Monday, December 12, 2005

Poincare Conjecture

I am a little bit sad right now?

I accidently deleted a lot of what I would have said about assumption of Sklar's position in relation to discrete and continuous functions. In relation to the value of S-Matrix as a discrete measure and how we might see the gravitational lensing as a continous function using abstract topological understandings.

If string thoery describes the world and it has a compact circle, there are no measurements that will distinguish a small circle from a large one. Since I am only interested in results of measurments there is no reason for me to choose.

Moshe is leaving me hanging on a limb now that he moves into the fighting reality while the poor clod like me is trying to live in the world created by scientists/ theorists.

Now, have to work our way back to reality? :( Now the assunption I have adopted is a fifth dimensional perspective as most know when talking about the horizon and the inner workings of the black hole. Inner workings, really?

Let me explain. If you look at the history [say 1930] of Kaluza Klein theory, you will find that there were two schools of thought. One said that the 5th dimension was real, the other that it was just a mathematical formalism. Of course, nobody disputed that the KK equations were *exactly equivalent* mathematically to the Einstein-Maxwell system, but nobody assumed that *exact mathematical equivalence* was the same thing as “equally real”. Similarly, string theorists circa 1985 surely knew that a purely formal interpretation of Calabi-Yau compactifications was possible, but evidently nobody felt moved to attach any importance to this observation.

Who would have disputed Smolin's position about responsibility and the S-matrix stance needed to assess this reality? I certainly don't have a probem and the general consensus I am sure would find that all would be in agreement here? A testable and functionable recognizion of dicrete measure?

Now I am left in a state where I cannot distinquish between the inner/outer and of course to think that I am on the surface of a Klein bottle would be very strange to someone who saids it's oks from a distance. I have to say, "holy crap, look what you have done?"

So it is not so easy to think of the Skalr's psotion and the abstract world as ending the conversation as such, pushes me to the wonderment of continuous functions, has me now scratching my head.

Lenny's rubber bands, or sliding rubber bands over apples versus donuts. Now you guys have really done it? Is reality smooth, or discrete? The quandrum of Poincare hold the light of Sklars position in my head, as tohow I should approach the discriptin of that blackhole interior even when the consistancy of the geoemrty expression had come from some real world measure cosmolgically turned inside/out?

Explain to me the jets of the Bose Nova then as anti-matter creations if such a gravitational collapse is not held in view, and the propensity of that action written in a continous mode?

Who would have known that the very idea of the colliders would have taken on abstract proportions, and moved the very thinking to hyperdimensional status. While the few might have restraint themselves to the step by step discrete measure?

Did this move to the abstract say abandon all reason? Or move from the reality of such man made creations and see where the views are taking us into those extra dimensions. Was reason abandon?

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