to show this rotation and quickly I find Greg Egan's for consideration here, but I had another one as well. When I find it will bring it back for consideration

    Shall I call it a real world fantasy that Alice steps into the "mirror world" and we find that exultation of the story again being use to exemplify the world where things enter, and in this strange space/gap, the photon comes out on the otherside?

    G -> H -> ... -> SU(3) x SU(2) x U(1) -> SU(3) x U(1). You have to realize that such emergence into the views of universal formulations, has to have some associative response from the quantum world to see that such relevance in the cosmological particpations could have ver pointed to the motivation of these universes coming into being, that it would go through a phase tranasformation relevant to each particle discription? Is this correct? This presented itself iw ay of seeing that stretches the mind imaginations tht I wonder have I indeed gone off the deep end.

    Young might have been very happy with this story of Alice in Wonderland, and the wonder of the path integrals, as part of a greater comprehension and revitalization exemplified not just in the feynnmenian toy model production, but of one that enlists a wonderful non-eucldiean world set aside for each and every wonder of entrance and departure into new phase realizations?

    It was realized some time ago by Glashow [5] that the orthopositronium system provides one sensitive way to search for the mirror universe. The idea is that small kinetic mixing of the ordinary and mirror photons may exist which would mix ordinary and mirror ortho positronium, leading to maximal ortho positronium - mirror orthopositronium oscillations.

    In Albrecht Durer and His Magic Square, I point to what was accomplished in use of an image and artistically rewritten Melencolia II
    [frontispiece of thesis, after Dürer 1514]by Prof.dr R.H. Dijkgraaf

    Now for me, and I constantly have to remind people that I am junior here in my peceptions, that it would be of my greatest pleasure to expicitly speak to the undestanding of what happens, not only in how we see these lagrange points in space, but also reveal the coming into being of the photon and it's disappearance in a way that involves this complete 720 degree rotation.

    I don't know how else to explain what I am seeing other then to find examples and here it would have been most fruitful in looking at what the question mark, where we find the version Melencolia II containing this fundmnantal question about what rises from the standard model and how this is dealt with.

    S0 how would define this straight line and measure, but to see it's existnce as a supersymmetrical reality, and as a Calabi Yau model of expression, and find in this same rotational value complete, as a map written, as it is below.

    The Photon comes into existance here

    The photon is represented here.

    So you see this chaos exemplified in a way that the Lorentzian butterfly comes into it's own, that such impngement would find itself relating to each other and trasnferance from state to another? Also, as we look at this, in contrast symmetreical idealization has to have another view reveal itself in the link to the image below where we see this lorentzian butterfly, also mapped in relation to the transferance from one state to another. The Planck Epoch helps here.

    How would one mapped unpreditabiltiy in chaos to have seen something grow out of it into a solvable part of some symmetrical views of the gap?

    I seemed to have lost the wording that popped into my mind last night. Try as I may, it is one of those times where you repeat it to yourself so that you don't loose it, but being half asleep, this solution was presented for what ever reason.

    Is it quite part of what I was looking at, I am not sure. So of course I go looking to see if anything rings a bell?

    Tuesday, June 21, 2005

    Thematic Resolutions

    It is of course with some concern that any scientific mind, held to the established rules of his organizational, "motto of acceptance of the stringent rules of science" would allow such room, as to embue the human being with qualities greater then, the value assigned to subjective valuations. A church of reason that finds itself distasteful to the inquiry of life, and sanction it to the discourse of valued scientific principals that those of Strings and LQG fight back and forth with.

    It's okay, we won't be fooled:)

    Is it a coming to terms with the features we see in our own makeup as children, that we might sight the significant memory of that same childhood. What stuck, that you would have seen this course of action, no less then what held a Einstein in the mystery of the world, to understand it is a real and wonderful world of the forces that we do not readily see, yet we know well it directs the sciences in our world.


    The Alchemy of Creativity and the Social Artist.

    Briggs speaks of themata as informing the lives of many geniuses. Beginning with themata for example --what are they, what is their deeper purpose and meaning? I see them as patterns of creation for which we are specially tuned, each of us tuned differently by the special sense organs in ourselves which pick up variations on these themes throughout the world. The famous example of the child Einstein and his fascination with the magnetic operation of the compass which then influenced his entire life of looking for the electromagnetic field in the unified field of reality. Each of us then is given as our gift a kind of guiding visionary theme which recurs throughout our life, and when we attend to it as an ally and helper, it gives us unique perspectives on working with reality.

    God's Equation, by Amir D. Aczel, Pg 14

    From a early age, young Albert showed great interest in the world around him. When he was five years old, his father gave him a compass, and the child was enchanted by the device and intrigued by the fact the needle followed a invisible field to point always in the direction of the north pole.Reminicing in old age, Einstein mentioned this incident as one of the factors that perhaps motivated him years later to study the gravitational field.

    Is there some deeper force that evades our thinking, that it could have transcended the world of science, to know that envisioning the capabilities beyond those we enlist in our psychological reasoning, has real physical results manifest. It has been the direction and question that has existed most in my mind, that the world of the discrete, had many explanations before such solidification could have ever existed in the mind of concrete things.

    So while such a view is held to a space beyond the limitations of math's design, such views revealled in the Wunderkammer were realistic abilties of the mind to incorporate the envisioning abilites beyond the euclidean defintions. "Straight lines and course of measure," that there could exist other forms beyond the limitations Einstein sought to describe for us in the gravity explanation given in General relativity.

