Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The Cosmic String

It was important for me to recognize the microcosmic view, could have been united with cosmological proportions, and revealled structural integrity to the way in which the universe was formed. If such views were manifesting from planck Epoch realizations, then it really was kind of easy to see how such conceptualizations might have revealled themselves in stringy ways? I have deferred from brane considerations( this is most interestng to me of holographical proportions that such branes could intersect themselves to coordinated references?) at this point to explore this unusual unversal explanation.

This figure shows the SDSS spectrum of a quasar at a distance of 12 billion light years. The middle panel shows the complete spectrum. The upper panel is an expanded view of the region of the spectrum affected by the filaments of gas whose clumping is the focus of the present study. Each of the hundreds of dips in the spectrum corresponds to a different parcel of gas along the line of sight between the quasar and the Earth. This is schematically shown in the lower panel, which indicates a line of sight through a simulation 30 million light years across of the distribution of gas in the universe. The clumpiness of the gas is determined by, among other things, the constituents of the universe, including dark matter, dark energy, and massive neutrinos. Renyue Cen of Princeton University carried out the simulation.

A lot of times it seems the general concept is far fleeting from educated minds that in a laymen's way I wanted to put forward a generalized view from information gathered. I hope this summation is correct?

Scharf and Mukherjee's new research compared a catalog of 2,469 galaxy clusters with the Compton database. Using sophisticated statistical techniques, they showed that the sky surrounding the most massive clusters was systematically brighter in gamma rays than other regions.

"The more massive the cluster (and greater the gravitational potential), the brighter the gamma-ray halo," said Mukherjee. "The enhancement observed was very similar to that predicted by the Loeb-Waxman theory."

Without some dynamical realization of that early universe it wouldn't make much sense not to consider the deepening revelation of how we percieve that Window on the Universe? Kip Thorne's early introspective views have become interesting ways in which to interpret that same universe, with Ligo and other means. From Wheelers day, it was important to understand this developement, along with Bells Theorem.

How could we not have considered the temeprature values of that same early universe and not wondered about the nature of supergravity associated with these energy considerations? How else might we understand resonance curve?

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