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Civilizations Within the Cosmo

In the recent article ‘Conflict between anthropic reasoning and observation’ (gr-qc/0303070) Ken D. Olum, using some inflation-based ideas and the anthropic premise that we should be typical among all intelligent observers in the Universe, arrives at the puzzling conclusion that ‘we should find ourselves in a large civilization (of galactic size) where most observers should be, while in fact we do not’. In this note we discuss the intriguing possibility whether we could be in fact immersed in a large civilization without being aware of it. Our conclusion is that this possibility cannot be ruled out provided two conditions are met, that we call the Subanthropic Principle and the Undetectability Conjecture. The Subanthropic Principle states that we are not typical among the intelligent observers from the Universe. Typical civilizations of typical galaxies would be hundreds of thousands, or millions, of years more evolved than ours and, consequently, typical intelligent observers would be orders of magnitude more intelligent than us. The Undetectability Conjecture states that, generically, all advanced civilizations camouflage their planets for security reasons, so that no signal of civilization can be detected by external observers, who would only obtain distorted data for disuasion purposes. These conditions predict also a low probability of success for the SETI project. We also argue that it is brane worlds, and not inflation, what dramatically could aggravate the ‘missing-alien’ problem pointed out first in the fifties by Enrico Fermi. August 2003

I know some people have to contend with the racial slurs of Martian ancestory, but really:)We are not alone?

In such a delightful mood, what has string theory spawned of itself? IMagine, the mathematics that could arise?

So lets say we are in the moment.:)Lets say, that the very existance of the dimenisonal attributes from our early universe arises from the planck epoch to now, are right here as of this moment. This would mean, that time, as measured, would speak to this dimensional significance, and would reveal that the minds capabilities are far removed from such emotive sufferings of a emotive being from Mars. The intellect is a finer color of yellow:)

String Theory, Universal Mind, and the Paranormal *

Brian D. Josephson
Department of Physics, University of Cambridge

A model consistent with string theory is proposed for so-called paranormal phenomena such as extra-sensory perception (ESP). Our mathematical skills are assumed to derive from a special ‘mental vacuum state’, whose origin is explained on the basis of anthropic and biological arguments, taking into account the need for the informational processes associated with such a state to be of a life-supporting character. ESP is then explained in terms of shared ‘thought bubbles’ generated by the participants out of the mental vacuum state. The paper concludes with a critique of arguments sometimes made claiming to ‘rule out’ the possible existence of paranormal phenomena.

So do you See how the math of this geometry/topology must arise?

So you thought backtracking and th eissues therein were finished?. Well I could help but find that those who were disseting about Josephson, were also complaining about the same thing? You just can't win.


  • ArchveFreedom
  • Topology and Early History

    Part of the effort here is to outlay the idealization of what Genus figures means and the relationship to string amplitutdes.

    A diagram of the Königsberg bridges
    Topological ideas are present in almost all areas of today's mathematics. The subject of topology itself consists of several different branches, such as point set topology, algebraic topology and differential topology, which have relatively little in common. We shall trace the rise of topological concepts in a number of different situations.

    Part of the difficulties here for me, is understanding exactly what is going on in these higher dimensional places, that string theorists and mathematicians like to venture.

    Throughout, I have shown the processes with which a smooth topological feature would have endowed movements like the donut into the coffee cup and wondered, about this idea of Genus figures and how they to become part of the fixtures of the terrain with which mathematicians like to enjoy themselves over coffee?:)

    The idealization of string amplitutdes raised cosmological correlations in my mind as well as understanding these harmonics, so the String Amplitutde search was initiated within my blog, to lead one through other idealizationas that become evident for me.

    Wednesday, January 26, 2005

    Shadows in Plato's Cave

    Earlier I referred to the work of Thomas Banchoff for consideration in how he interprets the computer screen and the graphics that he works with. I also brought forward the question of illusions and Miracles in the following article .

    Through mathematical analogy, Abbott sought to show that establishing scientific truth requires a leap of faith and that, conversely, miracles can be explained in terms that don't violate physical laws. Like early scientific theories, miracles could be merely shadows of phenomena beyond everyday experience or intrusions from higher dimensions. Flatland raises the fundamental question of how to deal with something transcendental, especially when recognizing that one will never be able to grasp its full nature and meaning. It's the kind of challenge that pure mathematicians face when they venture into higher dimensions. How do mathematicians organize their insights? How do they see and understand multidimensional worlds? How do they communicate their insights? Flatland is a novel approach toward answering those questions.---Shadows from Higher Dimensions by Ivars Peterson

    Tuesday, January 25, 2005

    Initial Condition Determinations allow Predictability?

    The Lorenz Attractor

    One of the basis of using string theory to me, was to identify, the initial conditions? It would be like talking about the weather to me that we could engage such a topic as strings and then ask, how could a quantum mechanical system ever have any certainty?

    HUP makes this clear I think and needs no introduction.

    If you do not have some conception of the idealization that this principle is built upon, then how would you arrive at such bubble terminologies that would have raised the circumstances of those bubbles, from a home seething?

    In the diagram above we can see both stable and unstable orbits as exhibited in a discrete dynamical system; the so-called standard map also known as the Cirikov-Taylor map. The closed loops correspond to stable regions with fixed points or fixed periodic points at their centers. The hazy regions are unstable and chaotic.

    Sample Orbits of the Standard Map
    (x, y) --> (x + y, y - 0.971635 sin (2px)/2p)
    Different orbits are assigned different colors.

    Such oceans, would have been a warm place for the new born to arise, and from such conditions, the idealization of new ideas becoming ever more amazing, that they could indeed have arisen from one's own subconcious?

    This would mean that a theory of everything, would have to have a common language at it's basis of existance. Such predictabiltiy if ever used, would have found such small discrepancies in the initail conditions, might become very large in the macroworld?

    From the first four lessons, you have learned that in a chaotic system, using the laws of physics to make precise long-term predictions is impossible, even in theory. Making long-term predictions to any degree of precision at all would require giving the initial conditions to infinite precision.

    It was Socrates' turn to look puzzled.
    "Oh, wake up. You know what chaos is. Simple deterministic dynamics leading to irregular, random-looking behavior. Butterfly effect. That stuff."
    Of course, I know that," Socrates said in irritation. "No, it was the idea of dynamic logic that was puzzling me. How can logic be dynamic

    Monday, January 24, 2005

    Numbers at the Heart of Creation?

    Peter Woit pasted a small thread on the question of the new show that is to begin on television soon.

    Peter said:There's a new TV show called "NUMB3RS" starting tonight, whose main character is a mathematican named "Charlie", who solves crimes using mathematics. His motto is "Everything is Numbers".