    It is well understood that the adventures lead too here were very instrumental in the realization that the noneuclidena geometires were very well adpatable to the view of Faradya, Gauss and Riemann in further defining ths geometric tendency a sa basis of exploration that today we are taken inot the abstract space of mind.

    So what was the motivating force and we find that the culminative effect of a life exists, for those who by name are defined. Where is this basis that we can call forth eth elemental table of Mendelev to say that al things arise and her eare the concrete constructs of mind embellsih in the material world?

    The light behind, in the analogy of Plato's cave, sets up the thinking in how issues from the source[the fire]( and here it might be referred to the fifth dimension)shines in its radiation. How is form realized?

    Betrayal of Images" by Rene Magritte. 1929 painting on which is written "This is not a Pipe"

    The jest here recognizes, that a picture of, and the real pipe are very different indeed. How is "form" percieved from perspective. The picture of the pipe and the real pipe are different things? And yet in this comparison, there is a third aspect as the idea?

    It was a attempt to define this emergent property of existance that all of it could have been derived from some basis? Background dependant/ independant and two views that enlist the funcitonabiltiy to discourse, the thoughts held?

    So it is well understood that such motivations that drive the character have some motivating force beyond what we had understood in the complete individual, called a "Peter Woit" or a "Lubos Motl", to find that such forces govern one or the other in it's drive for expression. One the justice that would not milead scoiety from someintelligent design feature to have gauaged society to a standard of being, better undertsood with a greater idealism set? Or of th efire that instigates a lubos Motl to question and position and valid it no less then the "peacemaker" might have revealled in the just and reasonable society?

    So we have exposed a greater potential relaization that not only is motivated from perspectve, to find the creation of the universe is no less the creative adventure of the soul in i';s own design, for fruitation. So where exists this idea who find itself of the universe, as it unfolded in it's own motivation?

    Monday, June 20, 2005

    The Alchemist in You?

    The blue image is one trajaectory of the Lorenz system with (σ, ρ, β) = (10, 28, 8/3) started from the initial point (0, 0, 1). The yellow image is for the same parameters but a different initial condition, (0, 0, 1+ε) where ε = 10-5.

    While it is true that you can understand the effects on macroscale, the micro dynamics is still somewhat of a issue in our determinations?

    At best, a new computerer with the ability to imput extraodinary amounts of data for a model prediction, yet there is no method to detail where all microdynamic processes will lead to other then to assume it on a classical level?

    I would like to think such encapsulation would have found value in as much as we move our understanding of macrosate happenings from quantum dynamcial ones, as well?

    So Thales has to arise with some basic priniple? How you map this, is important.

    He recorded: 'Thales says that it is water'. 'it' is the nature, the archê, the originating principle.

    Almost as important, as understanding the basis of discrete things, could manifest, "from other states of existance"?

    Fool's gold?:)

    Symmetry breaking realizations understand well that such a process is revealled from other phases of existance?

    This is a Crucible. This is the standard model? Beyond it is the existance of dynamical world that is but one more phase transiton realized from the point symmetrical breaks into manifestation of universes, galaxies worlds, as concrete things?

    Ancient alchemist understood it's significance.

    Processes hidden in Platonic forms, might have been of value assigned to astrological processes, while this process, could also exist in the human form, for perfection.

    So the mentality, although couched in the alchemist view and widely encompassing, understood that such a crucible would have held the alchemist to a process of refinement. Usng water, as a example in this process was significant, in that the states of matter could have "other forms" in it's expression where such "solidifications" held to discrete forms.

    Kaluza and Klein's thinking was a bit beyond the normal fourth dimensional realizations. Yet could have baez said this is the way of God. Why invoke, when it is a natural part of our existence to wonder, and what value assign to concrete things? meantal or otherwise in the discrete nature of things?

    Sunday, June 19, 2005

    Internet TV is Open and Independent

    The world in the palm of their hands: Bilderberg 2005By Daniel Estulin Online Journal Contributing Writer

    Of course this is a concern to me and what we could encounter in regards to the blatant attempt by Sokal to put forth the undertanding of how dangerous the internet can be. Yet I would seek to encourage that the individual who will step forward, although enclined, would seek to further develope perspective. There are Amongst many groups that gather to further enhance the views of information.

    Announcing a new platform for internet television and video. Anyone will be able to broadcast full-screen video to thousands of people at virtually no cost, using BitTorrent technology. Viewers get intuitive, elegant software to subscribe to channels, watch video, and organize their video library. The project is non-profit, open source, and built on open standards. Today we're announcing the project and releasing our current sourcecode.

    It is in the world of the blogging institutionalized developement, that we have gained considerably, where previous groups were in their own respective corners and lectures, only to defend it's postulation, and then retreat for another day. Here on the intenet it is kept alive and waiting for another addition to develope, or at least, become critized, until it is right?

    The Roads and Crossroads, by Gregory R. Gromov

    I thought I would back a statement I made to an introduction of another's blog about the internet, and how the message has gotten out to people. Without the current media controlling the views on which it would like to direct society. To Ownerships own way of thinking? It is of course the directors's perogative, but ths is not free and open dialogue.

