Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Blogging Experience

Making "Hard copies" is always nice :)

I have spent roughly two years devoted to using the blogger format to bring information together and have shared some of the research I had been doing . Bring perspective to areas that while fragmented, brought some new perspective to furthering the issues.

But the question of whether this blogger shall continue while it has been compromised, has me wondering whether this effort should draw to a close as well.

If such efforts are not "corrected" and I will be giving this some time for reconsideration, then at that time, I will see whether my efforts should continue.

What is missing in regards to John Bachall, and here. Shall determine whether I will continue.

Plato on May 29th, 2006 at 11:35 pm

I’m sorry it just seems to get worse and worse as I find links have been changed or updated, some of the articles on cosmic particles, gone?

The Fly’s Eye and the Oh My God Particle?

In recent years the main focus of fear has been the giant machines used by particle physicists. Could the violent collisions inside such a machine create something nasty? “Every time a new machine has been built at CERN,” says physicist Alvaro de Rujula, “the question has been posed and faced.”

Anyway here’s is a nice picture while too, any information on John Bachall, reveals another very interesting man.

Why would one intentionally blur a picture that would help people, like Sean Carroll to understand as well as many others? If a image is "directly connected" to your site, then how has this infringed on what you had been saying? I too, wanted to increase the flexiblity of the internet, to encourage images in mind, to be connected.

This is the next stage of the internet that I see as useful. Why, I applaud Clifford's efforts, as well as the many who help us see and undertand the issues of science. It has to be highly visual. This has more impact then all the words you can combine, as well as makes the deeper impressions on the soul.

See Sean Carroll's posting:

Gamma-Ray Moon

  • The Moon’s an arrant thief, and her pale fire she snatches from the Sun

  • See you in a while.

    What I wanted to Portray in Aristotle and Plato?

    On my site you will see that they work together but from different perspectives.

    Look at the hand gestures...

    Plato - holding the Timaeus - Pointing up as a sign of his metaphysical belief in the higher world of the forms, shown with the face of Leonardo.

    Aristotle - holding his Ethics with hand palm down, reflecting a more grounded approach to the problem of universals

    ......then read the statement at the very top of the page.

    PLato saids,"Look to the perfection of the heavens for truth," while Aristotle saids "look around you at what is, if you would know the truth"

    These "archetypes," were very much evident in the relation of Gell-Mann and Feynman?

    This relationship painted by Raphael sits in the Room of the Segnatura in Rome, called the Raphael rooms. You can type in the "Raphael rooms" at the top of page on the blogger and use that search function.

    While I do not like to infer such attributes to the signatures the Pope signs, I do believe that the ancient mind tried to capture the deeper meaning of these individuals, Plato and Aristotle. As I try to do.

    Epistemology (Wikipedia 30 May 2006)

    The Theaetetus account of Plato further develops the definition of knowledge. We know that, for something to count as knowledge, it must be true, and be believed to be true. Plato argues that this is insufficient, and that in addition one must have a reason or justification for that belief.

    Plato defined knowledge as justified true belief.

    One implication of this definition is that one cannot be said to "know" something just because one believes it and that belief subsequently turns out to be true. An ill person with no medical training but a generally optimistic attitude might believe that she will recover from her illness quickly, but even if this belief turned out to be true, on the Theaetetus account the patient did not know that she would get well, because her belief lacked justification.

    Knowledge, therefore, is distinguished from true belief by its justification, and much of epistemology is concerned with how true beliefs might be properly justified. This is sometimes referred to as the theory of justification.

    Hand gestures have many different meanings? Look at Buddha?

    Monday, May 29, 2006

    The Under a Lamppost Mystery?

    Second, we must be wary of the "God of the Gaps" phenomena, where miracles are attributed to whatever we don't understand. Contrary to the famous drunk looking for his keys under the lamppost, here we are tempted to conclude that the keys must lie in whatever dark corners we have not searched, rather than face the unpleasant conclusion that the keys may be forever lost.

    So what is the exercise here? What was happening in Clifford's mind when he wrote this thread? Was it about funding? Was it about the probabilities of life in the universe? Was it Lisa Randall's views on Brandenberger-Vafa? Hmmm.....

    Inverse Brandenberger-Vafa-upgraded to brane gas cosmology?

    Of course I tried to find out the meaning of the lamppost while operating under certain contraints. I think I understand now having googalized the statement?

    So this philsophical position is really quite interesting then? Did Lisa Randall actually look at this?

    Was Jacque's Distler link to Lisa Randall's warppassage blog credible?

    A comment to the above?

    Jimmy Cerra-March 13, 2005 06:42 PM
    I posted a comment last night in Lisa Randall’s blog, and now the entire thing is gone! I hope I didn’t scare her away. :-(

    Was this link have something to do with the statements be complied from the The Great Filter - Are We Almost Past It? byRobin Hanson

    Wow this conspiracy is really taken on a life of it's own and has become really mysterious? Almost as if, "the tracking of the information," may have lead any mind to think that some ulterior motive and organization is behind the essential question on the authority of life developement in the cosmos? Qui? Non!

    Or does it actually have something to do with the "Bad Twin" by Gary Troup? Check it out!

    Can fans of ABC's Lost (Wednesday, 9 ET/PT) find clues in Bad Twin, a just-published novel with mysterious links to the hit TV show?
    Maybe. And if so, it boosts the popular fan theory that the island on which the cast is stranded is purgatory. Fueling the supposition: The author's name, Gary Troup (a nom de plume), is an anagram for "purgatory."

    Wow, it is really amazing that I started out with Clifford's post and I actually ended up here. Using such meme's i our culture and convoluted the phrasing has some interetsing consequences if we cannot back to the original reasons as to why such a lamppost comment was ever made. It is a mystery for me because the road taken can lead in so many directions, never mind about the periphery of light to the edge that shines the key analogy..

    Sunday, May 28, 2006

    Moore's Law Endangered?

    Moore's Law(wikipedia 28 May 2006)

    Moore's law is the empirical observation that the complexity of integrated circuits, with respect to minimum component cost, doubles every 24 months[1].

    Clifford, in writing the brief article of interest, he relays another article here for consideration.

