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Enlightenment of a Kind?

The Structure of Consciousness John Fudjack - September, 1999

By 'dilating' and 'expanding' the scope of our attention we not only discover that 'form is emptiness' (the donut has a hole), but also that 'emptiness is form' (objects precipitate out of the larger 'space') - to use Buddhist terminology. The emptiness that we arrive at by narrowing our focus on the innermost is identical to the emptiness that we arrive at by expanding our focus to the outermost. The 'infinitely large' is identical to the 'infinitesimally small'.

Liminocentric Structure

I wonder if I had related this piece of information that I had gained in my research would have been of benefit here for those who believe in the singularity? If it irrates the conscousness long enough, and hard enough, what will be released in the quiet moment that had been conducive to creativity flowing?

'The Princess & The Pea' from 'The Washerwoman's Child'

If you thought it "the pea" or some object so dense, well I have something else to consider when we see the dynamical way things collapse, and are reborn, to become the motivation let's say, for a inflationary new universe?

But it's more then that, if one considered Brian Greene's quote?

In fact, in the reciprocal language, these tiny circles are getting ever smaller as time goes by, since as R grows, 1/R shrinks. Now we seem to have really gone off the deep end. How can this possibly be true? How can a six-foot tall human being 'fit' inside such an unbelievably microscopic universe? How can a speck of a universe be physically identical to the great expanse we view in the heavens above? (Greene, The Elegant Universe, pages 248-249).

That statement in bold troubled me for a long time. There is an image I like to show that describes this breakthrough, not saying whether or not this is a type of enlightenment? I really don't know what that means I think.

In this metaphor, when we are seeing the donut as solid object in space, this is like ordinary everyday consciousness. When we see the donut and the hole at its center, this is like a stage of realization in which 'form' is recognized as 'empty'. When we zoom in extremely closely and inspect the 'emptiness' at the center, or zoom out an extreme distance away from the object and the donut seems to disappear and we have only empty space - this is like certain 'objectless' states of awareness that can occur in meditation. But the final goal is not to achieve the undifferentiated state itself; it is to come to the special perspective that allows us to continue to see all three aspects at once - the donut, the whole in the middle, and the space surrounding it - this is like the 'enlightened' state, in this analogy. 10 The innermost and outermost psychological 'space' (which is here a metaphor for 'concentrated attention' and 'diffused attention') are recognized as indeed the same, continuous.

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