Monday, November 15, 2004

Longitudinal and Transverse Information about the Energy Deposition Pattern

The calorimeter design for GLAST produces flashes of light that are used to determine how much energy is in each gamma-ray. A calorimeter ("calorie-meter") is a device that measures the energy (heat: calor) of a particle when it is totally absorbed. CsI(Tl) bars, arranged in a segmented manner, give both longitudinal and transverse information about the energy deposition pattern. Once a gamma ray penetrates through the anticoincidence shield, the silicon-strip tracker and lead converter planes, it then passes into the cesium-iodide calorimeters. This causes a scintillation reaction in the cesium-iodide, and the resultant light flash is photoelectrically converted to a voltage. This voltage is then digitized, recorded and relayed to earth by the spacecraft's onboard computer and telemetry antenna. Cesium-iodide blocks are arranged in two perpendicular directions, to provide additional positional information about the shower.

I am enamoured by the ideas of Nature, that such sublteness could have been defined in the cosmo with this exchange of information. That we are now looking at these events in the cosmo with some understanding, using measurements, where previously held comments about what we had understood in that same cosmo, had not shown to be of any use?

For the well informed, and those who venture into the Blog of Petter Woit, we find, that even Sean Carrol must caution Peter and thus I do the same, here, not just in regards to supersymmetry( my previous posts in early historical journey laid out in the question of Gerard t'Hooft), the ways in which interpret and map these dynamical situations?

A question is left in my mind as Gerard postulates that same universe. How would the fundamentals of quantum mechanics speak to what we had understood here.

Without some guidance and tutorial thoughts for introspection one would have to wonder about the artistic interpretation we assign the energy of this dynamical universe?

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