    A Brief History of Computing

    Of course I studied the history a little in respect to people, to make sense of the direction of how "ownership could have curtailed the developement of the internet", to see that it had divided itself between two options, as far as I can tell.

    In this regards, OS systems to me would make more sense in the introduction of the leftist views, about how we could develope unhindered, without the constraints of Microsoft having captured the market on how we see and should do things.

    Of course, without a court challenge, the operating system is now a matter of choice.

    But this brings me back to what coorporate sponsorship costs, why the leftist views had to make do with the cheaper means to spread itself amongst the reality of the internet.

    Working solely on my own, such a thought occurred to me to deal with copyright/copyleft, that we might not have give credit to where credit is due, but at the same time, if you accept this medium, how would you increase it's capability but by continuing to developed the roads to imporving neuronic synapse gathering, to a greater potential? You need infomration to do this.

    Such a proecess then would have to recognize how anything enter the realm of the internet, that it could have exemplified the idea that first principle is actually gathered from this greater potential and realization. Thus providing the probability of infinite value of consideration, would have materialize in minds to further evolve the idea of this internet into a greater brain? Not to supplant "reason" but to give the opportunity for developement, fully recognizing the cost of disinformation that could exist.

    The internet then relied on the values of good thinking minds to push forward this overall envelope for a better undrstanding of our world, while we deal with the objectification of our lives as we live them.

    Saturday, June 18, 2005

    New Spacetime Quantum World View?

    Of course the source of my statement about Penrose needed some clarification so I'll put him here for reference. Those who had been following will also have know that the view of Gerard t' hooft amazingly, asks the same question?

    Do we need a New spacetime Quantum world view?

    By taking advantage of quantum phenomena such as entanglement, teleportation and superposition, a quantum computer could, in principle, outperform a classical computer in certain computational tasks. Entanglement allows particles to have a much closer relationship than is possible in classical physics. For example, two photons can be entangled such that if one is horizontally polarized, the other is always vertically polarized, and vice versa, no matter how far apart they are. In quantum teleportation, complete information about the quantum state of a particle is instantaneously transferred by the sender, who is usually called Alice, to a receiver called Bob. Quantum superposition, meanwhile, allows a particle to be in two or more quantum states at the same time

    As said, I do not want to further expound on the fansty world of Lewis Carroll , but bring the concept of mirrorworld here for more consideration. IN that, the detectors, Alice and BOb are two photons, that entangle and show this causal relationship, where before the idea existed that such a link could have never been made.

    You have to remember to make sense of this as a junior being exposed to the mass of informtaion out there, it required sifting to get to the essence of the issues. Hopefully I have lead the mind to consider this issue now in terms of what was spooky to einstein, is not so spooky to the entanglement issues?

    The Future of the Quantum Mechanical View

    Quantum gravity and black holes . Whenever particles are separated further than 10-33cm, the gravitational force between them is very adequately described by Einstein's theory of general relativity. But when they come closer, the gravitational force becomes strong, whereas gravity is more complicated than gauge theories. Finding a logically coherent theory telling us how particles behave at such small distance scales is a fundamental problem. The most dazzling problem is the question whether these particles will make microscopic black holes. Predicting the behavior of such tiny black holes is a deep theoretical challenge. Or maybe they can't form black holes? Formulating laws of physics that avoid black hole formation is even more difficult.

    Microstate blackholes and blackholes of the cosmo, as triggers?

    So we are indeed looking for this method, this trigger, that would unite both possible worlds, to understand as we look around us, something exists which we had never entertained before? Microstate blackholes and blackholes of the cosmo, as triggers?

    Friday, June 17, 2005

    Alice in Wonderland: A Real World Fantasy?

    Before this post begins, it is important to understand that the expose of thoughts in regards to what myth created could have amounted to some journey of the photon understand that the chaotic feature of loose lips could sink ships, amounts to the amount specualtive feature we assign the models of our understanding. That yes, in the world of math and it's design, we would not want to confuse the issues. So let me say that such adventures could have been as easy as accepting A and B as letters of the aphlabet, and in this, Alice becomes, and so does Bob.

    But in betweenst them, it seems that a outcome would have made many wonder about what transferance would have become relevant in the direction and explanation of a casual relationship, leading from one to to another? That was to some, "spooky in it's wonder," and hence some part of wonderland.

    Heaven forbid, that such a thought could exist that here is Neverland and the roles of Fantasy gone wild in the mind of DR. Hook and Michael Jackson. Let us not be tainted anymore by such a ruse as to think the mind could embellsh itself and loose sight of the issues, but that we even immortalize without undertanding why. So in this respect the math as a basis should have remain untainted.

    So now this post will be the end of such a fantsy and about the travels the photon takes in this wonderland, to have now moved to the interference patterns that bring wonder out on the other side.

    So such revision given here will have now proceeded to the end, and the work that catches my mind in the early comsological events or it's interactive nature revealled in the relations between the earth and the sun.

    Welcome to the Lewis Carroll Society of North America (LCSNA) home page. The LCSNA is a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering Carroll studies, increasing accessibility of research material, and maintaining public awareness of Carroll's contributions to society. We intend to use the internet as another avenue to accomplish these goals. If you are a Carrollian and would like to help in these endeavors, or if you simply enjoy Carroll and want to be among other people with a like interest, please consider joining the LCSNA.

