Friday, June 17, 2005

Alice in Wonderland: A Real World Fantasy?

Before this post begins, it is important to understand that the expose of thoughts in regards to what myth created could have amounted to some journey of the photon understand that the chaotic feature of loose lips could sink ships, amounts to the amount specualtive feature we assign the models of our understanding. That yes, in the world of math and it's design, we would not want to confuse the issues. So let me say that such adventures could have been as easy as accepting A and B as letters of the aphlabet, and in this, Alice becomes, and so does Bob.

But in betweenst them, it seems that a outcome would have made many wonder about what transferance would have become relevant in the direction and explanation of a casual relationship, leading from one to to another? That was to some, "spooky in it's wonder," and hence some part of wonderland.

Heaven forbid, that such a thought could exist that here is Neverland and the roles of Fantasy gone wild in the mind of DR. Hook and Michael Jackson. Let us not be tainted anymore by such a ruse as to think the mind could embellsh itself and loose sight of the issues, but that we even immortalize without undertanding why. So in this respect the math as a basis should have remain untainted.

So now this post will be the end of such a fantsy and about the travels the photon takes in this wonderland, to have now moved to the interference patterns that bring wonder out on the other side.

So such revision given here will have now proceeded to the end, and the work that catches my mind in the early comsological events or it's interactive nature revealled in the relations between the earth and the sun.

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Alice ventures into the mirror world.
Illustrations: John Tenniel, Alice in Wonderland

Welcome to the mirror world, in which every particle in the known universe could have a counterpart. This cosmos would hold mirror planets, mirror stars, and even mirror life.

It is always nice to have some music to back up the idea, that the standard model might have exemplified a greater course on "multipilicity of meanings", "yet we know well that Alice has to come out to a world on the otherside." These highlighted words in quote, can be used in lyric to the music above, if you like:)

Thomas Young would have been happy, that such a spectrum would have found, that the journies to this side, would have found some potential realization by introducing BOB?

Beyond the Yellow Brick Road

So here we have this complex view over top of a "mathematical idea" who sought to give perspective to the chaos of a world by casual statements of life? Ones we exchange on a normal storytelling day, to have found, something hidden deeper? Sneaky mathematicians they are and mythmakers they could be. Who would hav known such a gentle story, could have been adults pleasure in science?

Alice in Quantum Land--A Quantum's Eye View

Following is chapter to be published later this year in "Lewis Carroll's Lost Quantum Diaries," ed. William B Shanley.

“I'm a quantum,” the voice continued. “You've been hearing a lot about quantum physics and all the strange conclusions that it leads to in your world, so I thought it was time you heard from me, and got a picture of how the world looks from a quantum's point of view.

“As to where I am, I am everywhere and nowhere. Always and nowhen.”

Alice knew better than to let her mind be worried by paradox. Just about everything she had heard so far was paradoxical in some way or other, and trying to understand paradoxes was bound to lead to even greater confusion.

But let us not forget the real story and the words written for children's minds? How many versions can we induce into the way in which myths are created about the beginning of the world to wonder, had this been sought by explaining the strange world of the looking glass?

Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll Alice's adventures continue is this tale of fantasy and adventure. Carrolls stories entertain children but can also give pause to think to adults as well. So welcome back to Wonderland! Beware the Jabberwok!

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