    Spotting the quantum tracks of gravity wavesby Zeeya Merali

    Their calculations show that as the gravitational force from a passing wave slightly changes the momentum of the entangled particles, it should knock them out of their pristine spin state. In principle, that effect could be detected, but it is so small that no one has found a way to pick it up, explains Yeo. He and his team suggest that the effect could be amplified using a process called "entanglement swapping", which allows pairs of particles that have never been in contact to become entangled. "Spin and momentum become entangled to a higher degree so that changing one produces an even larger change in the other," says quantum physicist Chris Adami at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

    While it may have been some time that now passes it is worth the mention again that "spintronics" has this role to play, yet, in gravity probe B, the spherical valuations would only now make sense on a large cosmological plate?

    So by analogy usng Grvaity probe B we gain perspective onthe relevances of change within that gravitational radiation?

    A black hole is an object so massive that even light cannot escape from it. This requires the idea of a gravitational mass for a photon, which then allows the calculation of an escape energy for an object of that mass. When the escape energy is equal to the photon energy, the implication is that the object is a "black hole".

    Yet, is is of some concern that when we travel down to such microstates, that we are able in fact to keep a pure and clean picture of what existed once, and had gone through the changes in "spin orientation and momentum?"

    If the boundariesof the blackhole are indeed collapsing to supersymmetrcial proportions, then what use photon information if it cannot describe for us something that is going on inside?


    The distinction is important, since the term gravity waves is primarily used in fluid dynamics to describe fluid oscillations that have gravity as their restoring force

    I noticed link did not work and I was looking for confirmation as to your statement. Not that you need it :)

    So just to confirm source, I reiterate it here again. If any a expert, would they like to clean up reference(does it need to be)?

    (Gravitational waves are sometimes called gravity waves, but this term should be reserved for a completely different kind of wave encountered in hydrodynamics.)

    Also, "the effect" while in the throes of gravity waves just to clarify the thinking(ocean waves and such), effects of Hulse and Taylor different, while the entanglement issue speaks to energy release is defined by photons passage of time as is?

    What is the fastest way for it to get here without being influenced. Lagrangian perspective[Edwin F Taylors least Action Principal] and "tunnel transport" and effects of lensing?

    Of course thinking about the nature of the types of high energy level photon(gamma) and what they can traverse through, may be confusing, yet distinctive?

    One of the physical device limitations described by Dr. Packan is that transistor gates, as further miniaturization is pursued, will become so thin that quantum mechanical “tunneling” effects will arise. These quantum effects will create leakage current through the gate when the switch is “off” that is a significant fraction of the channel current when the device is “on”. This could reduce the reliability of the transistors resulting in increased cost and decreased availability of more powerful chips

    Saturday, May 27, 2006

    So What Did I mean By Olympics?

    Original source of info on title above.

    And not, the "Olympics" of Lubos and Nima and others, preparing for LHC.

    At this site you will find the new black boxes and calibration samples for the LHC Olympics!

    The geometrical propensity of the energy needed in which to create this "jet" had to be consider in terms of a geometrical structure? Even though we could not say for certain what was taking place geometrically inside the blackhole?

    So, in order for any secondary particle creation to be considered, what line of developement would issue from such a scene, as a gravitational collapsing bubble, that Coleman-De Luccia instanton may have been surmizing, could in fact, lead to a new universe born? The impetus for inflation?

    New Beginnings?

    So, cosmic rays sources were needed in which to move the ideas that reductionism has encountered in it's "quark gluonic plasma state," as well as, recognizing the microstate blackhole production that is initiated from such sources?

    These images are held in relation to how article written in terms of the one below this, one gets the sense of how "high energy photons" are delivered to our place and time? Sources of cosmic particle tht would intiate particle collsions in our upper atmosphere?

    Scientists Detect New Kind of Cosmic Explosion

    Introduction of "new physics," was the main reason for how jet consideration had been talked about, between the gentlemen and I. Is it right, I am not sure? Having understood this relation in our talks on the Bose Nova, I was able of course to introduce the time and place of this "New Physics" in consideration(supersymmetrical-entropically it is very simple) and as a counter intuitive place of recogntion?

    Do the Bosenova

    Ketterle adds that attractions between atoms in a BEC could parallel the collapse of a neutron star so emulating the distant and massive in the laboratory too. The explosive collapse of a BEC, dubbed a "Bosenova" (pronounced "bose-a-nova") by Wieman releases only a tiny quantity of energy, just enough to raise the temperature of the BEC by 200 billionths of a degree. Supernovae release many times the energy

    There are many links on, "new search paradigm page" to confirm this? Anyway on to what made me think of the "lighthouse(Link to tutorial site has been taken down, and belongs to Barb of http://www.airynothing.com) in the previous post" and brought me to thinking about this overall post here in general now.

    NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Yields Clear View of Optical Jet in Galaxy M87

    A NASA Hubble Space Telescope (HST) view of a 4,000 light-year long jet of plasma emanating from the bright nucleus of the giant elliptical galaxy M87. This ultraviolet light image was made with the European Space Agency's Faint Object Camera (FOC), one of two imaging systems aboard HST. This photo is being presented on Thursday, January 16th at the 179th meeting of the American Astronomical Society meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. M87 is a giant elliptical galaxy with an estimated mass of 300 billion suns. Located 52 million light-years away at the heart of the neighboring Virgo cluster of galaxies, M87 is the nearest example of an active galactic nucleus with a bright optical jet. The jet appears as a string of knots within a widening cone extending out from the core of M87. The FOC image reveals unprecedented detail in these knots, resolving some features as small as ten light-years across. According to one theory, the jet is most likely powered by a 3 billion solar mass black hole at the nucleus of M87. Magnetic fields generated within a spinning accretion disk surrounding the black hole, spiral around the edge of the jet. The fields confine the jet to a long narrow tube of hot plasma and charged particles. High speed electrons and protons which are accelerated near the black hole race along the tube at nearly the speed of light. When electrons are caught up in the magnetic field they radiate in a process called synchrotron radiation. The Faint Object Camera image clearly resolves these localized electron acceleration, which seem to trace out the spiral pattern of the otherwise invisible magnetic field lines. A large bright knot located midway along the jet shows where the blue jet disrupts violently and becomes more chaotic. Farther out from the core the jet bends and dissipates as it rams into a wall of gas, invisible but present throughout the galaxy which the jet has plowed in front of itself. HST is ideally suited for studying extragalactic jets. The Telescope's UV sensitivity allows it to clearly separate a jet from the stellar background light of its host galaxy. What's more, the FOC's high angular resolution is comparable to sub arc second resolution achieved by large radio telescope arrays.