    Alice ventures into the mirror world.
    Illustrations: John Tenniel, Alice in Wonderland

    Welcome to the mirror world, in which every particle in the known universe could have a counterpart. This cosmos would hold mirror planets, mirror stars, and even mirror life.

    It is always nice to have some music to back up the idea, that the standard model might have exemplified a greater course on "multipilicity of meanings", "yet we know well that Alice has to come out to a world on the otherside." These highlighted words in quote, can be used in lyric to the music above, if you like:)

    Thomas Young would have been happy, that such a spectrum would have found, that the journies to this side, would have found some potential realization by introducing BOB?

    Beyond the Yellow Brick Road

    So here we have this complex view over top of a "mathematical idea" who sought to give perspective to the chaos of a world by casual statements of life? Ones we exchange on a normal storytelling day, to have found, something hidden deeper? Sneaky mathematicians they are and mythmakers they could be. Who would hav known such a gentle story, could have been adults pleasure in science?

    Alice in Quantum Land--A Quantum's Eye View

    Following is chapter to be published later this year in "Lewis Carroll's Lost Quantum Diaries," ed. William B Shanley.

    “I'm a quantum,” the voice continued. “You've been hearing a lot about quantum physics and all the strange conclusions that it leads to in your world, so I thought it was time you heard from me, and got a picture of how the world looks from a quantum's point of view.

    “As to where I am, I am everywhere and nowhere. Always and nowhen.”

    Alice knew better than to let her mind be worried by paradox. Just about everything she had heard so far was paradoxical in some way or other, and trying to understand paradoxes was bound to lead to even greater confusion.

    But let us not forget the real story and the words written for children's minds? How many versions can we induce into the way in which myths are created about the beginning of the world to wonder, had this been sought by explaining the strange world of the looking glass?

    Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll Alice's adventures continue is this tale of fantasy and adventure. Carrolls stories entertain children but can also give pause to think to adults as well. So welcome back to Wonderland! Beware the Jabberwok!

    John Venn

    The early historical work can be derived from personages. Helps sometimes to illucidate the avenue and abtractions that seem only fitted for the abstract mind?

    Do people like to deal with such issues? I am finding that as I am learning, I am tryng to find the means with which to express myself, so that such a basis is understood when I bring togehter the thoughts I like to do, into other areas. So it is necessary to see how such abstract avenues play their role in my "fantasy journey's" and then introduce the deepr pursuate to explain myself more coherently.

    A painting of John Venn by Charles E. Brock. Photograph by Christopher Hurst, Hamilton-Kerr Institute, University of Cambridge

    John Venn (August 4, 1834 - April 4, 1923), was a British mathematician, who is famous for conceiving the Venn diagrams, which are used in many fields, including set theory, probability, logic, statistics, and computer science.

    He was born in Hull, Yorkshire. He entered Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge in October 1853 and graduated in 1857. Shortly after graduating he was elected a fellow of the college. He was ordained as a deacon at Ely in 1858 and became a priest in 1859. In 1862 he returned to Cambridge as a lecturer in moral sciences

    So having lead one to the esence of this individual I wanted to introduce a journey that combined a few different avneues, and how I go to that point. But before I do this, the image with which I wanted to supply, will do wonders on the unification idea manifesting in my own mind.

    Thomas Young's Double Slit Experiment

    The double-slit experiment consists of letting light diffract through two slits producing fringes on a screen. These fringes or interference patterns have light and dark regions corresponding to where the light waves have constructively and destructively interfered. The experiment can also be performed with a beam of electrons or atoms, showing similar interference patterns; this is taken as evidence of the "wave-particle duality" explained by quantum physics.

    Society and all it's function might have seemed beyond the approach of a method to determination that could underlie it's very existance by functions that would have never made sense had they not been curtailed to a way of seeing. I exploit this ability to see underneath society and its basis, by bringing together perspective, hopefully in a sound mangagement style and artistic endeavor, no less then the work of Lewis Carroll and his fictous name sake, that will be revealled soon enough.

    This image below will serve it's purpose when it comes time, so being part of this overall post, this directs us to the amazing value of mathematicians as they exercizes their creatve abilities beyound the abstract frames they have give themself.

    Lewis Carroll's fame is universal. I can easily cite a couple dozen books that mention him or quote from his books. Temptation to quote from Alice's experiences with which so many people can identify, is indeed great. But the trend may be reversing. In the introduction to a book I have recently come across, the author found it necessary to mention that in the whole of the book there is not a single reference to either Alice in Wonderland or Through the Looking Glass - the two books that made the name of Lewis Carroll a household item the world over. However, his other works are either forgotten or known far less. In real life he was a mathematician C. L. Dodgson with deep interest in symbolic logic and logical reasoning. I have described elsewhere one of his probability and the doublets puzzles.

    Now for some, the Feynmen diagrams become a useful toy model for defining the interatcive phases, and for me, being Junior in these aspects, I come with a lot of speculation, but no less the need for something to hang my hand on. It was interetsing for me to see that such defintions and pathways would have been exemplified by such drawings to hold the perspectve to specific interactve phases.

    Now a given wide a berth to my speculation, from Young to Feynmen, I saw this content from Dirac's early work, as example used the matrice design? The work of Feynmen, leading from this. Now not to spread the willy nilly fate of wrong information, I would have to qualify this statement, and I wil do so at a later date. I will watch for such statements in my journeies and draw from them for support, if given. I would not lesson this view, by stating the topological pathway would have been incorporated into a design of strings no less held to such views of feynmen lines, that it would have explained these interactve phases as well. I think peope do not understand this very well?

