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Wave Function and Summing over Histories

Dealing with a 5D World

A black hole is an object so massive that even light cannot escape from it. This requires the idea of a gravitational mass for a photon, which then allows the calculation of an escape energy for an object of that mass. When the escape energy is equal to the photon energy, the implication is that the object is a "black hole".

Paul Valletta:
Being that photons are the energy needed for observation by ‘observers’, what happens to a system when the limit of observation is at a minimum ie single photons?

Of course, I could be wrong?:)

"Which Way"? :)

Bohr's principle of complementarity predicts that in a welcher weg ("which-way") experiment, obtaining fully visible interference pattern should lead to the destruction of the path knowledge. Here I report a failure for this prediction in an optical interferometry experiment. Coherent laser light is passed through a dual pinhole and allowed to go through a converging lens, which forms well-resolved images of the respective pinholes, providing complete path knowledge.

Maybe comparative views can be held in context of the graviton as a force carrier as well, when thinking about your question above? There is a "certain influence" over top of your question?

Will this help us to move beyond the standard model?

Sometimes such a change in perception is necessary, to look to what is "contained" in the "wave function," yet there is something left over, that we had not analyzed yet?

How shall we describe this in context of the fifth force? Such a solution recognizes the advances made in GR with the encapsulation of Maxwell's equations and as well the leading indicators to such geometries, that we had witness in working to the Riemann sphere. BUt beyond this in compactive states of existance(quantum mechanics), how shall such views be encapsulated?

An Introduction to String Theory A Talk by Steuard Jensen, 11 Feb 2004

So how does all this come together into a physical theory? It turns out that the proper procedure is to construct every possible diagram allowed by the theory (for a given state of input and output particles and how they're moving) and add up the corresponding complex numbers. The result is essentially the "wave function" for that specific input-output state combination, and by squaring that number you can determine the probability that the given input will result in the given output. Doing that is how theorists at particle accelerators earn their keep.

Under these principals how shall a photon react to the enviroment in which it is moving? Moving, to encapsulate such views by moving to a fifth force is necessary.

While it is not always easy to see what is taking place, by perserverance I hope to one day understand the fullscope :)

Oskar Klein Collegiate Professorship Inaugural Lecture: "The World in Eleven Dimensions"by Michael Duff


Such a view of the photon held in context of the fifth force is the joining of gravity and light?

The least-action principle is an assertion about the nature of motion that provides an alternative approach to mechanics completely independent of Newton's laws. Not only does the least-action principle offer a means of formulating classical mechanics that is more flexible and powerful than Newtonian mechanics, [but also] variations on the least-action principle have proved useful in general relativity theory, quantum field theory, and particle physics. As a result, this principle lies at the core of much of contemporary theoretical physics.

Thomas A. Moore "Least-Action Principle" in Macmillan Encyclopedia of Physics, John Rigden, editor, Simon & Schuster Macmillan, 1996, Volume 2, page 840.

It is far better to understand the workings then just have wave a hand at it and said what a "crock of this or that"? What is worth while, that has been put into thinking here?

You just can't sweep it under the rug, and all is fine. Models, help in this regard, and if your comments were deleted becuase you didn't tow the party line, then should you have followed such orders and dismiss this model(your model?) which motivates to comprehension?

Some seem to think so, while they are held in the "same regardas arvix?" to which they themselves have handed out their criticisms and deletions. People who understand this statement, will know exactly what I mean. Those that don't. It wasn't meant for you :)

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