    Black Hole-Powered Jet of Electrons and Sub-Atomic Particles Streams From Center of Galaxy M87

    "X" Structure at Core of Whirlpool Galaxy (M51)

    Spiral Gas Disk in Active Galaxy M87

    Black Hole in Galaxy M87 Emits Jet of High-Speed Electrons

    Compact Core of Galaxy M87

    Compact Core of Galaxy M87

    Optical Jet in Galaxy M87

    Thanks Paul.

    Friday, May 26, 2006

    Pulsars and Cerenkov Radiation

    Of course, I could be mistaken making such assumptions.

    Scientists May Soon Have Evidence for Exotic Predictions of String Theoryissued by Northeaster University

    "String theory and other possibilities can distort the relative numbers of 'down' and 'up' neutrinos," said Jonathan Feng, associate professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at UC Irvine. "For example, extra dimensions may cause neutrinos to create microscopic black holes, which instantly evaporate and create spectacular showers of particles in the Earth's atmosphere and in the Antarctic ice cap. This increases the number of 'down' neutrinos detected. At the same time, the creation of black holes causes 'up' neutrinos to be caught in the Earth's crust, reducing the number of 'up' neutrinos. The relative 'up' and 'down' rates provide evidence for distortions in neutrino properties that are predicted by new theories."

    So what is it we can learn about high energy photons. Kip Thorne was instrumental here in helping draw us a sequence of events in our cosmos and on the cosmic particle considerations? I couldn't help identify with this process.

    Of course in order to capture the effects of high energy photons we need a vast array of area in terms of detector status, that we might indeed capture them. So ICECUBE is a interesting perspective here?

    Now why would I combine these two things, and it is of course through a previous conversation that the ideas of high energy particles using our atmosphere for secondary particle realizations, could have capture the human eye so that one had to turn from the brightness? Look to the image below o pulsar sources for cosnideration.

    Now of course it is just being put here for a minute, while I try and get my thoughts together on this.

    But in the mean time, for those who understand what I am refering too, you might leave your comment and share what you think about this similarity? What may have been happening with "the light" as the snow boarders were doing their olympics?

    We see a pulsar, then, when one of its beams of radiation crosses our line-of-sight. In this way, a pulsar is like a lighthouse. The light from a lighthouse appears to be "pulsing" because it only crosses our line-of-sight once each time it spins. Similarly, a pulsar "pulses" because we see bright flashes every time the star spins.

    Linked qote and picture to tutorial site has been taken down, and belongs to Barb of http://www.airynothing.com

    Thursday, May 25, 2006

    The EDge of Chaos

    The animation shows schematically the behavior of the gas molecules in the presence of a gravitational field. We can see in this figure that the concentration of molecules at the bottom of the vessel is higher than the one at the top of the vessel, and that the molecules being pushed upwards fall again under the action of the gravitational field.

    Of course I thank those who help to push our perspectives forward. Often you and I will shall remain nameless. Isn't it rewarding that what could have been postulated by our "questioning stance," would allow others the chance to dig deep and dwell, about these things? That without you, the progression might not have ever made the light of day?

    So it comes together, in some symposiatic toning of our reason?

    Yes, we can operate, outside the box, while still fully conscious of what science is saying?:)

    The "Butterfly Effect" is the propensity of a system to be sensitive to initial conditions.Such systems over time become unpredictable,this idea gave rise to the notion of a butterfly flapping it's wings in one area of the world,causing a tornado or some such weather event to occur in another remote area of the world.

    The problem is when you at least think that a simple time entropically considered, can become increasing complex entropically, we see what lies around us today. But there are some problems when you go to that simplier time and there, you would think this is where chaos rules? Chaos would to me imply "discretism(?)" while continuity and flow of energy, understands the cohesion between all events?

    Phase Transitions?

    G -> H -> ... -> SU(3) x SU(2) x U(1) -> SU(3) x U(1).

    Is that possible?

    To have foud a position of equillibrium in context of such a chaoctic entropically simple universe, to know, that such a place would allow information to have been squeezed through, and with it, all the potential information loss that was once confined, now set under geoemtrically propensities to become what it may be surmized as, "evolved," under certain conditions? Underthe aupsice, that it could exist, within cntext of the developing universe?

    Veneziano and Theoretical Positions?

    Jerome Rothstein:
    As the universe cools, low-temperature forms of generalized life will be able to evolve. I believe it plausible that cold life will win over heat-death, that from the big bang on, there has been a succession of generalized life forms evolving, that they are still evolving, and that we share the cosmos with them.

    Of course this is a good read, and consistant with what we have to learn. So, all questions about such evolvement should end? Dangle a carrot, then see it's attached to a response that would produce consistancy in educative thinking?


    Not ony in measured values sent down to such reductionist valuations, but of no longerm limiting ourselves to how we see this birth? That may be the ole way Sean might have been taught(?), so maybe Veneziano had overstep his boundaries? :)

    So then the question for me "is," if we held the view within context of the "arrow of time," are there such "cyclical processes," within context of the universe's unfoldment?

    Cycle of Birth, Life, and Death-Origin, Indentity, and Destiny by Gabriele Veneziano

    Was the big bang really the beginning of time? Or did the universe exist before then? Such a question seemed almost blasphemous only a decade ago. Most cosmologists insisted that it simply made no sense - that to contemplate a time before the big bang was like asking for directions to a place north of the North Pole. But developments in theoretical physics, especially the rise of string theory, have changed their perspective. The pre-bang universe has become the latest frontier of cosmology.

    The new willingness to consider what might have happened before the bang is the latest swing of an intellectual pendulum that has rocked back and forth for millennia. In one form or another, the issue of the ultimate beginning has engaged philosophers and theologians in nearly every culture. It is entwined with a grand set of concerns, one famously encapsulated in an 1897 painting by Paul Gauguin: D'ou venons-nous? Que sommes-nous? Ou allons-nous? "Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?"

    So we have this "reductionistic process" about such beginnings, and we are limited to only one universe? How would different rates of evolvement then happen within context of the universe's unfoldment?

    So I guess we develope theoretical opinions and speak in philosophical ways?:)

    Revolutions in Thinking?

    Now that naturalism has become an accepted component of philosophy, there has recently been interest in reassessing Kuhn's work in the light of developments in the relevant sciences, many of which provide corroboration for Kuhn's claim that science is driven by relations of perceived similarity and analogy to existing problems and their solutions (Nickles 2003b, Nersessian 2003). It may yet be that a characteristically Kuhnian thesis will play a prominent part in our understanding of science.

