Saturday, January 01, 2005

Roger Penrose and the Quanglement

Order and Chaos, by Escher
(lithograph, 1950)

I will give Peter Woit and the group time to formulate the topic that should present itself shortly on their blog gathering. How the integration and question presented by Penrose was very helpful in how we digest early universe information. I will speak more on that, and universe clumping then.

Penroses Influence on Escher

During the later half of the 1950’s, Maurits Cornelius Escher received a letter from Lionel and Roger Penrose. This letter consisted of a report by the father and son team that focused on impossible figures. By this time, Escher had begun exploring impossible worlds. He had recently produced the lithograph Belvedere based on the “rib-cube,” an impossible cuboid named by Escher (Teuber 161). However, the letter by the Penroses, which would later appear in the British Journal of Psychology, enlightened Escher to two new impossible objects; the Penrose triangle and the Penrose stairs. With these figures, Escher went on to create further impossible worlds that break the laws of three-dimensional space, mystify one’s mind, and give a window to the artist heart.

If one does not comprehend the way in which the images can set up the mind for other things, then it becomes extremely difficult for it to accept any other models for consideration in the mathematical realm leading to issues of quantum gravity?

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