Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Presence and Entanglement

The equivalence principle(29 DEcember 2005 Wiki)
The accuracy of the gamma-ray measurements was typically 1%. The blueshift of a falling photon can be found by assuming it has an equivalent mass based on its frequency E = hf (where h is Planck's constant) along with E = mc2, a result of special relativity. Such simple derivations ignore the fact that in general relativity the experiment compares clock rates, rather than than energies. In other words, the "higher energy" of the photon after it falls can be equivalently ascribed to the slower running of clocks deeper in the gravitational potential well. To fully validate general relativity, it is important to also show that the rate of arrival of the photons is greater than the rate at which they are emitted

From a layman perspective, I am seeing that the nature of the gravitational field in a circumstance where such "strengths and weaknesses" would have been viable property to our way of seeing?

Lensing by showing us, that such avenues would have found the valution of the photon travelling the quickest route?

So, by changing the face of what we had always agreed upon( encapsulating Gr perspective bulit upon Maxwells creations and the geometries), as the way of energy and matter relation, such presence, would have then said, as a force carrier, that in these two cases, I will always be the way you would interpret my being in gravitational context?? You assume the model

So "always" in the "presence" of a gravitational field?

Fifth force(29 Dec 2005 Wiki)

A few physicists think that Einstein's theory of gravity will have to be modified, not at small scales, but at large distances, or, equivalently, small accelerations. They point out that dark matter, dark energy and even the Pioneer anomaly are unexplained by the Standard Model of particle physics and suggest that some modification of gravity, possibly arising from Modified Newtonian Dynamics or the holographic principle. This is fundamentally different from conventional ideas of a fifth force, as it grows stronger relative to gravity at longer distances. Most physicists, however, think that dark matter and dark energy are not ad hoc, but are supported by a large number of complementary observations and described by a very simple model.

Now, I am having a bit of a problem with the idea of "high energy" being "redshifted" because of the nature of the blackholes gravitational force? IN this case such a presence wouldhave by nature and strength of curvatures would have forced high enegy states to immediately curve backwards. If such blueshigfting is free to penetrate the fastest routes then such signs woudl have gave indication, yet the immediate horizon vicinity, plays havoc on these ideas?

The only way one could ascertain such a state of redshifting, is if "high energy" was evident in proximaty of the blackhole?

Would this be true or false?


Hypercharge (29 Dec 2005 Wiki)
In particle physics, the hypercharge (represented by Y) is the sum of the baryon number B and the flavor charges: strangeness S, charm C, bottomness and topness T, although the last one can be omitted given the extremely short life of the top quark (it decays to other quarks before strong-interacting with other quarks).

Plectics, by Murray Gellman

It is appropriate that plectics refers to entanglement or the lack thereof, since entanglement is a key feature of the way complexity arises out of simplicity, making our subject worth studying.

So by simlifying these ideas of entanglement, we find a model building from the orientation supplied by Murray Gellman, where expeirmentatin and hisortical pursuate have created a legitamate question about what Penrose might ask of a New quantum world view?

Secondly, entanglement issues were progressive, and historically this helps clear up the issues of spooky?

While dissident took us fastidiously to Hooft, I could also interject with Penrose?

But in doing so, such progressions from "simplifed states of plectics" would have taken us through a whole host of idealization in terms's of "dimensional significance," had we adopted Hooft's holographical vision?

If by Hooft's very beginnings, we had thought deeply about the progresions he had taken us too, then how would such developements have looked, if we were the prisoners, and the light behind us, pointed to the shadows on thew wall?

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