Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Entanglement Interpretation of Black Hole Entropy

"Entanglement entropy" is the latest article posted by Lubos Motl. From this ideas are brought back for consideration, with Nigel and myself in trying to explain. I am not to swift sometimes in my explanations, so the inudation of links here direct underscore the probabilistic valuation one might assign perspective in relation to the topic assigned by Lubos in titled Link.

Plato said:
I was going after consensus in terms of how temperature on Bekenstein bound was seen in context of 5th dimenison and 5d comparisons.

Bekenstein image is very useful here as was Lee Smolins discription.

If not in your surprize(?) I do not think Lubos Motl and Lee Smolin are too far apart? Here is a better picture of the Lava lamp. The Window on the Universes, has extended our understanding here as well.

Entanglement Interpretation of Black Hole Entropy in String Theory

This allows the comparison of the entanglement entropy with the entropy of the field theory dual, and thus, with the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy of the black hole. As an example, we discuss in detail the case of the five dimensional anti-de Sitter, black hole spacetime

Glast determination in "calorimeric views" would be consistent the deeper look of gluonic perception at such levels? It would be hard to know this starting point yet the environment is conducive, non?

  • Three quarks indicated by red, green and blue spheres (lower
    left) are localized by the gluon field.

  • A quark-antiquark pair created from the gluon field is
    illustrated by the green-antigreen (magenta) quark pair on the right. These quark pairs give rise to a meson cloud around the proton.

  • The masses of the quarks illustrated in this diagram account for only 3% of the proton mass. The gluon field is responsible for the remaining 97% of the proton's mass and is the origin of mass in most everything around us.

  • Experimentalists probe the structure of the proton by scattering electrons (white line) off quarks which interact by exchanging a quantum of light (wavy line) known as a photon.

    Remember that the age is determined by the dark matter density. Mathematically, the length is roughly the geometric mean of the mean free path and the distance light can travel without obstruction (the horizon scale).
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