Wednesday, November 17, 2004

New Non-geometrical Generalization of the Principles of CFT Found?

There is always a certain expectancy, when it comes having formulated the theoretical work, that further developement along these lines presenst the opportunities for such things to exist.

A new non-geometrical generalization of the principles of CFT will be found, and it will allow to extend the success of S-matrices etc. to the non-perturbative realm. A geometry-like original of dualities - such as E_k in supergravity - will be clarified. Non-perturbative physics on general backgrounds will become calculable, and supersymmetry breaking will be shown to be very different in details than previously anticipated. Realistic N=1 4D vacua with SUSY breaking will be connected and the potential will pick up a rather small number of priviliged points - close to the "heterotic strings on Calabi-Yau three-folds" and/or "M-theory on G2 manifolds" and/or "intersecting brane models with some warping". Two years after the beginning of the revolution, the people will calculate the masses of the heaviest quarks, the (small) QCD theta-angle, and other things, and they will predict the first new physics beyond the SM, which will be only confirmed several years later experimentally.

Meanwhile, the structure of M-theory in 11D will be solved exactly, and the position of poles of the scattering amplitudes in 11D will be known more or less exactly.

Alternatively, theorists won't be that fast, and the revolution will start experimentally in 2007, most likely with the LHC. A rather simple pattern of masses of superpartners will be found, together with supersymmetry, and it will match one of the popular SUSY scenarios within string theory. Alternatively, small black holes or excited strings are gonna be seen, and their precise patterns will be used to reversely engineer the shape of branes and hidden dimensions.

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