    This has intrigued me greatly this question of mathematics, that I wanted to understand how such a thing could originate in any mind and supposed to describe processes in nature. How would it ever explain something that was chaotic, and still come out with some thing, that we could figure would explain the very nature of reality?

    Earlier in Peter's Blog Chris W. gave the interestng link that follows here for cosideration.

    Number theory is the type of math that describes the swirl in the head of a sunflower and the curve of a chambered nautilus. Bhargava says it's also hidden in the rhythms of classical Indian music, which is both mathematical and improvisational. He sees close links between his two loves -- both create beauty and elegance by weaving together seemingly unconnected ideas.

    As part of a Morning Edition series exploring the intersection of art and science, NPR's Richard Harris reports on the beauty of mathematics, its ties to art -- and the man who straddles both worlds.

    One of the things I found interesting about string theory was this quest to me, that some method would speak to this rythymn in numbers, that would have spoken to the chaotic world and found some relevance to how we may interpret the nature of this reality through this math.

    I ponder this idea here in relation to the very idea that math could have originated from someplace, and arrived in the thinking mind for consideration?

    Looking at Pascal's triangle it made sense to me that such derivation of the math in which we choose to describe, would have arisen from some probabilistic determination, so if such views were orientated in regards to number theory, then how would the basis of reality really descirbe what we are seeing?

    Steve Hsu mentions here the idea of AI and the SmartChild program. He refers too, as a possible advancement based on the Turing test, as to the question of what could be voiced from an probabilistic question of QM? The suttle dialogue of weather?

    From such a chaotic event we would have to derive information processing:) from many sources to give a qualified answer? Yet smartchild gave many tidbits for a location?:) Here lies a greater question of what could have been derived from a lot(no diffeent then gravitatinal waves and LIGO, stei users modified by users to help deciminate that information?

    What if we percieved the nature of this reality in a different way, where number theory would have based itself on the rhythmns as denoted within this article?

    I think we are looking for some system that woud help orientate the new possibilties in ways that might have sparked the ideals of Smolins work, in computer construction, that had made its divergence away from the mainstream based on this new ideology?

    I am just pondering here.

    Sunday, January 23, 2005

    Where Memories are Stored In Time

    Fortunately the person behind this lense caught a important part of my bloodline's history. Using the camera, they caught a "frame" of this history and quickly, it was dismissed to the realization, that the imagination no longer requires us to see what we could create in mind. We have come to rely on what can be created for us?

    Life memory does not include the images that are beammed through time for us and encapsulated? Do we remember?  Posted by Hello

    Have we forgotten, the clean air that once pervaded this planet? They took the population of this countries people and urbanized them to city dwellings?

    Everyone has a family history. This is part of mine. The world was very much different then. Posted by Hello

    Have we forgotten the room that existed for people, to make there livelihoods? Today, to become more concerned with a window view of some office. Is it the status that would allow our mind to roam in a freer space, then the four walls confined?

    City Dwellers have forgotten their roots. Water that might have been scarce in the summer sun, would be collected as ground water. This was used to feed the livestock, and support the families drinking concerns.

    Today we turn on taps and and we don't give this another thought. Posted by Hello

    As we look to our grandchildren skating on the pond, and look "beyond" to the landscape, what mind is it that the frame of all these images are recorded, and forgotten for ever?

    Every child now does not see, what ever child before them saw. Every child does not know what the parent knows? Have we become good modulators of form?

    Saturday, January 22, 2005

    The Abstract World

    Sometimes you have to wonder about the "ole' art," that could have captured the mind and allowed it to see beyond to the world of abtractions we can live in. What purposes do they serve?

    Melencolia II
    [frontispiece of thesis, after Dürer 1514]

    If you learn to percieve the world in different ways, you learn to understand the landscape, and by model of comprehension, the level of abstraction takes you to consider other possible views?

    If you did not engage them, how could you have really gone beyond anything that you know for a fact?:)

    The depth's of perception are greatly enhanced when you link to the sources of comment. What one offers for a view of the landscape I can quickly show I ha dbeen thinking of these things as well at a earlier time. Follow the yellow(picture links) brick road:)

    Where Hockey Started, and Horses Live

    Platos Human face?

    There is a human side to the faces of Bloggers? We just tend to forget, that human attributes could have been wiped out in a very technical world.

    This is of my grand children feeling the ice in November.

    Why Canadians become Great at Hockey? Posted by Hello

    It's always nice to feel the earth under your feet, or the smell of wood smoke from a fire burning. To hear the wind, and feel it effects on your face. The smell of horseshit is not always that endearing, but being touch with one's human side you learn to empathize with those around you.

    At twenty five below celcius you have to wonder about cozy temperatures of the far south Posted by Hello

    The fellow on the left facing you is my boy.:) In the middle is his son Jake, and the mother to the right, with head not seen, Tisha.

    Thursday, January 20, 2005

    Is Special Relativity Wrong?

    New Physics?

    Possible violations of Lorentz invariance are an ideal signal of new physics because nothing in the Standard Model of particle physics permits the violation of special relativity. Therefore, no conventional process could ever mimic or cover up a genuine signal of Lorentz violation.

    Now before I move to the jest of the post, a little clarification and wonder before moving on to the opening statement.

    This is taken from the article in the Guardian, and then is requoted below, where I will requote ,the quote of the quote.

    Peter Woit quotes:)
    Witten's attitude towards string theory seems to remain unchanged, he's quoted as saying:

    "Critics of string theory say that it might be too big a step. Most physicists in other fields are simply agnostic and properly so," says Witten. "It isn't an established theory. My personal opinion is that there are circumstantial reasons to suspect that it's on the right track."

    Now I mentioned the difficulties that I was having in regards to Smolin and the string perspective and coming to look at the way in which experimentation might be the end all answer to model assumptions? Alas in recognition of the validity, a quick departure everyone is having with what model they are firmly entrenched in? As far as I know, Peter Woit doesn't have a model?:) A healthy skeptic maybe like the amazing Randi, as in science's mode of operandi requim? The clarifications seem to becoming loud and clear.

    Anyway on to an important question and where I thought Smolin was working. Sorry I could be wrong, but I am trying awfully hard to gain perspective.

    Our basic premise is that minuscule apparent violations of Lorentz and CPT invariance might be observable in nature. The idea is that the violations would arise as suppressed effects from a more fundamental theory.

    We have shown in our publications that arbitrary Lorentz and CPT violations are quantitatively described by a theory called the Standard-Model Extension, which is a modification of the usual Standard Model of particle physics and Einstein's theory of gravity, General Relativity.

