Monday, April 20, 2009

Mapping Weather Changes

Plato Said:
More to the truth then.

A device, that reveals what "color of gravity" means as you display your patronage in thought. More to the "signature of your soul being," that while thinking genome, it's more what you like to do with this physiological makeup and brain, that reveals the true nature of the individual in full regalia.

A lie detector. No. Something much more substantial in this device as the defendant sits under sworn testimony.
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Uniqueness of the soul arising from it's beginning, is that each life is "an identification unique" of what can be manifested as a circle if you like, and identified to each quadrant as "an image to explain," what and why you came into this life and the purpose.

It begins and one travels clockwise for consideration. This once existed, yet does not now. Such memories can be contained to mandalas of a sort, while you contend to produce mind maps for containment in this life as models that are not so different to see that such a thing can become an identifier of what you are motivated to do and carry over into this life. Energy packet that can awake into what has been done previously now provided a time when such a capsule explodes into awareness.

But the truth is, the Earth's topography is highly variable with mountains, valleys, plains, and deep ocean trenches. As a consequence of this variable topography, the density of Earth's surface varies. These fluctuations in density cause slight variations in the gravity field, which, remarkably, GRACE can detect from space.

I wanted to write this post with the understanding that while we define ourselves in terms of the body, earth, there is a "weather that surrounds us" that is not so different then what surrounds the earth.

So below is a scientific analysis, while I speculated as to the measures that would require such a device for existence to be thought of, in much the same way. "So chaotic" that such a realization exists in mind that the detection of the truer color palettes, can be turbulent above, while underneath, such weather disturbances detour those same color factors held too, in body mind solidified.

This device is also used to dial into the history and memory of a soul and their functions of the past, as they are revealed through this screen.

Two experiments harness cosmic rays to help monitor and predict weather. On the surface, COSMOS detectors clock the speeds of neutrons that are generated when cosmic rays penetrate the ground. This yields a measure of soil moisture, an important factor in precipitation and crop yields. And half a mile underground, muons coming into the MINOS detector were used to take the temperature of the lower stratosphere. This could help validate readings from satellites and weather balloons. Illustration: Sandbox StudioSee:Cosmic weather gauges By Glennda Chui and Tona Kunz


  1. Hi Plato,

    A nice piece and true the identification of mind is more important then person. You then might find something here just written by Bono to more clearly indicate what I understand you’ve been talking about.



  2. “Glorify your name,” the island women sang, as they swayed in a cut sandstone church. I was overwhelmed by a riot of color, an emotional swell that carried me to sea.It’s 2009. Do You Know Where Your Soul Is?

    The artistic picture done by Karen Barbour heading this piece is really quite extraordinary as well.

    Hi Phil,

    One can never really attempt not to try and understand the control the working of such emotive forces while there are those that can inspire and transcend a "critical thinking to be sought after" in the elevation of the human mind.

    After a time having all the gifts of money no longer a worry, to be then, on the giving end. Our small tokens no matter how small then can be very rich to others without.

    The body of thought resides very close to home, and the values of the songs sung in heart, can be transferred to others with which to inspire, can be inspired by the same such actions toward giving and by supporting food to a hunger.

    Yes, you had mention the philanthropy of Gates and Buffet before, and Bono, is "legendary with this piece."

    Mind then is a time then where such new beginnings can be the realizations of the struggle of what can be "very negative to the detriment of," works the other way as well.

    I consider myself an "uneducated man whose journey must include the realization that such storms can reveal, "a very peaceful walkabout" on stormy seas. Like that fisherman.

    So while one might consider the lessons of a rebirth in that religious way Bono is describing, there is also a life's lesson about fear and such, that can rule a society, that it might as you have mention many times, bring the economy to a halt.

    So you have called "for a calm and a stop to such fear mongering." I understood this.

    Bono mentions what it has done for such countries who could have used help had debt being forgiven and was, to allow the humanity to be practise as of their own will to freedom help.

    The relief of Burden, removes the shackles of which despair is chained, and being in despair, could hold any thinking.

    Spring time then, and renewal, then seems to shine a light for hope toward a better future. Besides his music, I like Bono's writing.