    So the work her ehas been lead nto a area of math that defnes the thinking process I have in a way that might not have been considered before? I wil expound even greater to confuse the masses, by introdcution of other areas that I found explicable by uniting avsion of such phase as to ask what value would GHZ entnaglement serve, but to have found the questions of the like sof Gerard t' hooft haunting when it comes to the questions also posed by Penrose. Do we need a new quantum mechanical view?

    This highlighted my thinking and of course directed it too the state of examination given by Smolin and others, as we expound greatly on the essecne of Thomas young and his expeirment, and the basis bneeded for detrmination of the Trigger?:) I bet some see the principals now shown as I lead into other areas soon?:)

    You had to understand, that Alice and Bob serve their purposes in a strange wonderful way. That one asks where had the photon gone, in it's illustrous journey of possibile pathways, that we did not wonder what intiatied this process? Would such a signature have highlighted the view with the question of the rigger signifying some deeper inherent basis of existance. That signalled other views to manifest into the world of gravtonic perceptions, no less dictating our understanding of time variable measures?

    The Looking Glast

    Wednesday, June 15, 2005

    Could "Chaos" have been Implied in the Quantum Harmonic Oscillator, as Supersymmetry?

    See:Quantum Harmonic Oscillators

    Fortunately being the junior here in knowledge comprehension, the benefits, as of my having wrongly thought a certain way, allows "fantasy a great journey." I have wondered, could I have ever attained such insights that would awaken even the most determined individual to the quest of, to finally rest easy and a warm satisfaction?

    Let's hold the Trigger in suspension. What is it's potential, had such symmetrical realizations made the axis of this process move according to some plan not seen? Are There methods seen in the matrices, that revolve around this "i" that woud have given the photon dispersement some relevance to a interactive phase within context? How about gluon perceptions? Tipler's lightcones also comes to mind here, as such a process?

    I am so afraid to trip on my tongue, that such words listed, would have provided the necessary crackpot label. I wondered whether I should continue. But a motivation is borne of it's own accord, I couldn't help see some relevance to the "uncertainty in langrange points."

    Although chaotic planetary motion had not been observed, experimentalists had encountered turbulence in fluid motion and nonperiodic oscillation in radio circuits without the benefit of a theory to explain what they were seeing.

    Could have exemplified such unequilibrium, that at first, it made no sense to me that such points could have ever accomplished anything. Was there a lesson from lorentz and his model butterfly that such models had found the transfer from one state to another, could reveal such supersymmetrical acts of consideration in having found the anti- anything, and soon learnt, that it was the other side of the equation? The 720 degree turn, that brought the history of this action into a complete whole, and accord.

    I would like to say this is nice to see that Lee Smolin has taken the time to help set things straight. This caught my eye.

    This is linked to a Post written by Peter Woit called, " Why No New "Einstein"?

    Lee Smolin:
    6) With regard to the non-standard quantization, in which holonomies, but not local field operators are well defined, it is of course true that when applied to standard systems this leads to inequivalent results. “This apparently leads to unphysical consequences, such as an unbounded spectrum for the harmonic oscillator.” But, give me a break, do you really think someone is proposing to replace the standard quantization of the harmonic oscillator with the alternative one? What is being proposed is that the quantization used in LQG is well suited to the quantization of diffeo invariant gauge theories.

    In case it is not obvious, let me emphasize that harmonic oscillators are not relevent here, and can play no role in a background independent quantum theory, precisely because the division of a field into harmonic modes requires a fixed background metric. Thus, the physics of the problem REQUIRES an alternative quantization.

    I have to read things over quite a few times before it seems to sink in, but reference to three sphere and the understanding of Poincare's model did not reduce my interest in seeing such correlations in how we saw such langrange points develope into this suspended state for the trigger to make itself known?

    Many physicists find extra dimensions a distasteful notion. In remarks to an American Physical Society newsletter, physicist Frank Wilczek of MIT called the black hole study a sound way to test an unattractive idea.

    "There's no question that the Auger observatory will be sensitive to this signal, if it exists," says Penn State's Stéphane Coutu, a member of the international Auger Observatory team. "We'll definitely look."

    All of us are on the same wavelenght right? Blackhole determinations, set the stage, for what we hope to percieve is, "the basis of this trigger?"

    How wonderful this rubber band that is slipped over the sphere, and as it expands from this point, "the loop" now becomes a exemplifier of all those things manifested from the spherical gaze of the harmonics?

    What image is given from the blackhole to realize, that the gravitonic messager sent from the daisy of Taylor, would have found the penduluminaric thoughts in Greg's Egans's "animations of Lissajous" and a coordinated frame?

    Tuesday, June 14, 2005

    Gravity Leakage: Energy Accounted for in LHC Predictions?

    If people were going to do test runs and predictions, how would they fair before the process is up and running?

    Lubos Motl:
    What does he say about the cosmological constant? Well, it does not exist. The accelerating expansion of the Universe is, Dvali argues, due to a "leak of gravitational force" into extra dimensions that only appears at very long distances.