    So here is the thing that has sort of stump me. I know Smolin is a quantum gravity man, or this is what I had surmise and appreciated greatly from his book, "Three Roads to Quantum Gravity." Well the thing is, if Smolin had stopped at SR then it is quite plain that he is attempting to define quantum grvaity scenario from this perspective?

    Now comes the understanding of the image that I put on Lubos's site that he might have wondered, without anything to associate it with? Well wonder of all wonders.:) This is of course one of a few experiments the Alan has detailled for us.

    • observations of neutral-meson oscillations

    • observations of neutrino oscillations

    • clock-comparison tests on Earth and in space

    • studies of the motion of a spin-polarized torsion pendulum

    • spectroscopy of hydrogen and antihydrogen

    • comparative tests of QED in Penning traps

    • determination of muon properties

    • measurements of cosmological birefringence

    • tests with microwave cavities and lasers

    • observation of the baryon asymmetry

    New Clock Comparison Searches for Lorentz and CPT Violation

    Ronald Walsworth and his Harvard-Smithsonian colleagues, in conjunction with theorist Alan Kostelecky at Indiana University, look at how atoms prepared in special magnetic states (the precision of their light emissions allow them to serve as “clocks”) vary in their timekeeping when moving at certain velocities (or "boosts") relative to the hypothetical Lorentz-symmetry-violating fields that may permeate the universe.

    Is Everyone Declaring their Position Clearly?

    "Most string theorists are very arrogant," says Seiberg with a smile. "If there is something [beyond string theory], we will call it string theory."

    I am going to comment on Peter Woit's reference to the article called String Fellows he has highlight from the Guardian.

    Here's what Nathan Seiberg mentions and points to the difficulty of finding the means to describe the microstates of quantum geometry. I wanted to place his statement, in context of a poem earlier written. So I'll post his comment, and then link to the appropriate source for consideration. It's getting a little worn out already, without us constantly being reminded:)

    Nathan Seiberg, a colleague of Witten's at the IAS, uses the analogy of blind men examining an elephant to explain the course of string theory until 1995. "One describes touching a leg, one describes touching a trunk, another describes the ears," he says. "They come up with different descriptions but they don't see the big picture. There is only one elephant and they describe different parts of it."The Guardian

    Now I most definitely see there is a great wish to eliminate any familiarity with dimensional anaylsis in regards to Peter Woit, that I find many others now, all of a sudden clarfying for us the model distinctions that are being used, and I think Peter Woit understands this?

    Model Building

    I am not like the kind of people who would like to eliminate (and often they DO eliminate) every piece of data that is inconvenient to them. And moreover I think that John Ellis is an interesting person with inspiring ideas, and I have absolutely no reason to try to verbally eliminate him from some group---Posted by Luboš Motl at January 20, 2005 08:32 AM

    In delving into the issue of dimenisons it has become pretty clear there are intelligent people who have paved the roads for us to count to the fourth dimension for sure and we have also heard, there is no such things as dimensions? So what the heck does this mean.

    Maybe a expanded version of dimension is needed? But if you do this, you might go beyond string theory?:) Which of course brings me to the issue, that if dimension is to be used to the fourth, then anything that goes beyond the fourth if not a dimension has to be something else? Of course giving room to grow being expounded here, tells us what is beyond string theory, to have said, we are going beyond the standard model?

    THOMAS BANCHOFF has been a professor of mathematics at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, since 1967. He has written two books and fifty articles on geometric topics, frequently incorporating interactive computer graphics techniques in the study of phenomena in the fourth and higher dimensions

    With John Ellis' reference to what took place at Cern in 2003 brings to a head the idea of dimension, as it has been expounded by Thomas in regards to computer screens?

    Today, however, we do have the opportunity not only to observe phenomena in four and higher dimensions, but we can also interact with them. The medium for such interaction is computer graphics. Computer graphic devices produce images on two-dimensional screens. Each point on the screen has two real numbers as coordinates, and the computer stores the locations of points and lists of pairs of points which are to be connected by line segments or more complicated curves. In this way a diagram of great complexity can be developed on the screen and saved for later viewing or further manipulation

    As a reality greatly expanded from what the internet used to be, refering to the Cern Article. If you accept the conceptualization of higher dimension then indeed the work that Thomas moved into, was mind expanding and thought provoking in regards to the animations and reality in front of you with this two dimensional screen?

    So has this computer screen okayed the analogy to the fifth dimension?

    So What is this Dimenisonal Archetecture Built On?

    3-d: no hidden dimensions 1/R2 in F = G(m1 x m2)(1/R2)
    4-d: one “ “ 1/R3 replaces 1/R2
    5-d: two “ “ 1/R4 “
    6-d: three “ “ 1/R5 “

    and so on.

    The rule is that for n hidden dimensions the gravitational force falls off with the inverse (n + 2 ) power of the distance R. This implies that as we look at smaller and smaller distances (by banging protons together in particle accelerators) the force of gravity should look stronger and stronger. How much stronger depends on the number of hidden dimensions (and how big they are). There may be enough hidden dimensions to unify the all the forces (including gravity) at an energy level of around 1 TeV (1012 eV), corresponding to around 10-19 meters. This would be a solution to the hierarchy problem of the vast difference in energy scale between the three standard gauge forces and gravity. This is already partly solved by supersymmetry (as mentioned previously); but this new idea would be a more definitive solution--if it were the right solution!

    Wednesday, January 19, 2005

    The Microstates of Quantum Gravity

    Science is the attempt to make the chaotic diversity of our sense-experience correspond to a logically uniform system of thought

    -Albert Einstein

    Fig.1: Generally Grouping Order increases the density of objects within a frame of reference, resulting in a more pronounced single object.

    To see beyond what we have taken for granted it is important that you understand how we got to the way we are?:) Above, the diagram helps you too orientate these views in accordance with established sciences.

    A lot of times if you do not understand the direction the Microstates are taking us, then it would not make much sense in understanding the manifestation of one end of the spectrum, to solids things, to have explored the other end of the spectrum to the greater potential of dimensional perspectives?

    John Baez:
    Indeed, now that the Standard Model seems to be giving a spectacularly accurate description of all the forces *except* gravity, quantum gravity is one of the few really big mysteries left when it comes to working out the basic laws of physics --- or at least, one of the few *obvious* big mysteries. (As soon as one mystery starts becoming less mysterious, new mysteries tend to become more visible.) But back when particle physics was big business, only a few rather special sorts of people were seriously devoted to quantum gravity. These people seem to be often more than averagely interested in philosophy, often more interested in mathematics (which is one of the few solid handholds in this slippery subject), and always more resigned to the fact that Nature does not reveal all her secrets very readily

    It is with great desire that anyone of us would like to find a discription and mode of thinking that would help establish a geometry that would arise from such states, that it becomes very diffiuclt to know if such standings in regards to Loop will directly explain how GR would have ever came to be, while strings has denoted our comprehension of the world the way it is, as being derived from some other state of existance. A Microstate one?