    Some things "still hold," to change?

    Wednesday, May 24, 2006

    The Philosophy of Death is one of Life?

    Yes of course the entries like this one are philosphical in nature.

    So I thought I would try and explain it as I understood it? Whether it's right or not, is how much you want to believe it? That's up to you.

    Instructions for Vision 1: The Source (Eyes closed, external stimuli ignored)
    O nobly-born, listen carefully:
    The Radiant Energy of the Seed
    From which come all living forms,
    Shoots forth and strikes against you
    With a light so brilliant that you will scarcely be able to look at it.
    Do not be frightened.
    This is the Source Energy which has been radiating for billions of years,
    Ever manifesting itself in different forms.
    Accept it.
    Do not try to intellectualize it.
    Do not play games with it.
    Merge with it.
    Let it flow through you.
    Lose yourself in it.
    Fuse in the Halo of Rainbow Light
    Into the core of the energy dance.
    Obtain Buddhahood in the Central Realm of the Densely Packed.

    Each of the quoted paragraphs are directly linked. I wanted the science mind to be considered here, so I linked to my site in paragraph below and what liminocentrically structure means. A circle, with a dot in it, is a transcendant figure, once you move to the center?

    If conceived as a series of ever-wider experiential contexts, nested one within the other like a set of Chinese boxes, consciousness can be thought of as wrapping back around on itself in such a way that the outermost 'context' is indistinguishable from the innermost 'content' - a structure for which we coined the term 'liminocentric'.

    I guess it might depend on how we live life now? :)

    If we imagine history running back in time, we inevitably come to the epoch of the "big squeeze" with all the galaxies, stars, atoms and atomic nuclei squeezed, so to speak, to a pulp. During that early stage of evolution, matter must have been dissociated into its elementary components.... We call this primordial mixture ylem.

    Having this kind of information at hand, and being lead by the basis of "interpretations of death," can we not die and are born many times in life? Change?

    If you had lost the ability to grasp the physcial processes in our real(illusive) life, and moved the spirit, thinking, it was physically capable, to only find that you pass through, what are you to surmize?

    If such physical process was the corner stone of our thoughts, then such a shock, that "the transferance" from the "waking mind" that sees around now, would have passed onto the subsconcious mind(deaths mind)and that once, it was where we dreamed, now sees, it is this dreams that is "the mind" of the soul.

    Shall life had been so scattered, and the events disenchanted as "events," one from another(discrete), then what use the outcome of interpretation of the dream world, and the chaoticness with which we had been effected and dreamed in life?

    The subsconscious then, becomes the mind of the soul?

    Finally, we also hope that this series furthers the discussion regarding the nature and function of 'the mandala'. In the spiritual traditions from which Jung borrowed the term, it is not the SYMMETRY of mandalas that is all-important, as Jung later led us to believe. It is their capacity to reveal the asymmetry that resides at the very heart of symmetry. By offering a new view about how consciousness itself is structured - in a fundamentally paradoxical fashion - and how these structurings are reflected in principles according to which the mandala is organized, we are able in this series to show how personality itself may be thought of as having an essentially 'liminocentric' design.

    You need a map? :) So you learn to see how structure is applied in the consequence and outward expressions, also, holds the "transcendant value" to where we see the light again. In our center?

    How can a speck of a universe be physically identical to the great expanse we view in the heavens above? (Greene, The Elegant Universe, pages 248-249).

    I always reiterate the "koan in life" that was most troubling, in regards to Greene's statement? By turning something inside/out, such a collapse to such a singuarilty has consequences for "information loss."

    A new birth of "something old or in need of rejuvenation?) that is ready to turn? I don't see any of you, as any different.


  • Books for the Dead are Really, Books for Life?

  • A Myth Created: Truth Felt, and a Life to Accomplish?
  • Monday, May 22, 2006

    Pattern Recognition

    That was the problem we had to solve. In order to count microstates, you need a microscopic theory. Boltzmann had one–the theory of molecules. We needed a microscopic theory for black holes that had to have three characteristics: One, it had to include quantum mechanics. Two, it obviously had to include gravity, because black holes are the quintessential gravitational objects. And three, it had to be a theory in which we would be able to do the hard computations of strong interactions. I say strong interactions because the forces inside a black hole are large, and whenever you have a system in which forces are large it becomes hard to do a calculation.

    The old version of string theory, pre-1995, had these first two features. It includes quantum mechanics and gravity, but the kinds of things we could calculate were pretty limited. All of a sudden in 1995, we learned how to calculate things when the interactions are strong. Suddenly we understood a lot about the theory. And so figuring out how to compute the entropy of black holes became a really obvious challenge. I, for one, felt it was incumbent upon the theory to give us a solution to the problem of computing the entropy, or it wasn't the right theory. Of course we were all gratified that it did.

    I mean sure we can say to ourselves, "that one day I was very ignorant" and I had all these speculative ideas about the "Golden Ratio," but then, I learnt the math and the truth of it all?

    But while we were being crazy......?:) Ahem!

    Namagiri, the consort of the lion god Narasimha. Ramanujan believed that he existed to serve as Namagiri´s champion - Hindu Goddess of creativity. In real life Ramanujan told people that Namagiri visited him in his dreams and wrote equations on his tongue.

    In "past life bleed throughs," it was very important to realize that while speaking in context of "overlapping," the underlying archetecture allowed for expression of those different interpretive assignments I had given. These were significant for me, because it help me to realize the "mapping" that we can unconsciously have revealled in such "experience dream/real patterns," that had one not be aware it, would have escape one's notice as a mundane realization.

    You had to understand how "geometrical seeing" is held in context of Dirac's wording, to know that this tendency to draw lines at the basis of consciousness, was also evident in Feynman's toy model construction. It is something that we do, do.

    So what did I learn?

  • 1. That it revealled a model for consciousness, from the reality of the day, to the transcendant.

  • 2. That it housed an experience in the way it can overlapped using "1" as a central pattern of emergence.

  • 3. That present day models now use this schematic are psychologically endowed in speculation(liminocentrically structured), but has a basis in fact, as I am showing it here.

  • "Betrayal of Images" by Rene Magritte. 1929 painting on which is written "This is not a Pipe"

    What sense would any of this "cognitive idealization" make, if one did not have some model in which to present, and know, that it was the underlay of all experience, and that the time of our day, might see us use it in topologically in different ways?

    I used Sklar for this example.

