Thursday, July 06, 2006

Lisa Randall's Theoretical Insights

The picture above was shown because of another picture in which I thought deserved comparison. The reason for this, would help the mind understand how such an image could be explained in a "easy and suttle way?"

So look at this picture above and then at the one to follow.

The very ideas are of extra dimensions are very progressive, and are not without some history. Some people will label anything as crackpot, without undertanding the history of these discussions.

I was thinking here of Banchoff, and the imaging that he deals with. While he is speaking from a mathematical position that imaging of a 2d screen does wonders in how 5d perception are presently engaged in the veryday world of computer screens and the like.

But to think about the picture painted by Dali, it is not without it's mathematical inclinations, that a painter like him may wonder about the "elevation" to spiritual thinking, with such thought embued with our look at the mathematical world, with which we assign our "spiritual principles?"

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