    Quantum gravity is the field devoted to finding the microstructure of spacetime. Is space continuous? Does spacetime geometry make sense near the initial singularity? Deep inside a black hole? These are the sort of questions a theory of quantum gravity is expected to answer. The root of our search for the theory is a exploration of the quantum foundations of spacetime. At the very least, quantum gravity ought to describe physics on the smallest possible scales - expected to be 10-35 meters. (Easy to find with dimensional analysis: Build a quantity with the dimensions of length using the speed of light, Planck's constant, and Newton's constant.) Whether quantum gravity will yield a revolutionary shift in quantum theory, general relativity, or both remains to be seen

    But let's remember something very important about such microstates and the geometry that Brian Greene is referring too. If you do not have this idea set in mind about how we are directed to those same microstates, what is at odds here between loop and strings for consideration?

    This has to be identidified for lay people where such generalizations and comments from those who are trying to build our views, understand well, that they arrive from an idealization that might have had it's spokesperson stand for a extreme, or the other, all the while leaving lay people in the dust, while the sanctity of each area continuously is debated?

    Such polarizations of views far two distint from each other is a statement that Smolin reminds us that his area is most defintiely trying as well to speak about qunatum gravity. But of course I must continue on froma statement from Greene here so that sch microstates and its geometry is understood. What is quantum geometry?

    The Elegant Universe, by Brian Greene, pg 231 and Pg 232

    "But now, almost a century after Einstein's tour-de-force, string theory gives us a quantum-mechanical discription of gravity that, by necessity, modifies general relativity when distances involved become as short as the Planck length. Since Reinmannian geometry is the mathetical core of genral relativity, this means that it too must be modified in order to reflect faithfully the new short distance physics of string theory. Whereas general relativity asserts that the curved properties of the universe are described by Reinmannian geometry, string theory asserts this is true only if we examine the fabric of the universe on large enough scales. On scales as small as planck length a new kind of geometry must emerge, one that aligns with the new physics of string theory. This new geometry is called, quantum geometry."

    I am setting up for the next entry. In it I am trying to pierce the veil that is driving such polarizations into there respective veiws, in regard to LQG or Strings respectively. It is troubling indeed that I as a outsider have to look hard and long for why this has materialized? That of course I would like to instigate others to move forward in a most appropriate "dialogos to remember," what each is working on.

    Can the mirror world explain the ortho-positronium lifetime puzzle? by R. Foota∗ and S. N. Gninenkob†

    We suggest that the discrepant lifetime measurements of ortho-positronium can be explained by ortho-positronium oscillations into mirror ortho-positronium. This explanation can be tested in future vacuum experiments.

    Tuesday, January 18, 2005

    Illusions and Miracles

    Abbott was certainly aware of these ideas although he did not express any interest in them. However, they must have represented some fascination to him on one level, since they raised from a different viewpoint one of his primary concerns, namely the relationship between illusion and miracle. If what we perceive as a miraculous event, contrary to the laws of nature, later appears as the quite natural manifestation of some reality we had not previously recognized, then we have to re-evaluate the whole situation in the light of the new knowledge. What had appeared to be contradictory and not worthy of belief or acceptance now becomes a set of new facts that can be reconciled with a larger body of knowledge. One lesson from this is that we should not be dependent on miracles as the basis for our beliefs, either in spiritualism or in conventional religions

    The title of this post was derived from the information I had travelled through and highlighted above.

    In this picture, the billiard balls are like protons and neutrons, and the sound wave behaves like the graviton.

    There are some importmat considerations that must be given here to the analogies that a pool table brings to us, and what the collsion of these two particles might mean in terms of the thrid dimension as sound. But I want to add to this thought following of Peter Steinberg. Peter points us to look forward the new roles movie and television will play for us. Black Hole (2005) (TV)

    Peter Steinberg:
    The creepy part of these kind of discussions is that one doesn't say that RHIC collisions "create" black holes, but that nucleus-nucleus collisions, and even proton-proton collisions, are in some sense black holes, albeit black holes in some sort of "dual" space which makes the theory easier.

    Playfully I have extended the idealization for sound by moving them in concert to a two dimenisional chaldni plate for perspective. This represents the lines of two points that might have demonstrated in the monte carlo effect, in terms of quantum gravity.

    For those who have followed the topics I have been examining will notice most definite inferences to dimensions, and how we might have viewed these in todays world of the sciences. It is not always easy to have a complete view here that would have satisfied those who were less then kind to such views. That it should contain some geometrical definition.

    For instance, many would have never understood that Maxwell was interested in these higher dimensions, as was Gausss and Riemann. For the general public, our introduction is of course Michio Kaku in Hyperspace. The overlay Michio represents, is a early interest he had that allowed us to flex the mind's capabilities in how we might see the world that intrigued Einstein as he came to recognize what was taking place in using this geometry.

    Sunday, January 16, 2005

    Distinctions of Holographical Sound

    With the discovery of sound waves in the CMB, we have entered a new era of precision cosmology in which we can begin to talk with certainty about the origin of structure and the content of matter and energy in the universe.

    Wayne Hu

    A lot of times is it very hard for me to even concieve of what a dimensional world might look like. So I tend towards defining this priniple in someway that is reduced to tangible realities in configurations.

    So lets say that the higher dimensional realities can be associated to sound. Now I am not concerned right now with the physics of sounds, but want to speak about this for a moment in context of the gravitational wave disguised as the graviton, comparative to the phonon, as a representative for sound.

    Now of course I would draw some great criticisms here for playing around with to many things, but I have reasons for doing so.

    Let me just seal it for now with this.

    Here’s an analogy to understand this: imagine that our universe is a two-dimensional pool table, which you look down on from the third spatial dimension. When the billiard balls collide on the table, they scatter into new trajectories across the surface. But we also hear the click of sound as they impact: that’s collision energy being radiated into a third dimension above and beyond the surface. In this picture, the billiard balls are like protons and neutrons, and the sound wave behaves like the graviton.

    So you get my point here, lets think about what the idea of the holographical could represent if you want to move your thoughts and into the world of the graviton and the world of dimensions.

    Some may not be concerned, by the implications of concepts becoming, but it is vital that such idealizations firmly entrench themselves within the comprehension of what settles in any mind, might be very constructive of a schematic? Is previously describe in those dimensions. Oh boy you say! It's a very simple concept once it is understood.

