Thursday, June 08, 2006

Scott Ellsworth Forbush:Opportune Times for Experimentation?

Forbush Decrease

Scott E. Forbush discovered the surprising inverse relationship between solar activity and cosmic rays

There is some confusion still on my part as I wanted to understand the relationship between high energy particle and the conditions for which particle collisions would provide for secondary particle creations.

  • How Particles Came to be?

  • This thinking would help to establish further information that has been compelling to me about microstate blackhole creation, and what this may imply for the planet on which we live?

    Has anyone given this any thought as they developed the views on Risk Assessment and try to explain away the possibilties with what happens everyday?

    This thinking then help to stimulate not only secondary particle creations and what we see in our own creations in Atlas, but lays out for us, the sequence of events that are tied cosmologically to the very beginnings of this universe?

    Why did we miss this? Are high energy particle collisions dissauded by Solar Max, or do they remain undeterred in their travel? Here some questions then that arise in terms of how we see the physics of the day in consideration of mass infuences(gravitational lensing, massless photon travel), as I am thinking of Kip thornes picture of travel here as well. Hmmm.....

    Cosmic rays - are subatomic particles, which travel at nearly the speed of light through space and produce secondary cosmic ray particles in the atmosphere.

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