    But more then this what use is "Pascal Triangle" if we did not understand the emergence of "patterned numbers" from some initial beginning and cognitive realization, had we not recognized Pascal's model intepretation?

    With no know emergent principals, or geometry arising from inside the blackhole, it was important that the basis of expression be realized as a pattern forming recognitive valuation? Is it right? I am not sure, but part of the developing model application had me wonder about how we could have encapsulated the cyclical nature of, what was collapsing into the singularity, was now actually, the motivational force for the developing new universe?

    When it was discovered that black holes can decay by quantum processes, it was also discovered that black holes seem to have the thermodynamic properties of temperature and entropy. The temperature of the black hole is inversely proportional to its mass, so the black hole gets hotter and hotter as it decays.

    So it was important to know the basis of D brane recognitive values, in how the blackhole is interpreted?

    Sunday, May 21, 2006

    Past Life Bleed Throughs?

    In studying over the many years, certain concepts and ideas brought from other cultures stayed with me of course, while I explored the dream world enviroment on my own.

    The idea here is that similar patterns used in construction of mandalic interpetations, serve to illustrate model applications, that when bleeding, overlap experiences, whether they be drean information gathered, or, historical correlations, these struck me as significant.

    This is not to say that all people who dream will be good mathematicians, just that the road to cogitive realization held in context of Ramanujan should be seen as the developing subsconscious as a very important tool in moving the cogitive revelations that the creative mind can utilize, in developing math models for the future?

    THatpattern had to be understood a dLimincentric structures as well. If you didn't you would not have seen the importance of the schematics that Liminocentric structures reveal of themself as mandalic models of intepretation.


  • A Pure Love of Math

  • A Tribute to Hinduism

    The inexhaustible Ramanujan was an observant Hindu, adept at dream interpretation and astrology. His work was marked by bold leaps and gut feelings. Growing up he had learned to worship Namagiri, the consort of the lion god Narasimha. Ramanujan believed that he existed to serve as Namagiri´s champion - Hindu Goddess of creativity. In real life Ramanujan told people that Namagiri visited him in his dreams and wrote equations on his tongue.

    Ramanujan could never explain to G H Hardy how he arrived at his deep insights in mathematical terms; but he did say many of his discoveries came to him in dreams, from the goddess Namakkal, and that he had a morning ritual of awakening and writing them down.

    Having heard of Ramanujan method of information gathering, it was interesting from the standpoint of how the consciousness could organzed itself and bring forth abstract notions(jumbling experiences in that dream world), to have the method of mathematical explanation bear tangible proof in our reality now.

    This is of course are some of the ideas I have around cognitive recognitions of getting to the source of creation and bringing back tangible equative solutions.

    Perhaps it is of some use for a example to better understand this?

    While journalling for many years and recording my dreams, I came up with what I called "dream poetry," because I wanted to try and catch the rhythmn and story behind it as best I could without subjecting it to the scrutinization of my mind and analysis.

    Of course having a pen and paper beside the bed was always good advice. There was always a definite difference in the lucidness of those dreams, that seemed to indicate this past life referencing, then the normal dream periods.

    Also by doing this "awareness of the dream time" it became very pronouced in terms of the recall before getting busy with the day.

    Since ancient times, Mandalas have been used for meditation and healing. In old Tibet, Mandalas were used in the process of training the mind to be quiet, so that That Still Place Within was more easily accessible.

    It was said that the Divine lives at the center of the Mandala. With that in mind, the Mandala was used as a focus point for meditation.

    As the mind quiets and becomes still, the meditator finds the Divine at the center of his own being.

    I read about this use of Mandalas years ago. When this series of designs came through me, I realized that that was the intent within them: that the Divine would reside at each design's center.

    Research I've done indicates that Mandalas are the visual forms of the resonance traces of specific frequencies of sound/light. Some pretty amazing research done by Hans Jenny shows that if sound is transmitted through a thin layer of sand on a metal plate, the sand vibrates in such a manner as to create designs in the sand, the patterns shifting with the sounds transmitted.

    If one wanted to pursue it further then it makes sense that the Chaldni plate becomes a interesting piece of equipment in analyzing the nature of such vibrations. A balloon dipped in a dye solution and subjected to different sounds, has an interestig perspective to it.

    Nodes and anti-nodes

    On beautiful mandalic designs see:

  • Flower Mandalas Project
  • Project Satellite Energy Exchange (SEE)

    December 15th, 2005 at 2:35 pm
    Tony Smith

    As to the time of Feynman soving the QED problem, in 1941 (according to Mehra’s Feynman biography The Beat of a Different Drum (Oxford 1994)) Feynman had the inspiration from Dirac’s paper of using the Lagrangian method, which led to Feynman’s 1942 Ph.D. thesis. As to that thesis, Mehra says “… Feynman mentioned that “the problem of the form that relativistic quantum mechanics, and the Dirac equation, take from this point of view, remains unsolved. …”. So, Feynman’s Shelter Island relativistic QED solution was developed after his 1942 Ph.D. thesis.

    I must admit this morning, I woke up with some questions around non gravitational effects, and how we would see this in relation to the two body problem. Now again, I reiterate, that as a student, I am going to make mistakes, but I am equally enthralled with the idea that a "channel of movement" can exist in our perceptions, where high energy considerations where I had previously thought only the strong gravitatinal influences could exist. Now I know there is more to this then previously thought and I lay out the perception built over this

    Scientific relevance of the Equivalence Principle

    It is possible to ascribe two conceptually different kinds of masses to a body: an inertial mass and a gravitational mass. The inertial mass is the proportionality factor between a force (any kind of force) applied to the body and the acceleration it acquires in response to it in an inertial laboratory.The gravitational mass is a measurement of the property of the body to attract gravitationally anyother body (gravitational active mass), or to be gravitationally attracted by any other body(gravitational passive mass). Assuming the validity of the action−reaction principle (which leads toconclude that the center of mass of an isolated system must move with constant velocity in aninertial frame of reference) also implies that the gravitational passive and active mass of a bodymust be the same. Since both concepts refer to the same physical interaction, this result appears to be quite natural. The gravitational mass is the analog in a gravitational field, of the electric chargein an electric field −it can be viewed as a gravitational charge− while it has no apparent relation (in spite of the name) with the concept of inertial mass

    Current experiments would have to say that our undertanding has changed a bit, by what we have currently and experimentally understood in our involvement as a measure of RHIC production, as philosphical endeavors to change what we now know?

