Monday, May 23, 2005

Albrecht Durer and His Magic Square

Albrecht Dürer
(self portrait at 28)

It was important to me that I post the correct painting and one that had undergone revision to exemplify the greater context of geometrical forms. In the Topo-sense? Artistic renditions help and adjust views, where information in mathematical minds, now explains something greater. Melencolia II
[frontispiece of thesis, after Dürer 1514]by Prof.dr R.H. Dijkgraaf

"Two images when one clicked on," shows what I mean.

Melancholia in 1514(the original)

The Magic Square

Like Pascal, one finds Albrecht has a unique trick, used by mathematicians to hide information and help, to exemplify greater contextual meaning. Now you have to remember I am a junior here in pre-established halls of learning, so later life does not allow me to venture into, and only allows intuitive trials poining to this solid understanding. I hope I am doing justice to learning.

A new perspective hidden in the Prof.dr R.H. Dijkgraaf
second rendition, and thesis image, reveals a question mark of some significance?:) So how would we see the standard model in some "new context" once gravity is joined with some fifth dimensional view?

Matrix developement?

Like "matrix developement," we see where historical significance leads into the present day solutions? How did such ideas manifest, and we look for this in avenues of today's science.

In 1931 Dirac gave a solution of this problem in an application of quantum mechanics so original that it still astounds us to read it today. He combined electricity with magnetism, in a return to the 18th-century notion of a magnet being a combination of north and south magnetic poles (magnetic charges), in the same way that a charged body contains positive and negative electric charges.

How relevant is this? How important this history? How relevant is it, that we see how vision has been extended from plates(flat surfaces to drawings) to have been exemplified in sylvester surfaces and object understanding. This goes much further, and is only limited by the views of those who do not wish to deal with higher dimensional ventures?


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