Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Black hole Annoucements on May 12th

Garching bei München, European Southern Observatory, see ESO Media Advisory (15:00 CEST) - Live streaming at ESO Website and ESO YouTube Channel

Mexico City, CONACyT, see CONACyT Media Advisory (08:00 CDT) - Live streaming at CONACyT YouTube Channel

Santiago de Chile, Joint ALMA Observatory, see ALMA Media Advisory (09:00 CLT)

Shanghai, Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, see Shanghai Astronomical Observatory Media Advisory (21:00 CST)

Taipei, Academia Sinica Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics (21:00 CST), see YouTube Live Streaming.

Tokyo, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (22:00 JST), see YouTube Live Streaming.

Washington D.C.,  National Press Club, see National Science Foundation Media Advisory (09:00 EDT) - Live streaming at NSF Webpage and NSF Facebook

Madrid (15:00 CEST, see CSIC YouTube streaming)

South Korea (22:00 KST, see YouTube Live Streaming

How to Understand the Black Hole Image