    So how is this supposed to support views of the space allocated to the views of a bulk with possibilties of expression, if contained in the graviton gatherings? How would high energy support the new visionary aspects of langrange points knowing that Gia has a way to measure. Would this support Gia's views?

    Leaking Gravity May Explain Cosmic Puzzle
    By Sara Goudarzi
    Special to
    posted: 28 February 2005

    Dvali would modify the theory of gravity so that the universe becomes self-accelerating, eliminating the need for dark energy. He presented his work here earlier this month at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

    Dvali borrows from string theory, which states that there are extra, hidden dimensions beyond the four we are familiar with: three directions and time. String theory suggests that gravitons -- hypothetical elementary particles transmitting gravitational forces -- can escape to other dimensions. Dvali says this would cause "leaks" in gravity over cosmic proportions, reducing gravitational pull at larger distances more than expected.

    "The gravitons behave like sound in a metal sheet," says Dvali. "Hitting the sheet with a hammer creates a sound wave that travels along its surface. But the sound propagation is not exactly two-dimensional as part of the energy is lost into the surrounding air. Near the hammer, the loss of energy is small, but further away, it's more significant."

    Monday, June 13, 2005

    Michael Faraday

    Michael Faraday (September 22, 1791 – August 25, 1867) was a British scientist (a physicist and chemist) who contributed significantly to the fields of electromagnetism and electrochemistry.

    While it is always nice to see history in it's developemental stages, it is also nice to see this segment of the developemental process encoded in GR developement. Some take offence to this as well, but the beginning geometric design had to have it's basis in how such logic could extend through this process. This is a important feature of how develoepment could have been mapped.

    Physical Meaning of Geometrical Propositions

    Who would imagine that this simple law [constancy of the velocity of light] has plunged the conscientiously thoughtful physicist into the greatest intellectual difficulties?

    —Chap. VII.

    If, in pursuance of our habit of thought, we now supplement the propositions of Euclidean geometry by the single proposition that two points on a practically rigid body always correspond to the same distance (line-interval), independently of any changes in position to which we may subject the body, the propositions of Euclidean geometry then resolve themselves into propositions on the possible relative position of practically rigid bodies. 1 Geometry which has been supplemented in this way is then to be treated as a branch of physics. We can now legitimately ask as to the “truth” of geometrical propositions interpreted in this way, since we are justified in asking whether these propositions are satisfied for those real things we have associated with the geometrical ideas. In less exact terms we can express this by saying that by the “truth” of a geometrical proposition in this sense we understand its validity for a construction with ruler and compasses.

    You have to forgive my awkwardness and juvenile attempts at understanding, how I ever entered the non-eucldean world and became familiar with expressionistic attempts of defining that particular world is beynd me. It's all through my writing here, is this blog as I continue to find the wording for what a "banana tastes like," yet having words at the tip of the tongue would have asked that all mathematcial interpretation be expressed in the universal language of math.

    While we deal with the physics aspect of reality we can as well see the "world of vision" that is needed in context of this "geometrical design" to know that what is unseen, can also be mapped in this process. Simple experimental processes are good indicators of this vision that is needed and applied in our daily lives.

    While such a simple experiment would have found that views in physics considerations would have limited some of the brane world happenings to such expression, this points to what is held to the brane. It would have been a good comprehension that such views are not like what could have left the brane and entered the bulk, but having udertsood well, that such calorimetic designs have been encapsulated. What was left as signatures, Sean Carroll demonstrated to us, in the Cern Public Relations and trigger responsiveness, that many are trying to comprehend.

    I understood this well already. That any design through out this understanding of physics, would have realized, that the comprehension of GR would have lead us through to the understanding of what had left that brane, and Gia's example of the metal plate suits me well sometimes in this regard. But also, to understand that the resonance of being, would have understood also, that such gravitonic expressions moved beyond what had been held to in our standard model of expressions?

    So coming back to the physics applications I wanted to undertsand this relation, so being part of this overall process, how would geometries express themselves? A parallel process was being developed in my mind in the way process was being developed in strings? So such a method brought to bear with GR views needed to understand that the inception of developing topological views, would have found it's history, in how we see this geometrcial process developed right from the euclid's postulate to topological views now held. How could this be accomplished? Had there ever been such a thought to map this process right from the instigation of euclidean postulates, to now?

    It was thus I found such consistancies, in that such hierarchy of our geometers of our past, would lead us to understand our relation with a world that although is unseen has been very important in physics relations, to what is happening consistant with the way the we measure with the world of GR.

    We indeed had to understand that GR was lead to a understanding in Riemann's world to know that such cosmological curvatures would have exemplified our greater undertanding of this inherent feature of geometry beyond the eucldeean world of straight lines and billiard ball tragetories.

    Thus we know then, that Gaussian curvatures could have been exemplified in Maxwell's attempt at joining the views of Faraday, in a process, that is part and parcel of the work Einstein did.

    So such views beyond the idealization of what could have existed in the gravitonic perception, needed to understand well, that such features would have been exemplified beyond the standard model as a carrier. That it could exist beyond the curtailments of brane world happenings, and be part of a bulk.

    So what vision would apply then to such a world, if such consistancy were to apply itself as part and parcel of the view of euclidean demonstration? That such a geometrical process could have been seen right from the brane to it's fruitation as a model of greater possibilties? Steinhardt and Turok were very helpful here in a greater view. But stil this did not exemplify the understanding that such "a point" could be significant in the developing view of a cosmological expansionistic sense, and reval that such spheres as they develope also reveal the history of a liminocentric view of reality seen in our Calorimetric view of the trigger?