    Since there exist in this four dimensional structure [space-time] no longer any sections which represent "now" objectively, the concepts of happening and becoming are indeed not completely suspended, but yet complicated. It appears therefore more natural to think of physical reality as a four dimensional existence, instead of, as hitherto, the evolution of a three dimensional existence.

    The three dimensinal frame is easy to contend with becuase it is easily contrive as a perspective, and one that si rightly so, what ever your perspective?:)

    This is part of the difficult is using analogous contexts to describe the potential that vibratory rate might have, and if it settles itself to some zeropoint consideration, that is distinctive of this particle, then might we say the nature of the energy has been discerned, in what it represents. Harmonically, its signature revealled, but what pray tell might the harmonious states reveal of the self, if we move back to the pool table for consideration? What psychological processes have been born in mind that have constructed themself into a ideal, developed in potential reformations of idealizations?

    A Chladni plate consist of a flat sheet of metal, usually circular or square, mounted on a central stalk to a sturdy base. When the plate is oscillating in a particular mode of vibration, the nodes and antinodes set up form a complex but symmetrical pattern over its surface. The positions of these nodes and antinodes can be seen by sprinkling sand upon the plates;

    But there's more to this for consideration that must be contended with, and for this I have contrive the holographical world to a three diensional frame as a solidifcation of sorts. So I must interject with a bow and a steel plate for this example, knowing full well that I have added the third coordinate by injecting it into the two. Forgive me:) But I wanted to get to the pool table and the balls that collide for obvious reasons. Dimensional reduce to schematics, you might say.

    PURPOSE: To show the two-dimensional standing waves on the surface of a square or circular plate.

    It never really makes a impression unless you consider the significance of the sound and what is embedded within it that can be reduced to the abstractual coordinates of some math, that we have seen readily available distinction immediately designed?

    So there is no arguement about this, the place in a two dimensional surface is easily understood, but if you raised this to a sphere, bubble resonances would have been easily configure to fuller designs(?), or maybe even patterns moved to the third dimension, from the drum. But here we have freed the mind to all kinds of exposures that now spheres as circle on two dimensional plane might be described, as the radius' evolve to larger perspectives. Oh dear Hinton what have you done?:)

    Plato's Solids, and the Sound of the Landscape?

    Breathing New Life into Existance

    Of course there is always caution that must be exercised, so I went looking for a discription of what might be extolled as the following in thread as examples?

    A black hole in astrophysics often has two distinct meanings. The first is the black hole in a general relativistic sense - the extreme gravitational case with a singularity in space-time - while the second is a simpler Newtonian approach: a black hole is just a point mass. While both of these meanings are used, often interchangeably, throughout the literature, it is important to remember that no astrophysical observation has yet been made that can distinguish between the two; to date, the Newtonian point mass is all we need. In the future, with better X-ray observations and a detection of gravitational waves, this may change.

    I gave two perspectives in the previous two links for consideration. That I wanted to exercise the abiltiy of analogy for a thinking already established. Sometimes I wonder if peope like Sean just want me to dissipate like a blackhole, without really ever forming ability to express myself.:)

    One of those, was of the matter distinctions and the other, is of the expenditure of energy. So there are two ideas here, that are quite diverse ends, one being discrete and the other continuous, in all of it's topological considerations?

    The previous example seems to be an ole view of what the blackhole would signifiy that runs towards a finality? When it would seem a most appropriate idealization that that the position would allow singularities in matters of earth definition, as stratifications(discrete functions), but of a much more potent revitalization of a collapse to rejuvenation, must be evident away from such views?

    So we have these signs for us, of cosmological design and of results, of particle identification.

    Saturday, January 15, 2005

    SOHO Reads the Solar Flares

    Measurements of the Sun's oscillations provide a window into the invisible interior of the Sun allowing scientists to infer the structure and composition as well as the rotation and dynamics of the solar interior.

    (Extreme ultraviolet Imaging Telescope) images the solar atmosphere at several wavelengths, and therefore, shows solar material at different temperatures. In the images taken at 304 Angstroms the bright material is at 60,000 to 80,000 degrees Kelvin. In those taken at 171, at 1 million degrees. 195 Angstrom images correspond to about 1.5 million Kelvin. 284 Angstrom, to 2 million degrees. The hotter the temperature, the higher you look in the solar atmosphere.


    The mysterious source of these oscillations was identified by way of theoretical arguments in 1970 and confirmed by observations in 1975. The oscillations we see on the surface are due to sound waves generated and trapped inside the sun. Sound waves are produced by pressure fluctuations in the turbulent convective motions of the sun's interior. As the waves move outward they reflect off of the sun's surface (the photosphere) where the density and pressure decrease rapidly..

    Seeing Beyond the Mass and Density?

    Fig.1: Generally Grouping Order increases the density of objects within a frame of reference, resulting in a more pronounced single object.

    To see beyond what we have taken for granted it is important that you understand how we got to the way we are. Above the diagram helps you too orientate these views in accordance with established sciences.

    A lot of thought have been going through my mind about what is currently being manifested all around us in terms of all the wavelengths that we are inundating to our environment. Television, cell phones, electric grid lines and all the sorts and I am wondering if, we have basically interrupted, the process in nature that is natural, and supplemented it with human kinds fabrications?

    Lets just focus on matter distinctions then for now and how such inundations above might have found some comparative views in what nature decided to do for us. In how it density variations would have aligned themselves over the planet during it's formation?

    The distribution of mass over the Earth is non-uniform. GRACE will determine this uneven mass distribution by measuring changes in Earth’s gravity field.The term mass refers to the amount of a substance in a given space, and is directly correlated to the density of that substance. For example, a container filled with a more dense material, like granite, has more mass than that same container filled with water. Because mass and density are directly related, there is also a direct relationship between density and gravity. An increase in density results in an increase in mass, and an increase in mass results in an increase in the gravitational force exerted by an object. Density fluctuations on the surface of the Earth and in the underlying mantle are thus reflected invariations in the gravity field.As the twin GRACE satellites orbit the Earth together, these gravity field variations cause infinitesimal changes in the distance between the two. These changes will be measured with unprecedented accuracy by the instruments aboard GRACE leading to a more precise rendering of the gravitational field than has ever been possible to date.

    In looking up the word "in variation" you won't have much luck, but in context of the sentence, it forces you to look back towards the center, from the surface. I think this is right?

    Quite early in the developing aspects of my research, I was drawn to statement of the above in regards to mass/density, which could have represented to me the vibration inherent, as sound, in how we would determine this mass? Was it unreasonable to look at what nature had bestowed upon us and wonder, that if such sounding processes within the mantle would have allowed us to determine where the structural integrity of the planet would have sufficed in taking accountability of proper building perspectives.

