Thursday, July 02, 2009

Let no one destitute of geometry enter my doors.

"Gravity cannot be held responsible for people falling in love. Albert Einstein"

Some ruminations seem to settle in my mind, yet held by a wanting of scientific principal and treaty? Where in such a misinterpretation materialized that I could have gone this way and that about a condition that is subjective, yet, considered in relativistic terms "theoretically real?" Please feel free and do not be afraid to correct below.

One would have needed some insight as to the measure of, in order to understand how fleeting a space of time could be measured and how quickly time can go by. Time in duration then can seem most startling and long when held to other emotions, where the circumspection of a wider perspective on life can be severely constraint. Gravity is like that, and love is not held to the same context, yet, in relation to time, love seems to be contained in no "real volume of space." It seems it can pervade throughout. Love is timeless and thusly pervades all space.

If held to such thinking and the moment is realized, then for that briefest of appearances the love wafting throughout all space will then have come to rest for it's very briefest point while it sits amidst all emotive recognitions where gravity is contained? So for love to be real then, and pervade the background of all existence, then I could too seem to think the super-symmetricalness of love is timeless, and where for briefness of moments such a case could have been exemplified once contained to a four dimensional world.

The Science of Space
A new academic research facility for physicists establishes a striking iconographic presence in Waterloo.
By: David Theodore

Founded in 2001, the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics is an independent resident-based academic organization devoted to exploring topics like quantum gravity and string theory. This young institution opened a brand new $24.5-million home in October 2004. Constructed over an old landfill on the edge of uptown Waterloo, Ontario, the black and grey building is a striking 6,000-square-metre concrete and glass warped prism.

Perimeter, along with New College Residence and the CCIT building at the University of Toronto, marks the first work west of the Quebec-Ontario border--and the first major extra-provincial buildings by a Montreal firm of their generation--for Montreal-based Saucier + Perrotte architectes. In J.B. Jackson's seminal 1953 essay "The Westward-Moving House," the geographer poetically argues that as the frontier moved west, emerging social values and construction techniques fundamentally changed the American home. Moving west in Canada holds similar promise for Perimeter's designers. "You have to build elsewhere to know who you really are," said principal Gilles Saucier. "It's the first time we were able to give ourselves that kind of freedom of expression."

Perimeter is a university building, but one without a campus or a building tradition to harmonize with. The first task, then, was to find appropriate symbols that link architecture to theoretical physics. According to Saucier, our perception of the striking south façade is designed to mimic the experience we might have when confronting esoteric scientific discourse. Ventilation grilles and window openings framed with mirrors punctuate the surface of black anodized aluminum panels, creating a façade whose image changes with different lighting and weather conditions. At first we might be baffled by the envelope's complexity, but then we can always "make an effort" to understand the design.
See:The Science of Space

So while Howard Burton would have liked to consider "only" the special interest of those educated to the realms of by, subtraction or addition of wording, like destitute, or Un-versed, or ignorant, or uninterested to be filled by Plato's mentionable motto, it is by understanding that Plato undertook the realization to move them to a "consuming feature of having understood the geometrics place" in all excursions, trying to explain the reality?

There were a few other, unique touches I had some fun with. Legend has it that glowering over the entrance to Plato's Academy was the phrase, "Let none ignorant of geometry enter here." Tipping our metaphorical hat to rigour of the Ancient Greeks while simultaneously invoking our outreach mandate, I contacted a classicist so that I could eventually inscribe a Greek translation of"Let no one uninterested in Geometry enter here" over both the the north and south doors of the building. It's possible that some wilful geometrical ignoramuses could penetrate the facility through another entrance, of course, but they'd have to go to a fair amount of trouble to do so.First Principles by Howard Burton, page 244, para 2 and page 245


"Let no one destitute of geometry enter my doors."

That some of us might have ideas about "mapping of information and presentation from historical backgrounds" does not in any way limit the exposure of and understanding geometrics places before the new generation of thinkers. So I might feel some attachment to the fates of something beyond us(polytopes in uteri), that could write the predictions as to course of events as they unfold, as something meaningful in solidification, yet, not disregard the implication of absolving the self of being responsible, whether they choose to act one way or another.

Well. I hesitated for a bit, proffering a few encouraging comments for the sake of balance before erupting with a laundry list of various improvements, culminating with: "why the hell do you have horoscopes in your paper? Don't you see that it's a bloody embarrassment for an allegedly sophisticated publication to promote this kind of idiocy in the twenty-first century? Take them out!" First Principles by Howard Burton, page 190, para 2

Howard might not know of Sir Isaac Newton's journey with Alchemy or the distaste with which this topic is handled to realize that the ancients thought of a purification process using flasks and such
was psychologically embedded in the acts of making the person or individual "a better person." So metaphorically these experiments into the elementals were as much a part of chemistry and discovery, as they were of finding perfection within the self. The basis of this alchemical association was embedded in astrology's aspects of fire on matter air to expose it's elements with distillation and thusly liquefied in emotive consequence

This is nether spoken of to deter fundamental responsibility when it comes to science and our youth but to implore one to realize that the ancient ways had been long forgotten, and such wide sweeping statements easily disregarded as the unethical condition such a newspaper can now be covered, is covered by Howard's statement.

Plato believed at first that Mathematics would be the key to Thought, but in the Meno he abandons hope in the context of a few sentences, which we have constantly misread. This paper examine that crux.

