Saturday, November 06, 2004

Holography and Dimensional Relevance

Holography encodes the information in a region of space onto a surface one dimension lower. It sees to be the property of gravity, as is shown by the fact that the area of th event horizon measures the number of internal states of a blackhole, holography would be a one-to-one correspondance between states in our four dimensional world and states in higher dimensions. From a positivist viewpoint, one cannot distinquish which discription is more fundamental.
Pg 198, The Universe in Nutshell, by Stephen Hawking

One had to understand what Einstein did for us, and the progression through to Riemann views. Once you get to the point of discerning geometrodynamics as a feature of that dynamical world of the fifth dimension, we soon understand what feature of the bulk has been assigned to the dimensions lower.

The higher dimensional significance of the world I am saying is beyond the forms we are accustom too.

Beyond forms

Probability of all events(fifth dimension)
vvvvvvvvvvvvv Future-Time
vvvvvvvvvvv |
vvvvvvvvv |
vvvvvvv |
vvvvv |
vvv |
v |
<<<<<<<<<<<< o >>>>>>>>>>>now -------|
flash fourth dimension with time |
A |
AAAAA/__/|AAAAA____Three dimension
___ |
/__/ brane--------two dimension
\ /
.(U)1=5th dimension

I hope this helps explain. It certainly got me thinking, drawing it:)

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