    How ever difficult it is to accept this developing view, it is not without merit that such a process that is hidden in our human makeup, would also direct our view to what is most desirous in this wholeness that needs to be establised in our sciences.

    Although it is urecognized by a lot of people, the layered plates and the deeper integrative views we have of our reductionistic processes, are viable means to interpretation and coming to terms with the greater comprehension of a world that is very dynamcial at that level. Can exist around us now.

    That how simplistic to me, that such examples of the collider ad the arrow of direction loop de loop might have revealled a greater boson construct of a circle to sphere, as child's play. But if such a process were to begin, how would we ever see this line, develope into a circle, and the greater context of Gr seen in how the trigger is realized?

    Gluonic perception is ever pointed towards the reductionistc view, but where shall such a limit exist, if the energy had moved beyond the confines of the collisions?

    Sunday, June 12, 2005

    Search for Extra-dimensions with ATLAS at the LHC: The Lions Den

    I have often wonder whether or not my opinions about left and right aspect battling in society, are right?:) Peter Woit saids string theory is right wing financed? I hate to dread that media has been perversive enough in order to support political factions affecting science?

    So I'll tell you how affected I have become too, so you can see that the greater significance and responsibility is not really about right and left, but about science's perspective about the state of affairs beyond the matters at hand?

    I couldn't help think of the flavour of good scientific minds, who would rise to the challenge, and make the theoretical approach some struggle between good and evil? As some atheistic attempt, "to remove informative possibilities" from the subject that might have come from the "trigger of emergent properties"? I don't say change quantum mechanical porpityies either just that we see it in context of a new model. Is this wrong, or right?

    Fancy free, and without adeu, I cast myself on what it must be like, if such a fancy was taken to the issues of "Intelligent design," that it could have ever undermined the basis of this literary conversation, to have scientists designated here and there, as a division, regardless of the virtues of scientific inquiry held to both.

    So herein, begins the story.:)

    "The soul that rises with us, our life's star,
    Hath had elsewhere its setting,
    And cometh from afar.

    "Intimations of Immortality" by William Wordsworth

    >"Or, if through lower lives I came--
    Tho' all experience past became,
    Consolidate in mind and frame--
    I might forget my weaker lot;
    For is not our first year forgot?
    The haunts of memory echo not."
    "Two Voices" by Tennyson

    "As to you, Life, I reckon you are the leavings of many deaths,
    No doubt I have died myself ten thousand times before."
    ""Leaves of Grass" by Walt Whitman

    Solidus of Justinian I (r. 527–565), 538–565

    Byzantine; Minted in Constantinople
    Gold; Diam. 3/4 in. (1.9 cm)
    Bequest of Joseph H. Durkee, 1898 (99.35.7406)
    Coins connected an emperor to his subjects. Through inscriptions and images, they conveyed imperial ideals and commemorated auspicious events. The emperor paid the army and received taxes in coins, and he was responsible for maintaining their weight and purity. This coin was minted under Justinian, whose preference for a completely frontal portrait—rather than the traditional profile—would set a standard for the rest of Byzantine history.

    The struggle then is something contained back in our history, to have those who will guide us through common sense to say, that the evils of society are no less the roads taken by revisionist who would try and change the path of Christianity? Be smited by, those who hold on religious tenant might have been extolled into the future of lives? Where go these "lost souls" while they converge on string theory and try and change history?:)

    From A Defense of an Essay of Dramatic Poesy (1668) by John Dryden

    Imagination in a man, or reasonable creature, is supposed to participate of reason, and when that governs, as it does in the belief of fiction, reason is not destroyed, but misled, or blinded: that can prescribe tot he reason, during the time of the representation, somewhat like a weak belief of what it sees and hears; and reason suffers itself to be so hoodwinked, that it may better enjoy the pleasures of the fiction: but it is never so wholly made a captive as to be drawn headlong into a persuasion of those things which are most remote from probability: 'tis in that case a free-born subject, not a slave; it will contribute willingly its assent, as far as it sees convenient, but will not be forced....Fancy and reason go hand in hand; the first cannot leave the last behind; and though fancy, when it sees the wide gulf, would venture over, as the nimbler; yet it is withheld by reason, which will refuse to take the leap, when the distance over it appears too large

    Missing E_T and its uses (LHC)?

    This larger font sized comment directs us in our quest to wonder what had been going with the anti-stringy camps who might have challenged the views? Is there sufficient data to back up the statements, other then to stand as "religous converts of a point of view," soley spoken by the "more advanced," might have their reasons why this approach is insufficient? Other then, to hold the roads of a predawn attempts in christianity to a societal way of thinking, contrary, to the established views written in the years of Constantinople in 538?:)

    Thanks to the high collision energy and luminosity of the LHC, the ATLAS detector will be capable of revealing the existence of extra spatial dimensions in some substantial region of parameter space. The talk will summarize recent studies from the collaboration on different possible signals predicted by models where the dimensions are "large", where they are of size ~TeV^-1 or where they are "warped". These signals include direct emission of Kaluza-Klein states of gravitons, virtual effects of graviton exchange and gauge boson excitations. We shall also discuss the possibilities of observing black holes.