No reader of Plato can fail to recognize the important role which mathematics plays in his writing, as would indeed be expected for an author about whom the ancient tradition maintains that he had hung over the entry to his school the words "Let No One Un-versed in Geometry Enter". Presumably it was the level of ability to work with abstract concepts that Plato was interested in primarily, but if the student really had never studied Greek geometric materials there would be many passages in the lectures which would be scarcely intelligible to him. Modern readers, versed in a much higher level of mathematical abstraction which our society can offer, have sometimes felt that Plato's famous "mathematical examples'" were illustrations rather than central to his arguments, and some of Plato's mathematical excursuses have remained obscure to the present time. See:PLATO-Mathematician or Mystic ?

Think about this then when one enters the doorway and what Plato ideals respectfully ask of you as you enter that PI institute. It's an ole tradition of Plato's that is re-enacted in the "soul plate" and mission statement of starting the academy. Not all with this geometrical understanding will understand this ,and a few now, should take notice.


  • First Principles by Howard Burton
  • Foundational Issues
  • PLATO:Mathematician or Mystic?

    1. Hi Plato,

      A nice piece which captures the spirit of Burton’s vision as being a continuance of ancient goals born of ideals in regards to the human spirit and it wished for destiny.



      P.S. It also explains why every time I visited Perimeter and thus greeted first by security they would ask, "please tell me what the numbers 3,4,5 brings to mind" :-) Just kidding of course yet, it would be a most appropriate greeting.

    2. Hi Phil,

      You sort of explain further what Howard meant by,

      "It's possible that some wilful geometrical ignoramuses could penetrate the facility through another entrance, of course, but they'd have to go to a fair amount of trouble to do so.First Principles by Howard Burton page 245 I see where the question of 3,4,5 might implicate the question of the "perfect corner" and thusly allow entrance?:)

      P.S. Phil, I was wondering that if on one of your journeys to PI that you might take a picture of the Greek Inscription of Plato's Verse for me? It'd be much appreciated.


    3. Phil,

      I made some additions to the post that you might not feel as comfortable with and I would not be offended if you felt that you did not want to associate by comment with this particulate entry. Some have removed their names by such association before, that having now elaborated more to the previous comment you understand what I was saying for clarification purposes and development of this new post.

      I want good science people to know that while speaking in such a way "about ancient knowledge" that I still want them to know that I hold great value to the endeavour of understanding our place in the universe in a most responsible way. I hope this comes across to people who visit here.


    4. Hi Plato,

      Even though I might not agree with something you said, leaves me no reason to dissociate myself. Personally, I draw distinction from what remains true of antiquity and what should be considered later as correction. Astrology quite rightly may represent the first attempt of man to find reason with the heavens as to call it a beginning.

      Now the destiny it spoke of may not be what they were first thought, with resting primarily of individual concern, yet with the beginnings and destiny of the universe itself. The difference lies not only with our level of understanding, yet rather also to expansion of it, as it relates to our place when it all had to do with just us, where the stars and the planet served as our exclusive personal adornment.

      So yes, I agree with Burton that we should dismiss as irrelevant what was simply the arrogance of man in being certain all that the heavens served was a place to mark simply our own destiny, rather then what we know now as the fate of all creation.



    5. Hi Plato,

      As for the soul plates that are over the doors at Perimeter, to be truthful I have never noticed them. It should be also noted that I don’t visit that often, especially since they ended the black hole sessions. I wished you had asked a few weeks back since I did attend a rare offering of a presentation in the Bob room which was the first time I have been in the building for over two years. However this coming October they have a special celebration planned which I might find my way to attend. So I am able and can remember to bring my camera I would certainly take a photo which I’d gladly share.



      P.S. You know even if I had noticed them I wouldn’t known what they said for as it is often reminded “its all Greek to me” :-)

    6. Phil:So yes, I agree with Burton that we should dismiss as irrelevant what was simply the arrogance of man in being certain all that the heavens served was a place to mark simply our own destiny, rather then what we know now as the fate of all creation.

      Thank you for reaffirming your position. We cannot always be so agreeable Glaucon, as to what use an opposing point of view for consideration, left open and always unending, unless to imply change is not possible?:)

      There is no doubt then that this is left as an "individuals choice" to see that all events in time and time's measure are as a constraint against the larger perspective of "mortal life's challenge" assumed by spirit?:)

      What is this then, cosmologically, painted as some "alien background communication" that symbolically love resides in and as, has reached this "basis of departure where science resides now," and where science now hopes to become?

      An ideal then of some alien culture to be universally applied by conception of as GOD whilst it was always referring too, a substance quite ethereal as "some thing" wafting through existence.

      It's a perfect symmetry then in Platonism ideal, it's decay theoretically applied in particle physics, where the reality and limitations of, are then realized?

      Science in cosmology is connected too, and a condense matter theorist may speak of, while many "grains of sand" imply a selection of principles "glued together" by what "organizational principle," and as with "so many things" a reductionist has found a road leading too, and out of it, a new beginning?


      If "this point" can reside in the birth of a new universe, then why would one think that such a new beginning could not reside in the individual and be considered "irrelevant," or is it?


      P.S. thanks for offering when the time arrives in visiting PI, that you might do this thing for me. I appreciate it. Thank you.

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