    Clementine color ratio composite image of Aristarchus Crater on the Moon. This 42 km diameter crater is located on the corner of the Aristarchus plateau, at 24 N, 47 W. Ejecta from the plateau is visible as the blue material at the upper left (northwest), while material excavated from the Oceanus Procellarum area is the reddish color to the lower right (southeast). The colors in this image can be used to ascertain compositional properties of the materials making up the deep strata of these two regions. (Clementine, USGS slide 11)

    Preparing the mind for information about gravitational fields were extremely important to me because if gravity discernment in terms of the planets density fluctuations were evident from mass/ density consideration, then how would we be certain that such information emitted from events, which shake the space time fabric would not have sounded for us a response distinctive about it's particle identification. Was there some layering aspect designed within gravitational consideration that would have said the density of the material would have been found, a center first must be of iron?

    As one of the fields which obey the general inverse square law, the gravity field can be put in the form shown above, showing that the acceleration of gravity, g, is an expression of the intensity of the gravity field.

    So in the ideal centricity of elements such gravitational consideration would have aligned the material in a appropriate expression from the densest of matter distinctions to the very light, would have made it seem, that such resonances based in sound would say, that because it is dense here at the iron core, the sound value would be very distinctive from the vibrational freedom at the surface?

    Density measure(comparative to other things) of sound, would be nice. Which leads me to the ideals of Webber and his aluminum bars.

    Radar echos from Titan's surface

    This recording was produced by converting into audible sounds some of the radar echoes received by Huygens during the last few kilometres of its descent onto Titan. As the probe approaches the ground, both the pitch and intensity increase. Scientists will use intensity of the echoes to speculate about the nature of the surface.

    Friday, January 14, 2005

    Calming the Fears by Making Aware

    If we discover the Planck scale near the TeV scale, this will represent the most profound discovery in physics in a century, and black hole production will be the most spectacular evidence of that new discovery

    It is important to understand where this research has lead some of us to looking. We mentioned Steve Giddings earlier and Lubos has provide some of this information that helps to further enlighten. Because there are fundamental processes unfolding in high energy considrations it is well that we are aware of the encounters that can come forward in the production of these particles?

    Published on June 26, 2003.

    Parallel worlds

    What do you think of Sir Martin Rees' concerns about the risk of creating black holes on Earth in his book, Our Final Hour?
    Michio Kaku:

    I haven't read his book, but perhaps Sir Martin Rees is referring to many press reports that claim that the Earth may be swallowed up by a black hole created by our machines. This started with a letter to the editor in Scientific American asking whether the RHIC accelerator in Brookhaven, Long Island, will create a black hole which will swallow up the earth. This was then picked up by the Sunday London Times who then splashed it on the international wire services, and all of a sudden, we physicists were deluged with hundreds of emails and telegrams asking whether or not we are going to destroy the world when we create a black hole in Long Island.

    So the very idea that creation of blackholes, might have seemed somewhat strange then what is postulated in terms of being possible here, would help to further enlighten? We have been directed already to what is available around us in our new perspective views. So we have advanced here:)We do not overwhelm cosmological idealizations, with "false ideological statements" about it's uselessness.

    The Quantum Universe

    The LHC and a Linear Collider will address many questions about extra dimensions: How many extra dimensions are there? What are their shapes and sizes? How are they hidden? What are the new particles associated with extra dimensions? Through the production of new particles that move in the extra space, the LHC will have direct sensitivity to extra dimensions 10 billion times smaller than the size of an atom. A Linear Collider would determine the number, size and shape of extra dimensions through their small effects on particle masses and interactions. There is also a chance that, due to the existence of extra dimensions, microscopic black holes may be detected at the LHC or in the highest energy cosmic rays.

    We can now see, where such applications, have further been developed. It was somebody else's being short sighted, that one realizes that there is a particle concern to how we percieve the nature of our universe:)

    Understanding Matter, Energy, Space and Time:The Case for the e+ e- Linear Collider
    Other ideas to solve the hierarchy problem postulate extra spatial dimensions beyond the three that we know, or new particles at the several TeV scale. If such ideas are correct, we again expect observable consequences at the LHC and the LC and a synergy will exist between them. For example, the LC and LHC combined can deduce both the size and number of extra dimensions. The new states expected from extra dimensions could perhaps be sensed directly at the LHC, but the precision measurements at the LC can measure their effects even for particles well above the range of the direct measurements.

    So ever closer now one must pay attention to what does "not make sense" and we find that tidbits being left around actually if perceptive enough, will help you to explore other things. See, if I am told once and you read, the depth of perception will never make sense if you don't follow those leads and Lubos gave us one to consider:)

    Peter SteinbergThe creepy part of these kind of discussions is that one doesn't say that RHIC collisions "create" black holes, but that nucleus-nucleus collisions, and even proton-proton collisions, are in some sense black holes, albeit black holes in some sort of "dual" space which makes the theory easier.

    And if you are even more thick skinned, what focused can be developed from that to here. So if you do not understand the question, it is obvious you have not followed what was put before you for consideration. Hence Crackpotism or senseless?

    It is a easy hand, under chin contemplating, playing games like rock, paper, or scissors ( that one can wave off) as to what is not understood as being senseless.

    It is a better hand that can point up with the finger(heaven) or a open hand(ground) to say, look around you?:)We would like to develope these concepts further, under the Arche. We may be old personalities, but we still like to discuss the nature of the universe.:)

    Thursday, January 13, 2005

    Education, Now Stimulates Creativity:-)

    The nice thing about good educators is the resource that they can help point lay people to to encourage exploration and thought provocation. It is not to nice to have controls place on the the ability of resource searchers to be limited by conceptual hangups that have stagnated educational valubales from ever seeing the light of day. So we are once again happy here under Plato's Arch, that we can develope the ideas necessary, from full fledged thinking human beings and not of the controlled puppets of the choir.

    Galaxy NGC 596, a highly structured galaxy characterized by pronounced twisting and by ripples in the outer regions. (Credit Astrophysics Institute, Potsdam, Extragalactic Astrophysics Group)

    Now I know the topological considerations are supposed to have been dispelled by Max Tegmark and his group, but I can't help but see the relationship of a valuable insight of Greene's that manifests, as you look at this image and consider a Genus figure for examination. This playful image of Greene's is very much thought provoking inthat it ask that we exercise the brain's function as to how such a comment could have been made. Of course, I have to go looking for it.

    But let me talk about it first, without one actually hvaing seen what I mean. I know it is better to let others develope there visonary capabilties, that I will only speak briefly on it.

