Sunday, December 18, 2005

Our Own Quiet Spaces

Given that it is basically creationism with a new brand name not sure I need to.

Now while those who delve into the Kansas this and that, I don't want too, by association seem to be supporting or not, while those who struggle for their own identities, have them force it upon us and take the empowerment of our own choices from us.

I would rather do science(understand these models), yet I have the "freedom and choice" to work within my own quiet space? Because you are a leader in science do you think it right to impose your ideas upon us by the philosophies you had adopted and then go ahead and sanction us to abrand of ID?

It is tuff enough sometimes for those of us who want to delve into the subject of sciences, without agendas being swung at those less educated, and by those well educated, to describe aspects of and around the potentials of our efforts?

Knowing full well the requirements of science and it's methods, this has been well drilled into our heads endlessly, but not shamefully.

The time has come to severe this relationship from the work needed to do by us lay people to get to the "bottom of things." :) What the underlying basis is of reality without invoking God , but at best hoping to understand our involvement in the contiued expression of this reality? So, we are given options and models to work with.

Many of those head science came forward and made their statements about string/M as to "if proven or not", views of the "requirement of the background," that any responsible science leader could now say, "the health and welfare of their profession" is on track as long as the desired results in experimental process are perpetuated.

Please do not try and implement your philosphies on us(decieve us by ID association), and we will not tolerate yours from the uneducated and ill informed. That we will strive as you did for reason and truth to make itself known.

Alas, there is then room in our own "quiet spaces" about those things that do not fall under the requirements of science that if you choose your own personal belief in what is not and what is, that this can be cultivated in the way that you seem and deemed responsible by you?

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