    Gravity is the missing link in Grand Unification.

    Because of our uniquely poor knowledge of gravity--the weakest of all known forces-- and because gravity must have a key role in any Grand Unification theory, many aspects of gravity must be understood in greater depth and precision.

    A SEE mission would improve our knowledge of a number of gravitational parameters and effects which are needed to test unification theories and various modern theories of gravity.

    Science Objectives of Project SEE:

  • Test the inverse-square law at separations of
    meters the radius of the Earth

  • Test the equivalence principle by composition differences at these separations

  • Test for time variation of G

  • Test for anisotropy of space and other post-Einsteinian effects

  • In this regard then, Langrangian perspectve in the Sun Earth relation, had some interesting perspective developements that bring satellite travel into perspective, so too our energy consumptions, for extended deep space travel, more then likely as we now "see" these relations.

    Yes, I had indeed created some of the understanding that arises from Time Variable measures, and how we now percieve the earth. Not as some illustrous pearl that was the first images of mind, as John Glenn peered upon this planet, but now, through understanding and measure, we "see" the earth in new ways.

    Not only having understood the lagrangian perspectve, I found some relevance to how we now "see" in the cosmo, but here now too, I can speak on the "WMAP mapping system" as a functionable reality of this lagrangian perspective, being pointed out in those same maps?

    Dr Mark Haskins

    Special Lagrangian geometry in particular was seen to be related to another String Theory inspired phemonenon, "Mirror Symmetry". Strominger, Yau and Zaslow conjectured that mirror symmetry could be explained by studying moduli spaces arising from special Lagrangian geometry.

    This conjecture stimulated much work by mathematicians, but a lot still remains to be done. A central problem is to understand what kinds of singularities can form in families of smooth special Lagrangian submanifolds. A starting point for this is to study the simplest models for singular special Lagrangian varieties, namely cones with an isolated singularity. My research in this area ([2], [4], [6]) has focused on understanding such cones especially in dimension three, which also corresponds to the most physically relevant case.

    Sure, let's be true to ourselves and others, for sure.:)

    Saturday, May 20, 2006

    Intuitive Self and Structure: My Past

    One qubit at a time by the Economist

    COMPUTING is about to hit a problem. In each new generation the components are smaller than they were in its predecessor, and the speed at which this miniaturisation is happening means that within 15 years or so a fundamental limit will be reached. At that point, not only will the strange effects of quantum mechanics hold sway, the components themselves will be on the scale of atoms and no further size-reduction will be possible. Which is why scientists and engineers are seeking new ways of building computers.

    One route they are exploring, which was discussed at a meeting held recently at the Royal Society in London, is called quantum computing. Instead of trying to overcome quantum weirdness, this technique embraces and exploits it. The thing that distinguishes a quantum computer from the sort in use today is the number of calculations it can do in parallel. Both sorts of computer use binary arithmetic, but they do so in rather different ways. A classical computer employs bits—binary digits, either zero or one—to process and store information. But a bit must be one or the other; it cannot be both at the same time. A quantum computer does not suffer from this restriction.

    Tabula rasa >(Latin: "scraped tablet", though often translated "blank slate") is the notion that individual human beings are born "blank" (with no built-in mental content), and that their identity is defined entirely by events after birth.

    Yet it is in every moment that such information should have the ability to make it's way? The past allowable in what is created in that "one moment" has the potential to become the possibility of that future. They are inevitably liinked in you, as a receptacle of possibilites?

    Quantum Phase Gate

    The basic entanglement process of two quantum systems can be considered as an elementary function for quantum information processing, a "quantum gate". A lot of attention has been devoted in the last years to the realization and characterization of quantum gates, either in NMR, ion traps or cavity QED experiments.

    Let's say we wanted to bring perspective to quantum processes in terms of computerization? There's this image in mind and the logic forming apparatus that issues from a Quantum Phase Gate.

    While I see the historical past, I also see it's application in how information processing might be philsophical endowed within mind? Is it right, I am not sure, but looking at such spaces if we can call it that, while there seems to be "no separation between the two photons of Alice and BOb" and spooky is being interpreted here what value, if such interjections of information could appeal in that "space" of the quantum phase gate?

    INteresting perspective on the term "mandorlas."

    So a historical look then, and other research, that I am doing.

    Vesica piscis(wikipedia 20 May 2006)

    The symbol is formed from the almond-shaped area in the overlap between the circles, as shown in black in the diagram — for certain purposes also including the upper arcs as far as the edges of a rectangle whose sides coincide with the widest points of the almond (as shown in light blue in the diagram). The resulting figure looks like a stylized fish, or in the extended version like a flattened Greek letter alpha.

    Seeing the earlier contribution made on Venn Logic and TA I couldn't help but see some similarities.

    In regards to mandalas as well in terms of Liminocentric structures. A historical perspective and one I gained from understanding Jung.

    While this terminology may seem foreign, it is well within context of this information, that such similarites were deduced in my own research. So, by producing these maps, it became interesting to know that if they arose from the deeper realms of the subconscious these will make themself known as emerging principals(bubbles of thought) from the waters, what said that such things could not have been part of the history of the soul, to have regained what it had once done by finding that wholenesss of being once before?

    Such research and developement if followed, leads one to the deeper understanding of what emerges from the very source of one's being. Details, the schematic drawings of lines and circles as such, to have them become modern day models, while they were once part of our history as human beings. Once, represented the complete and gathering of all the native tribes.

    So as ancient as these things are to the mind for consumption in today's world, the thought process is not tainted by that historical past, but leads one forward, from past accomplishements. Pave the way for new models to emerge in society? New models to emerge in science?

    How could information enter the synapse, as it does in the gate? It's computational significance in "backreaction?" One would have to recognize the work of Josephson and what tunneling could do? RHIC investigation ain regards to Laval analogies?

    Spintronics and implying channelling would have spin orientated possibilties? What signature would have revealled the nature of any elemental if the energy transferred through that tunnelling effect, came from the very beginnings of the universe?

    Elements and Atoms: Chapter 11
    An Unsystematic Foreshadowing: J. A. R. Newlands

    Having revealed where I stand, I invite you to examine and assess Newlands' work on the subject. This selection includes four short papers of Newlands and a report of another paper which show him struggling toward and eventually formulating the system he dubbed the "law of octaves

    Friday, May 19, 2006

    Writing Your Story of Creation?