    Koans Simulate Crossroads

    Why would you want to kill this in yourself?

    Part of the idea here is to create a wall of resistance, where such confrontation can easily set things into motion that need to be expressed. That should be. It's indeed a dynamical quality that such oscillations in "being" could have swung backward and forward, and all of a sudden, such resonance built up, that change is soon initiated.

    Now, never understandng these dynamics and all the time being part of it, action soon precludes this change that is necessary for opportuities to make themself known. But I won't get to that point , but the one I originally wanted made clear of Greene's, before I present another image is to solidify visionary capabilties of those who are developing the expressions within themself.

    it turns out that within string theory ... there is actually an identification, we believe, between the very tiny and the very huge. So it turns out that if you, for instance, take a dimension - imagine its in a circle, imagine its really huge - and then you make it smaller and smaller and smaller, the equations tell us that if you make it smaller than a certain length (its about 10-33 centimeters, the so called 'Planck Length') ... its exactly identical, from the point of view of physical properties, as making the circle larger. So you're trying to squeeze it smaller, but actually in reality your efforts are being turned around by the theory and you're actually making the dimension larger. So in some sense, if you try to squeeze it all the way down to zero size, it would be the same as making it infinitely big. ... (CSPAN Archives Videotape #125054) Brian Greene

    Now I don't have to remind people here, what image is manifested because then I would have to go into a long spiel about what I see, as opposed to what you see. So yes, instead of me telling you. What do you see? Do you know something about topological considerations and when it is implored? Why would I insinuate a Genus Figure for contemplation?

    Through my exchanges with people over time, it will be evident for some, where I am headed. For a vast majority, inklings of insight developed through prodding for the first time? If we are to consider the deeper parts of ourselves and the deepest parts of the universe, what could have manifested, and we ask a lot of questions about the universe, and how matter came into being?

    But here and very suttlely I have wondered, that my own mind is being exposed to concepts, that I ask what is it that we are neglecting? Without understanding, that this manifestaion might be as simple as a play on words, about the IRAq war on Lubos site, to understand, the extension of thought capabilties imploring current thought processes, about manifestation of this energy from within. To what, could have manifested from the beginning of this universe? A lot goes on, and in a systematic way, we are part of this expresssion, and are capable, of being part of that expression:)

    But it's more then just accepting the visionary capabilties of our mind, but of stretching is capabilties as well, into exploring the regions of no man's land where only the theore/mathe...ticions go.:)

    So I'll present one more for consideration and this should surely convince some who know for certain? What I have espoused through a long journey, to have come to my own crossroads in life. To say, it had all been worth it to see such induction and deductions, as part of the extension necessary of bringing forth the silent majority who fell asleep at there televisions sets, like I tend to do:)

    Our brains are more capable of the much finer things, that it's time I formulated a new path for consideration. Part of it, has already been revealled in what you can do, that I intend to do as well.

    KK: Kaluza Klein Theory

    What is it?

    KK Tower

    Now part of the problem of visualization here is what and how the cosmic string could have developed. Now, determination of the various sizing of these strings would have had to incorporate the value of the energy involved, in terms of 1r and using the KK tower, such classifcations help in this direction.

    Kaluza-Klein theory is a model which unifies classical gravity and electromagnetism. It was discovered by the mathematician Theodor Kaluza that if general relativity is extended to a five-dimensional spacetime, the equations can be separated out into ordinary four-dimensional gravitation plus an extra set, which is equivalent to Maxwell's equations for the electromagnetic field, plus an extra scalar field known as the "dilaton". Oskar Klein proposed that the fourth spatial dimension is curled up with a very small radius, i.e. that a particle moving a short distance along that axis would return to where it began. The distance a particle can travel before reaching its initial position is said to be the size of the dimension. This, in fact, also gives rise to quantization of charge, as waves directed along a finite axis can only occupy discrete frequencies.

    Kaluza-Klein theory can be extended to cover the other fundamental forces - namely, the weak and strong nuclear forces - but a straightforward approach, if done using an odd dimensional manifold runs into difficulties involving chirality. The problem is that all neutrinos appear to be left-handed, meaning that they are spinning in the direction of the fingers of the left hand when they are moving in the direction of the thumb. All anti-neutrinos appear to be right-handed. Somehow particle reactions are asymmetric when it comes to spin and it is not straightforward to build this into a Kaluza-Klein theory since the extra dimensions of physical space are symmetric with respect to left-hand spinning and r-hand spinning particles.

    So in order to get to the summation, views of hidden dimenisons had to be mathematically described for us, so a generalization here would suffice in the following diagram.

    Now, not having the room to explain, and having linked previous information on extension of KK theory, I wondered about the following. If we understood well, the leading perspective that lead us through to the dynamical realizations, then the road Gauss and Reimann lead us to would help us to understand the visualization materializing by the calorimeter disciptions of each energy placement harmonically describing each particle's value?

    Electromagnetic Calorimeter of the Phenix

    If one understood well enough about the direction of discernation of early universe consideration and microstates, then such questions would have been of value in the ideas of topological considerations?

    Here again I would point to the Glast determinations and of how we percieve these comological interactions, that continue to be built mathematically? Cosmic string developement would have shown energy valuation that would have continued to expand if we see this as a continous fucntion of particle identification? The matter states would have become distinctive inregards to the weak field manifestations represented in the comsological functions of our universe now?

    We would have had to learn to map topological considerations, and the only way is how we see the calorimeter is used?

    Wednesday, January 12, 2005

    Pay it Forward: A Educational Stance?

    The Changing Face of Education

    Now that the comments section has been closed to some, it will be nice to see what he thinks on his own without others interfering. If you put yourself out there, be prepared to stand by what you say and refute why such a topic of strings is not appropriate, then having a choir sing it for you.:-)

    Sometimes I think that those in "opposition to strings" might feel better, if the world of triangular figures would have found greater sympathy toward the quantum gravity worlds perceptions?

    Smolin to me, is a good educator, when he wrote three roads to quantum gravity. Should he be smeared for publicly doing well(monetarily rewarded)? To me he is a good educator of the public, as to the roads theoretics is going? Greene is another, that is slammed for helping the public understand these issues?

    As a educator(people who pay forward what they learn) it has not become very clear to me that I should abort learning string perspective because of obstinate remarks and what reasons, why this should be so. I have understood strings to be a model of comprehension, just as my solids were once, for other minds to consider, in a process unfolding.:-)

    Changing the Dynamics

    Because one man might do nothing for money, does not make him anymore appealing because he saids so. It would mean more to me if he was silent about it. If he is in a public position to teach a better understanding, but all you ever heard is spouting of the "wonderful world of strings", is this supposed to be the good educator he might wants us to see, or does he explain, why this road is better then this other road? :)Smolin was never opinionated here is his presentation, but presented the views from the angles of percpetion he himself garnered from a synopsis of the roads leading to quantum gravity.