    In post below this one the question of extra energy was a important one in that it highlights the question of those "extra dimensions or not." For my generalized view, there is no leading explanation to the general public that would annouce how this diversion from current scientific approaches of Cern, will lead to satisfaction of the road of super string theory has taken. To understand, it is not willy nilley approach to some "Intelligent design quest" that such string theorists had been cornered too, in discription by anti-stringy voices?

    From what I had understood contrary to this view of the string camp, it's only opositon was LQG and the roads that lead in that general direction. At least these were directions that operated from a basis of discrete or continuity, other then mere speculation of the sort that would dissuaade most readers from idolizing , and being drawn into the lair of lions?:)

    It was as if the rhtymns of life could been entangled in minds and the quantum Harmonic osccilator embedded to language that science found in the true numerical basis of eisstance, that it could be cast in forms of shakesperean words, and hidden from the view by Francis Bacon's true discourse on history?

    On constitution reform, Jefferson Davis words needed revision, to have a man like Benjamin Franklin stand up and devote a treaty on reason? It would guide the American view, to a healthy and just system of inquiry, as to the rights and freedoms shared by the American views? What lessons lie in scientific inquiry then to have those who stand at the forefront, and make it some intangible realism of the "forces of light and darkness "fighting to bring society into it's talons?

    "Death, so called, is but older matter dressed
    In some new form. And in a varied vest,
    From tenement to tenement though tossed,
    The soul is still the same, the figure only lost."

    Poem on Pythagoras, Dryden's Ovid.


  • ICHEP'04-Accepted Abstracts for Session 12: Beyond the standard model
  • Saturday, June 11, 2005

    The Trigger

    Since there exist in this four dimensional structure [space-time] no longer any sections which represent "now" objectively, the concepts of happening and becoming are indeed not completely suspended, but yet complicated. It appears therefore more natural to think of physical reality as a four dimensional existence, instead of, as hitherto, the evolution of a three dimensional existence.

    Why no new Einstein?

    This article entitled above has been thought about in terms of the issue brought forth by Peter Woit and Lubos Motl rspectively.

    When I seen Sean's post it brought back to me the work I had been doing to understand the way in which such measures allow us to precieve the interactive feature of the world that few of us will ever see without these means of measure.

    It also brought me back to how we see in terms of calorimetric views, in the Glast satelitte. Here was two methods, that used similar processes, to help us understand the interact feature we might seen in the reductionist priciples that are happening right now out in the cosmo and what the potential was through particle collisions.

    Part of the counterpart of looking at particle creation would have been able to understand the part of the calorimeters that are used to measure the evidence produced. IN this context, it lead me to the Atlas information held at CERN. It also made me think of Glast determinations of early universe indications from the calorimeter located in the Glast satelitte.

    Sean Carroll:
    As a theorist (and one who grew up in astronomy departments), one of the most fascinating concepts in high-energy experiments is that of a trigger. Each detector will witness approximately one billion collisions per second, which is a lot. You might imagine that you're faced with two problems: simply recording all the data from each event, and then sifting through them for the interesting bits. You're right, but it's much worse than you think. That's because each event isn't just a few bytes if data; it's of order one megabyte per event. There's simply no way you could record all of the data.

    So indeed such views move our consideration to what happens at these levels and the beginning of this process known as the trigger. Mine, is a generalized view and without inducing the features of Intelligent Design and such, I am still amazed that ths issue has moved some of these minds to wonder about the forces of light and darkness, and what these gentlemen might have seen as the "good and evil of the world?"

    Is this what it has come down too? That the requirment of Cern will not have found the means to point us in the direction of the "basis of all design" and leave us to wonder what that trigger might have been? I think, as vague as I lead, I have been lead? On the contrary, such sharing that had taken place has alowed me the oortunity to explore these potentials amongst a segment of the population, that few had ever dared to enter froma public perspective.

    It seems quite simple to me, that such a basic question belies the level of commitment that our forebears have in "directing us." To look at, "what could exist in the space around us," and we had not understood that something could exist in both worlds of design. That the weak and strong, might show us, that there is a basis? Again here I am cautioned by John Ellis's views.

    Toward the end of a ten-year experiment in 1991, postdoc Hungye Dai of the University of Utah was puzzling over some really unusual data. The experiment was Fly’s Eye, which pioneered a new method of studying ultra-high-energy cosmic rays by monitoring the faint flashes of ultraviolet light produced in the sky when the particles hit the upper atmosphere. Lead scientist Pierre Sokolsky recalls when Dai showed him the anomalous numbers. Sokolsky thought they were a fluke from the detector: “You know, you always expect to see stuff like that, and it’s usually just junk,” says Sokolsky. “So I told him to go away, and to look at it some more.”

    So we are indeed looking for this method, this trigger, that would unite both possible worlds, to understand as we look around us, something exists which we had never entertained before? Microstate blackholes and blackholes of the cosmo, as triggers?

    But if this is so, then what language would suit us to know that the basis of this existance can operate in both seemingly unrelated views of GR and Quantum mechanics?

    So like Smolin, we are looking hard for this trigger, and many scientists are engaged from different perspectives to say that if we unite in this view, then indeed the new spirit of Einstein was born, because we set him free amongst the population?

    Missing E_T and its uses (LHC)?