    "No container is available, and the vaporization must occur in vacuum." Wozniak

    With all that energy concentrated in a space about the size of an atomic nucleus, the colliding ions, for a tiny fraction of a second, will reach a temperature one hundred thousand times hotter than the core of the sun - hot enough to "melt" the ions into their component quarks and gluons. By studying the data from millions of these high-energy collisions, RHIC scientists will be able to gather definitive evidence that quark-gluon plasma was formed, and begin to understand its properties.

    Thousands of particles are emitted following each head-on collision. Sophisticated detectors have been constructed at four of six collision points around the ring to gather and decipher the enormous volumes of data that are recorded regarding the properties of these emitted particles. Two large detectors, PHENIX and STAR, are several stories tall. The other detectors, BRAHMS and PHOBOS, are smaller and more specialized. Scientists will be analyzing data collected by these detectors during continuous runs in the collider throughout the summer. The scientists anticipate releasing the first results from those analyses sometime at the beginning of next year.

    Immediately what came to mind is the reductionist views we have about the beginnings of the universe. The picture above, came to mind. And from it, all the ideas that I had been reading about when I had engaged the topic of the universe in question.

    THis is a interesting question and if you read what anyone might of surmized, how different would this simplification of the question be, if it is holding all the answers to what really happened at the start of that universe?

    Lubos Motl:
    The first one measures the total fraction of the multiverse volume occupied by pocket universes or vacua with the desired value of the quantities. The second one measures the expected density of intelligent life in the given type of vacuum. If defined properly, it is the product of the density of stars,

    Keeping sharp on the nature of speculations.:)Well of course "timing is everything" and if one ask a question in one part of the uiverse how could it ever been related to what Lubos writes in his? Well I have to speak to that:)

    So right away seeing this is a good question to ask, and based on what one had been learning as they engaged science, how consistant would this story be with what is actually been taking place in science? One guess is as good as another? Or are there simplified versions that we could pass onto our children so that they understood the fullscope of this story of creation.

    Now you must remember, as a student and a older one at that, there will always be mistakes. Being granted this reprieve for a time(writing our fiction?), while we look at the question asked, what do I think? Hmmmm.... interesting question.

    Schematic diagram of the collision stages in reactions between a 5 GeV hydrogen ion and a gold nucleus: in the initial stage, heat is deposited in the nucleus, accompanied by the knockout of several fast particles. The hot nucleus then thermalizes and expands, eventually undergoing a "soft explosion," or multifragmentation. During this process, the nucleus acts like a molecule that is going from the liquid to the vapor state. (Image courtsey of Vic Viola, University of Indiana.

    So at the very top of this page there was a problem right away about such containment, and if I was to ask where and how would such conditions emerge for such a thing as the beginning of the universe to be known, why could I not explain it in my immediate environ, where cosmic particle collsions mimic what we are doing in our colliders?

    Is this not simple enough to ask, that such a question could bring perspective not ony from the very beginning of our universe, but to have corralled it to what is happening now. These two things are very important to bring together so that we understand that creation exists in our terminologies, as if every moment has the potential to be created as it was in the very beginning of that universe.

    Isn't this stance important to comprehend as I begin my story?

    As I have been talking about, for so long, I wonder where it would end, that I soon learnt in mind that such a processes had to be cyclical in nature, yet, how could energy start off in place and go through all the phases to have become contained in the "possibility again" to continue this process.

    So here this is another insight into the nature of my story.

    One would have to have surmized the very beginning, and some might called is the sea from which all things arise and it is mythical in nature, that all life arose from this sea of possibilty?

    While some will take their time to descipher the good book some wil try their hand at the "bibble interpetation Sean gives to the public for consideration." Well my story of fiction still begins with "adam and eve." I have a new version though.:)

    To e- or not to e+ :)

    Of course in my own artistic rendition, the shakespearean heart arose from my lips touched to ask. "To be or not to be," is not the question.

    Of course I would have to give credit to Paul(not in the bible) for his early interpretation of the design shown above so as to wonder about such a procreative design to have said, "this is indeed the measure of our reality while we look back to it's beginning?"

    So you needed this measure of "certainty" to ask how is it that such a beginning could have ever emerge from the "values of light" that it could contain information about our beginnings? I know it seems I may be getting too technical for the average Joe?

    Based on the no boundary proposal, I picture the origin of the universe, as like the formation of bubbles of steam in boiling water. Quantum fluctuations lead to the spontaneous creation of tiny universes, out of nothing. Most of the universes collapse to nothing, but a few that reach a critical size, will expand in an inflationary manner, and will form galaxies and stars, and maybe beings like us.

    So it indeed becomes really difficult to contain the very expansive nature of the universe in such a boundary condition, does it not? So you look for the basis of reality in a way that allows such travel or "tunnelling" to help push the idea I have about my story of creation. It is parts and pieces of the that exemplify our ideas about the origins of nature, to wonder, if that energy began? Where did it?

    Physically, the effect can be interpreted as an object moving from the "false vacuum" (where = 0) to the more stable "true vacuum" (where = v). Gravitationally, it is similar to the more familiar case of moving from the hilltop to the valley. In the case of Higgs field, the transformation is accompanied with a "phase change", which endows mass to some of the particles.

    It is very impotrant to set up the "nature of reality" as it began, yet, it is not so simple then to ask that if zeropoint had this basis of reality as well, what existed in this false vacuum, to have it exemplified the resulting information which travelled "through to the universe" as we now know it?

    You had to wonder, and know that such phase changes began in the very beginning,and as the universe unfolded, to have given "all that is" a place in this timeline of expression, to have made it, to what is in the nature of the cosmo?

    It did not mean that we could not find our moments and secondary showers from such a beginning, not to have traced it back and know, that this beginning point was really never so far away? They do it in the colliders. They have t account for this energy, and some of it is missing.

    So containement was a problem, and with it we began to use these analogies for describing "backreaction." Oh, we have some mode of time travel here? Or, that we may have some idea about what is geometriclaly enhanced in our talks, to have actually followed the physics process?

    Yes, I did that too.

    I referenced tunnelling for very specific reasons, but alas, I too have to ask then that if such dissipated forces are the continued unravelling of that fluid state, then how would such information be released in the secondary shower effect?

    The nature of our universe in continued expression?

    That means that it left something somewhere for the false vacuum to have initiated the transferance of the original information, back, into the design of the cosmos?

    I like analogies for that reason, and if some want to write fiction, while they hold other minds to the constraints applied in our reasoning of that science, then you should be prepared to suffer the consequence of what any mind like that of a Kaku, or Greene, in those extra story telling versions?