    Anyway to regain his sense of control, deletion is always a good way to go, or transference to another medium is always a good option. I have noticed some universities have different formats, that might protect the students, from roving maniacs(commentors that might really want to understand) if that is the educators concern:)

    It would appear that those who cater to the idealization this educator, might survive deletion, as long as they tote the ideal of hatred( concepts that would lead others to reject string theory) then of course, this becomes suitable. A fine marker to follow for sure.:-)Adustments have been made.

    Now of course let's move on from this with the highest ideals that education has to offer, and not some private view that would hurt more students then the ones a commentor might have. After all if you want to live by this rule, one should apply it to themself. :-)

    On Blogging

    So, what is the role of blogs going to be in the future of science? I believe the blogs are going to speed up the internationalization of science, with positive effects for both American and foreign scientists. What expert science bloggers are doing right now and will do even more in the future is take expensive information and make it free. People with access to expensive journal subscriptions will link, excerpt, and comment on technical papers as soon as they are published, thus making them available to scientists in small schools, in foreign countries, and, importantly to, gasp - blasphemy! - amateur scientists. That is exactly what I intend to do with Circadiana. My scientific colleagues in Algeria, Argentina and Poland can contact me (or each other) and start fruitfull collaborations, not just read an occasional paper two months after its publication.

    Back to regular programming.

    Part of the efforts here within this blog, is to see the developement of comprehension, that would have eluded most of the general public. I know it would be minor in it's contribution, compared to the likes of people like Greene or Smolin, and least I forget to mention, Kaku, who has been extremely supportive. Leading us as well, to this comprehension of dimensional interpretation, that even fewer have come to understand through the developement of the physics of geometric approach.

    Below is a link that raises the question of how three dimensional views could be elevated, to include time references, coordinated much like our three standard dimensions to incorporate a higher dimensional valuations. Now having a coordinated frame of reference, it seemed quite familiar to me that such collsions in the walls of these gold ions would ask us to see this interaction in a different light.

    If alteration of KK theory was possible then such valutions to dimensional interpretations might have revealled topological considerations, that would oversee all understandings of such developements? We were speaking about high energy valuation here in terms of photon gluon considerations. I do not know if this is right or not, but such visualization of dynamical qualties had to be directed to the royal roads leading to Klein's Ordering of Geometries?

    Gravity and strings

    This is a broad-brush review of how string theory addresses several important questions of gravitational physics. The problem of non-renormalizability is first reviewed, followed by introduction of string theory as an ultraviolet-finite theory of gravity. String theory's successes also include predicting both gauge theory and fermions. The difficulty of extra dimensions becomes a possible virtue, when one notes that these lead to mechanisms to explain fermion generations, as well as a means to break the large gauge symmetries of string theory. Finally, a long standing problem of string theory, that of fixing the size and shape of the extra dimensions, has recently been addressed and may shed light on the origin of the cosmological constant, the ultimate fate of our universe, as well as the question of why gravity_is_ so weak.

    Domains walls and Interconnecting Loops

    It seems wellness is coming back in full force:) so I thought I would take some advice. This paragraph below italizied, and the one related to Chen for consideration, in terms of the abtract world that topological consideration, might have have found expression? If supersymmetrical realites are ever reached, looking backwards to the origins of the universe, what does it mean if you do not consider the high energy of any situation? Is there no mathematical world there?

    As a result, the gluons inside one gold ion appear to the other ion as a ‘gluonic wall’ traveling near the speed of light. At very high energies, the density of the gluons in this wall is seen to increase greatly. Unlike the quark-gluon plasma produced in the collision of such walls, the color glass condensate describes the walls themselves, and is an intrinsic property of the particles that can only be observed under high-energy conditions such as those at RHIC.

    A lot of times when you move to consider the higher forms of a geometry that leads to topological considerations, you wonder if there are other mechanisms availiable to help one move within these abstractions. So by looking at current experiments in the gold ions collisions something caught my attention that I wondered abou,t in current topological structure work and summing over all topologies to have found it's place of value?

    The simple fact is that causal effects in the early universe can only propagate (as at any time) as the speed of light c. This means that at a time t, regions of the universe separated by more than a distance d=ct can know nothing about each other. In a symmetry breaking phase transition, different regions of the universe will choose to fall into different minima in the set of possible states (this set is known to mathematicians as the vacuum manifold). Topological defects are precisely the `boundaries' between these regions with different choices of minima, and their formation is therefore an inevitable consequence of the fact that different regions cannot agree on their choices.

    So having understood the early universe as microstates, its important that if such opportunities in the physics bring forth other possibilties, then maybe predictive features are viable alternatives to what topological structures we are using?

    Now as I said it is highly abstract for obvious reasons, and one cannot forget the royal road that lead to this dimensional perspective that seem to fall by the wayside(salem witch trials) when speculation is prodded in landscape issues and blaspheming of the branes theories.:)

    So having understood early cosmological valuations in high energy considerations, are also cosmological questions, I wonder then how such formations could have ever multiplied into a cohesive structure, we have around us now? So the model that was most helpful for me was considered.

    Modified Kaluza-Klein Theory, Quantum Hidden Variables and 3-Dimensional Time

    In this paper, the basic quantum field equations of free particle with 0-spin, 1-spin (for case of massless and mass $>$ 0) and 1/2 spin are derived from Einstein equations under modified Kaluza-Klein metric, it shows that the equations of quantum fields can be interpreted as pure geometry properties of curved higher-dimensional time-space . One will find that if we interpret the 5th and 6th dimension as ``extra'' time dimension, the particle's wave-function can be naturally interpreted as a single particle moving along geodesic path in 6-dimensional modified Kaluza-Klein time-space. As the result, the fundamental physical effect of quantum theory such as double-slit interference of single particle, statistical effect of wave-function, wave-packet collapse, spin, Bose-Einstein condensation, Pauli exclusive principle can be interpreted as ``classical'' behavior in new time-space. In the last part of this paper, we will coupling field equations of 0-spin, 1-spin and 1/2-spin particles with gravity equations.

    Using so much information(imagine strings as a expression of a much different world harmonically pitched) to try and piece together a picture of the universe, is not always easy. Gerard Hooft's points about using this in computer manifestations, is a resonable enough problem that is understood, that of course LIGO translation and Seti mode of operandi, helps us with all these tiny bits of information.