Thursday, April 28, 2005

Quantum Entanglement: Do We Need a Radically New Spacetime/Quantum Worldview

I have been thinking hard and heavy about how such information could have been translated from the horizon of a blackhole.

IN post previous post this interaction and thinking has been directed in Gerard 't Hooft focus. In light of Penrose picture below we see where this focus can point our attention on principles of entanglement? Might we have said that there can be such a thing as the calorimetric view within context of the larger picture of relativity, as well as, incorporating this quantum view?

We needed to start from some place and all seem to be happy here as long as we slowly chart this progress, to describing this visual expression of the reality we are moving into. Now we are at the horizon? Particle production and it's inception?

What are the limitations of these views?

  • Penrose and Quanglement

  • Entanglement and the New Physics

  • In the past, teleportation has only been possible with particles of light Image: Rainer Blatt

    By taking advantage of quantum phenomena such as entanglement, teleportation and superposition, a quantum computer could, in principle, outperform a classical computer in certain computational tasks. Entanglement allows particles to have a much closer relationship than is possible in classical physics. For example, two photons can be entangled such that if one is horizontally polarized, the other is always vertically polarized, and vice versa, no matter how far apart they are. In quantum teleportation, complete information about the quantum state of a particle is instantaneously transferred by the sender, who is usually called Alice, to a receiver called Bob. Quantum superposition, meanwhile, allows a particle to be in two or more quantum states at the same time

    Whether such a "quantum computer" can realistically be built with a value of L that is large enough to be of practical use is a topic of much debate. However, the mere possibility has led to an explosive renaissance of interest in the host of curious

    Issues of Entanglement

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