    You will be targetted for all the insane things you might hence forward say. It's just somethng I noticed when I tried to go deeper into the world that science brings us.:)Scientists can indeed be unkind to each other?


  • Sonofusion - star in a jar
  • Wednesday, May 17, 2006

    Instead of the Pea, What New Paradigm?


    Imagine for one moment that this is all wrapped in a bubble(universe). Our views of earth, the hills and valleys, of the gravitational perspective, as I showed of earth as "time variable measure" now brought to conceptual realization for society.

    Einstein's playful example of the hotstove, remember?

    The picture you refer belongs to ISCAP and if you "refresh" that page a couple of times, you will see a number of pictures. They are important. Especially the "Lagrange points" How this perspective is used with satellites in space travel.

    This is a very important perception that is not understood very well. I have another picture that will explain it well. I have maybe given to much to absorb here?

    Hey hey
    Do you believe that Einstein will last forever and that presently visualized elementary particles are all there are?

    What happens on a cosmological scale is indeed explanable as I have shown.

    The trouble is when we move our perception to the quantum probabilities. I surmized these things in context of how we would determined information from the horizon, yet the value of energy determinations here ask us to consider the value assigned to particle inclinations. These energy determinations are still valid within context of the conformal field theories, as the map shows of Bekenstein bound.

    At this site you will find the new black boxes and calibration samples for the LHC Olympics! See: Revolutions for Change

    For example test runs in the olympics of the LHC to be done.

    Blackhole Production

    Blackhole production of course created some concern, while it was being answered in terms of strangelet developement. This spoke to blackhole production directly. But low and behold, how would any of us considered the context of the cosmic particle collisions that go on all the time, and from it, secondary particle showers that are presented to earth as microstate blackhole production, which quickly dissipates.

    So you might have thought indeed strangelet production from microstate blackholes in terms of cosmic particle colllisions?

    But the point is learning to identfy the very beginning, and like most I thought the singualrity was like a pea, while the energy valuation and quark gluon plasma created, has some effects that we have to consider? That were counter intuitive.

    Produced tunnelling? :)

    Thus, this changes the very dynamics of constructs that are being present here, in a philsophical format for consumption by a society that had reached critical density?

    While the energy valuation here would created certain effects. How would you apply this to the sociological developement of a society that welcomes, and from it, is born new possibilities?

    Paradigmal changes perhaps?

    Mental Constructs

    How would such a definition as mental construct find it's place among our interactions?

    Would we not need some "mental construct," to say that if the processes exist and we are fundamentally part of that process, are there different ways in which to measure our valuations in relation to how we might now see earth?

    So there is this "touching" in the way you have said it at a fundamental level and then there is the touching at another level? I am justing tryng to understand it from a frame of reference, yet the idea, ideal, is much finer in it's measure? Where did it begin?

    electron wave packet repelling eachother by exchanging virtual photons

    As you know this process is also encapsulated as part of GR.

    When you engage Gauss's thinking, Gauss's coordinates, it is not without "seeing in ways" that one might not be accustomed too, that we ask, how might we treat this subject?

    Yet, you look for "the consistancy" that is thread through all the geometric incursions we send our perceptions into? So what is this consistancy?

    While we entertain these distances, quark to quark measures, how will this ocnsistancy of thought be held to "a measure" while we send perception all the way down to the reductionist levels, and find that such a fluid allows new physics and idealogical valuations to be now interpeted according to the measures enforced?

    Of course the answer is very simplistic in my books and is one uesed to maintain this consistancy, yet, we would find there is no new geometry or new physics as far as we know, from that beginning point?

    Monday, May 15, 2006

    Observation Pays Off

    Most won't know of my particpation in bringing people together, to confront the basis of what models can do, and how these things can change perceptions. I, from taking a stance on such model assumptions, realize, that if held to any position most firmly, would not allow any other thought constructs to make their way into my mind.

    That is the nature of such stubborness, not to have listened and listened well to the outcome of questions as to the basis of reality.

    So, could I have said I had been changed by the interactions and posts implied, that these served as catelyscts for change? Most definitely.

    It is here then such a credit should be applied to the links of Not Even Wrong, The Reference Frame, and Cosmic Variance that these have help to direct my attention to the constraints neeeded in our thought processes. Our pursuates ofwhat indeed lies at the basis of this reality. So I here Thank them most graciously.

    It's Not Over Until the ......

    I think what sounds silly, is that if one already understood that our observation of the basis of reality is indeed "seeing and being sightful of what already exists," while it may be indivdualistic, as a idea, such construct from appearance, could be manifested into other possibilties no doubt.

    Playing with the illlusions, possibly? :)

    But having such a view does not in anyway invalidate what may be implied or said about what a "God" might think? That may be the mistake? To think that what "we" think supplants what already exists as a potential?

    Any "possiblility" would have been okay, had it been realized what one was doing, yet, being fully aware you are a particpant. That "creavtivity and imagination," are actualy tools that we use to desribe these indepth journies, to bring back the reailty of what could exist naturally.

    Now that naturalism has become an accepted component of philosophy, there has recently been interest in reassessing Kuhn's work in the light of developments in the relevant sciences, many of which provide corroboration for Kuhn's claim that science is driven by relations of perceived similarity and analogy to existing problems and their solutions (Nickles 2003b, Nersessian 2003). It may yet be that a characteristically Kuhnian thesis will play a prominent part in our understanding of science.

    I use paragraphs and picture sources as direct links and as secondaries.

    I am pushing the boudaries of the internet. Forcing the issue of ownership as well as asking what new ways in which we shall use the internet. The basis of this thought held in regards to the visualization techniques, that amout from model consumption, and lead perspective into other areas.

    Observation pays off?

    If you look into the realities that we currently write, how are we to say that what truly lies at the basis of this "is" reality? Is what, if held to, "what lies beneath?"

    You had to know what I am talking about here in terms of the nature of the harmonic oscillator? My attempts at describing what this reality may be, as no different then the "thought construct and models implied" and attached too, current realities.

    Pushing them "beyond" what is currently accepted. What is held socialogically in societies construct thinking mind.

    They(the teachers) would have to have known me to apply the constraints. While not given persepctve about my nature and methods, such constraints would have been from a position of mind(?), assuming it's value in relation to what is currently being desimmnated to the "public mind," as well as what is taught, is not being disrupted.

    Of course:)