Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back to Normal?


It's been some months since I had been using my own computer. Building our new home, we had to make some adjustments. One of these being, not having our computer setup.

We are quite pleased with the work that has been done doing the construction with my son and myself. Least I forget, the hands of the mother here, in keeping us going with the buying and deliveries of materials to do this job. So defintiely, it is a concerted effort, that I should mention how hard my wife has worked as well, to help us reach our goals here.

Back to Blogging

Well, trying for the last couple of days, one can hardly say it has been easy to get to this point. In some ways, it's as if the neuron's firing, had taken a leave of the thinking process, and has become somewhat stale. You know that saying "that if you do not use it you loose it?"

This has always been part of my thinking, that if you do not keep these pathways functioning, like a person who has had a stroke, the need arises that one refamiliarizes themself, with getting the extremities working. Raising an arm, to get the pathway in the brain to work again.

Do I discount the memories that reside in a deeper placed beyond the neuron's firing? Of course not.

The "same system" that fires, is part of the memory packet exists and it survives? It's not just in the camera, but also recorded just outside ourselves? While smell is an instant reminder, I would say too, the "emotive force with which we live our lives," leaves a lasting impression in that other place too.

Do you only see a wire when a current runs through it? You know better. There is a geoemtry to it as well.

Going over the Research Material

Of course doing such work to keep these neuronical processes working, is also part of working in science? The connections to equations, like math, could have such an elegant feature to simplicity in nature yet it is the "one inch equation." One would had to wonder about the distilliation process of all this work in science that is going on.

What can it be reduced too, that "this thread" that seems to be running through it all, would explode within the thinking mind, that one could say "one day that we will actually get it?