Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Cosmic String Visited Again and again......

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Circles wihtin circles, and Sklar interpretation is posted throughout this site. A deeper look into the "manifestation point( let's call it emergence in this thread)" of blackhole consideration would ask, okay, at the supersymmeticla level , what is this "point" that is to emerge?

See, when you take this vision of the three brane collapsing in context of gravitatinal collpase, you are given perspective geometrically/topologically that any abstract mind would have missed, had they not understood the physics involved, is also tied to these views.

Now the interesting thing to me is, if you move your perspective to the blackhole for a minute here you learn to question what value might be attained from emssion standards that would help you orientate the views to a much more dynamical version of the cosmos?

What is the ideal supersymmetical view that would arise from 1 brane, and could have manifested from three brane collapse? Now you kow I am working backwards here, just to point to the source of the cosmic string, so that what ever it's manifestation, I am quick to think of a vast network of energy very spread out all of a sudden igniting some lightning strike across the universe? Thinking of a universe in a box here helps sometimes, but the move to ballooning features, you need to understand this progression through universal manifestation from those bubbling universes?

So there are two views here, that ask whether the constructive mode of the current universe, arising from this cosmic string, has painted a nice little framework for topological considertaions, that we could now see were the micro views of blackhole emissions are held as standard?

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